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Obion County Central High School Reviews

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It's a small town school with limited resources. Teacher do the best with what they are given. Student relationships with guidance counselors are nonexistent.
My experience at OCCHS has been life-changing. I have made so many life long friendships and relationships with students and teachers. Not only are there a huge amount of elective courses and classes available but the teachers and administration are always doing their best to help students be the best they can be!
Obion County Central high school offers a great, quality, free, public education. This is the motto that is posted all around campus. This quote is very much accurate for obion county. It has opened so many doors me and has given me so many opportunities. This school is truly special!
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I gave my school a 3 because of the staff. We have some teachers who are only there for the pay check. It seemed like they could care less about the students actual goals.
It was a small, friendly, layed-back school. Academically, it was a really good school. I learned so much, like not even about any subjects. That school just taught me lots of life lessons too. They really care about their students and try their best to make us feel at home.
I liked that the school offers college level class where you can earn college credits through Bethel University. It’s very beneficial for a challenge and your future. I would like to see a larger diversity of food for lunches. They are very bland and the choices are limited.
I really enjoyed my time at OCCHS. I liked all my teachers very much and learned a lot in all my classes. I only wish they offered more languages to learn.
I have had an amazing experience throughout my high school career at Obion County Central High School. The atmosphere is amazing as well as the teachers and administration. The only thing i would like to see change would be the readiness that goes into preparing the students for college.
This school is one of the best in this area. We have the most educational opportunities in our area. The teachers are really nice and they support all of their students any way they can. There are plenty of nice and respectable staff and students here. It is a great place for making people feel at home.
I would like to change the lack of school spirit and lower the bullying rate. Also, some of the staff do a poor job at teaching/ administrating, etc. I do like the fact that freshmen have their own hallways and that there are so many club affiliations inside of OCCHS.
Obion County Central High School does not push your student very far! Some teachers tell the children the bare minimum to pass. It is an average school with average children and teachers. There is nothing special or unique about this school and its atmosphere.
I liked how Obion County tried to make it all inclusive for a small county. There are some teachers who are left to do as they please, and the school board argues over dress code, but the experience there is overall satisfactory.
I have enjoyed my four years at Obion County Central High School. I love how they offer many different classes for students who are going into different fields. They also offer many clubs for students to join. I like how we get a break between class. I would change the dress code because you can still learn in a t-shirt.
I have loved attending Obion County for school. I have been given so many opportunities to make friends and better my education.
Great learning environment. Many different studies to choose from for career readiness from cosmetology to flying a plane.
Obion County Central High School is an excellent school. I have really enjoyed my 4 years here. I've made memories and friends that will last a lifetime! I am an A-B student, 4 year varsity football player and 2 year co-ed cheerleader. Sports has played an important role in my high school years. They helped me make friends, understand the true meaning of teamwork, and the importance of a leadership role. The teachers and coaches at OCCHS are exceptional! They push you to strive to be your best with encouraging words and they are always there to help or just listen. I will carry what I've learned these 4 years with me forever and I know I have a bright and promising future because of everyone at Obion County Central!
Obion County Central High School is perhaps one of the best schools in the northern part of west Tennessee. The Band is amazing but the football team has always been bad. The teachers are great and they encourage the students to try their hardest and do their best. The one rule I hate in the school is the dress code. It's so strict and has always been since I've gone to a Obion County School. I hope that some day it will change back to the way it is in other schools; back to being where you can express yourself freely.
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OCCHS is a great school. The staff really care for the students. The school would be even better if they supported the Marching Band more.
I loved my experience at Obion County Central. I know I was truly cared about by all my teachers. They all were very encouraging and helpful because I believe they all wanted to see me succeed. I will always be grateful for them for that.
I really enjoy all of the different clubs and extracurricular classes that are offered at OC. Everyone at the school is pretty friendly to one another and overall the school is a very nice place.
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