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I love being with Ocean Grove Charter School! For over nine years, I have been able to do what I love and learn about the world around me. They provided many programs that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to do. Being able to work from home and choose the amount of work that I thought was suitable for me was amazing. I never would have thought that I would be able to do horse back riding, have a computer, take culinary, learn programming, and so much more if I had been by myself.
What I enjoyed about Ocean Grove Charter School was that it allowed me to work at my own pace throughout high school. I was able to take classes that I actually enjoyed and were also applicable to the A-G requirements for college. I felt like this school and their teachers really care about the success of their students, and strive to ensure that their students achieve a high level of education without being too over stressed.
Ocean Grove Charter School is an amazing way to do independent studies and have an accredited diploma by the time of graduation.
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My experience in Ocean Grove Charter School made me who I am today. This sounds cheesy––I know, but it is completely true. I would not have been as successful as I have been academically had it not been for the hands-on assistance I have had the pleasure of experiencing from the combined efforts of my parents, my education specialist, and the faculty and staff of Ocean Grove.
Ocean Grove Charter school was an overall fabulous experience. The freedom of doing school from home aloud me to have a job and support my hobby of owning multiple horses. The teachers and staff of ocean grove charter school were friendly and very helpful. Ocean Grove Charter school exceeded my expectations and I am grateful I had the opportunity to go to school from home while competing in rodeo throughout California.
What I loved most about OGCS is that I didn't have to take the same courses as my peers. More sports and languages were available to me than would have if I went to the local public high school. This is also a great option for people who do better with smaller, nontraditional classes.
Being homeschooled presents it's own unique challenges for both students and parents. The support from ocean grove, the people I've worked with, and what they provided meant that myself and my siblings were able to work at our own pace while feeling like we were learning all the time. Being apart of ocean grove made me ready to dive into college knowing that I was ready to be a hardworking and eager student, despite the new environments that I would face.
Ocean Grove allowed me the opportunity to advance my levels of learning through many on hand state educational programs and community College's. Ocean Grove allows us students to pick different facets of learning education through many different vendors or learning tools.
I’ve homeschooled my 4 children, ocean grove was amazing. However the past three years has been one awful experience after another!!
First of all I feel the worst is if your child is an IEP student DONT GO TO OCEAN GROVE!!
Marie Carr head of IEP should step down she’s a bully and knows nothing about children with special needs! she’s not a team player and not helpful to families at all! She makes things so much worse!
Ocean grove in the past three years has gone from the #1 charter school to the worst!
Ocean grove does have wonderful families and teachers but administrators will make it very hard for both teachers and families
Good luck 🙏
I had great experiences with working with the teachers and Education Specialists at Ocean Grove. Everyone I'd worked alongside during my time there was positive and wanted to get to know me as a student and a person, which have molded into some great friendships.
Ocean Grove's class selection for students can be a bit stinted. I wanted to learn a language not offered on Ocean Grove's catalog, but my Education Specialist was so invested on seeing me succeed that they worked it out so I could learn the language I wanted.
The Education Specialists also worked well with my family to answer any questions we had.
Ocean Grove was a good experience for the people, and I hope that their opportunities can be further diversified in the future.
Ocean Grove is an awesome school with high academic courses and freedom to take courses that fit your dreams. They offer college-level courses with amazing interactive teachers!
I homeschooled so that I could have the freedom to jump ahead in my studies, and not be constrained by the limitations of other kids in my class. Ocean Grove unfortunately, when I entered high school created unnecessary limitations and loopholes and bureaucratic red tape that both parents and students had to jump through. These made the overall experience extremely unpleasant.
As a charter school, Ocean Grove supports those who homeschool, like myself. For some, traditional schooling is not the best method--and I am one of those people. This school helped me achieve my diploma without forcing me into the traditional school system, while still educating me to the best of its abilities on so many interesting topics. The perk of being in this school is having the freedom to delve into subjects you usually would not have time to while in a normal school, and gives you a creative freedom to interpret projects and learning with what fits best with you. It is a truly amazing school, and my Education Specialist was so incredibly supportive of myself and my younger sister in our passions and interests for the future.
Ocean Grove Charter is a public parent-choice homeschool charter school. While one can choose their classes and subjects, some standardized testing or essays are required (but, note: the CAASSP is optional). The student/parents meet with their Education Specialist who looks through their work samples and makes sure they are meeting education standards. Then, each student is given funds (the ones that would go towards sports or the buildings or whatever in a traditional school) and gives it to the students to use towards books, curriculum, and/or extracurricular activities. Additioanlly, if one take a full course load in High School with the correct classes, one can graduate early fairly easily. Overall, if one understands the school, it's a good system.
Please note: This school is K-12 and is available in multiple counties, check the website to see if your county is included.
I liked how much money we were allotted each year to spend on curriculum/tools/classes; however, everything was very overpriced, making buying something like a laptop or instrument impossible, unless I wanted to blow all my allotted money on one thing. The variety in class vendors was great and I was able to attend dance classes and pay nothing out of pocket; I really appreciated that.
Ocean Grove was a fantastic charter school that provided me with everything I needed in order to be successful in my education.
Ocean Grove Charter School is potentially an excellent homeschool choice. However, it is only as academically rigorous as you choose to make it. The curriculum is flexible aside from core requirements for high school, so it is necessary that students and their teachers are motivated and eager to challenge themselves.
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This is a Charter School that is actually located in the Santa Cruz Mountains near the coast. It's parent organization is in Placerville. This is a great school- very supportive staff and works with homeschooling families exclusively, so they understand completely how to work with you. I started here with homeschooling upon entering 6th grade -I had so many holes in my education and now i am an advanced a-g student going on to a four year university.
Flexible Independent Study Program during K-8 grades; less flexible during high school. Probably a decent charter school overall, but nothing to write home about.
Because Ocean Grove is an off-site charter school, security and safety issues are not applicable.
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