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As a student who has attended OB since the 7th grade, most of my middle school and high school experience was at the O'Bryant. The O'Bryant prepares you for your post-secondary education whether that may be at a 4-year institution or a different career pathway. The O'Bryant does an amazing job of challenging their students through honors classes, AP programs, and opportunities to take a college course at many of the community colleges around Boston. The O'Bryant also does a great job of providing opportunities to get real-life experiences through partnerships with Boston PIC and has a great athletic department with very talented athletes.
My experience at the school was nothing out of the ordinary in my terms. Because the school itself was nothing different from any other public school that you might apply to and go to. The school has other factors but they mostly prioritize classes to math and science. Because it is a school of math and science. The teachers and staff are average meaning that there are really not really going out of their way to help you. But it really depends on the teacher just as how everyone is different, every teacher is different.
The O'bryant community is very inclusive and does well in preparing students for their life after high school.
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It was pretty cool. I made a few friends there. Sometimes I felt like I didn't want to be there but overall, it was a pretty good experience.
Attended middle school and high school. The workload is very challenging and have decent teachers. The people are diverse and have their own personality.
In all honesty, this school could’ve done better. More teachers need to realize students weak points and help out, start more interesting clubs, build a better community. Some things that have been bothering me was the grading system, which is totally unfair compared to other schools.
The students there can be very welcoming. The teachers there are very nice and supportive. Administration needs to better.
I liked the science aspect and when it was my last year there we had a really good Art program but I felt like it should be more about the students and not what the school looked liked by outsiders.
O'Bryant is a good school with good teachers, principal, friends. O'bryant is really diverse which is great. Its good with academics. Can be stressful at time. It is not a fun school where your happy, and enjoy coming to school. I like this school.
My favorite thing about O'Bryant is the diversity that the building has. From staff to students you see and meet different types of people of all types of races. What I did not like though was the lack of guidance and support that there is, if you do not seek hard enough. I was lucky enough to get along with my guidance consular but not everyone had/ has had the same experience.
I like how there are teachers who care about you personally and not only about your grades. It is a good school for college readiness as there are people who will help you figure out what college to go to, future plans, how to pay for college, and what to expect.
Well, the first thing I'd note about my school is that the community here is amazing. Sure, there are "families" in every school, but in my school, the ENTIRE school is a family, all cheesiness aside. There's, of course, some bickering and whatnot, but it's actually rather tame considering this. However, some of the teachers are "meh" at best, and then there are even some who I'd consider just bad teachers. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the teachers are actually quite good at what they do, and I even like some of them as human beings, but there are some that I don't think should be teaching. Despite these flaws, I really love my school, and although I've considered transferring a couple of times to a more art-based school since I'm an artist, I think my school really does the trick for me in the end.
I liked the resources that were available for people that wanted to major in the STEM field. The sanitation is very bad and the management of the school isn't as good as it could be.
Being that O'Bryant is an exam school students are pressured with busy work instead of work that allow students to learn. The work load becomes stressful for a lot of students.
The staff is very considerate and all. Also the way each student is treated at the school is significantly impacted amongst the rest of the other students. Everyone tries to contribute with many things and events such as in ROTC and more.
I would like the school to receive more funding. The rigor and diversity of the school is very good for students.
I feel I have had a very good experience at this school and I would definitely like to thank them for molding me into the person I am today. I came in this shy, nervous kid and I have learned independence and confidence. I have learned how important education is, and that in the real world, every little babying occurs. Thank you John D. O'Bryant!
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I started school there my 7th grade year. In middle school the work load was a lot but it prepared you for high school, as well as you start off learning math material a year ahead which gives you an advantage your senior year when you are eligible to take calculus. Although the work load is a lot, the school does prepare you for what is to come, they also offer AP and Honor Level courses to students who want to be academically challenged.
The majority of the teachers are good and great, however, there is a handful (like every school) that has teachers who can't teach very well or at least are unable to help students fully grasp the content. I found great friends at O'Bryant and the biggest reason I choose this school was because of how diverse, Asians, Whites, African Americans, Muslims, and so many ethnicities!
O'Bryant School of Math and Science is an exam school, academics are a little harder compared to other regular schools. Diversity is alright, more majorities compared to others. There are teachers who are there and just do their jobs and others who care about their students tremendously.
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