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Pacific Coast is an independent study high school. Most of the classes are taken online, but some of the classes are either on-campus or hybrid. PCHS offers a huge amount of flexibility—not being tied to campus all day, every day means that students are provided time to develop interests, whether it be for recreation or academia.

PCHS also has great people. Unique students, attracted by PCHS’ flexibility, bring diversity. The student body includes athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs. In addition to the student population, the school has great faculty. Overall, the teachers genuinely care for their students. They always, always make themselves available via email, phone, or campus visits when students are in need of help.

Since PCHS is primarily online-based, the school’s campus space is very limited. There is a lack of extracurricular classes, activities, and clubs, and it would be nice to see more effort to increase the options for students.
I don't many students at my school, some party, and some do not. The safety is pretty good, its a very small campus and they do seem to be caring of our health.
The school doesn't have a cafeteria.
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I like the fact that you're able to do everything at home, but its not a very intimate school place. You rarely really meet kids/classmates and there aren't many school activities available.
I'm not familiar with the school's punishment for things.
A lot of communication with teachers is done online, they're very fast with grading and replying. There isn't a lot of development for relationships with them unless you join the extra seminars available for help in subjects.
They have some extracurricular activities available such as clubs but they're not that inviting or seem fun.
The teachers are helpful and available and ready to interact for most of the school hours. They treat both the students and the parents with the utmost respect.
I have not taken the opportunities offered, but I believe that they are many and varied.
PCHS offers clubs, but due to the distance, I have not attended. The students that do attend these clubs make friendships that survive long after school. I am appreciative that they offer these opportunities.
I rarely actually go to my school's campus. When I do, we stay on topic, which is usually about dissecting a frog or something similar.
My school doesn't offer sports teams. I wish that they did, because I would join ASAP.
I'm not sure whether I would or not. I don't have many opportunities to make friends, but I don't have to go to school like most other kids.
My school doesn't have buses or a cafeteria. There are vending machines where snacks are available at a reasonable price.
I think that my school is reasonably safe, it takes very little for my school to go into lockdown mode :)
Guidance counselors at Pacific Coast High School are great! They get back to students promptly, and they are exceedingly helpful and encouraging.
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