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My daughter has been at Oakwood since 7th grade and has been happy since the first day.
The teachers are wonderful and care about the students. She is challenged academically and also is involved in the arts as well. An open hearted, diverse school.
This is my son's first year attending Oakwood school and we love it. We came from a public school and he says attending Oakwood has resparked his love for learning. He loves how arts focused it is but also how much the school is devoting to rebuilding it's sports program. My son plays basketball and has a love for both sports and the arts so it's been a great fit so far! We also appreciate their focus on diversity and inclusion.
Both of my children have been going to Oakwood since Kindergarten and I couldn't be more impressed. Not only are the academics outstanding, but the sports is starting really shine as well. One of my sons is all about basketball, baseball and track so he is thrilled they have really stepped all sports. It's one of the many reasons we are staying all the way through 12th grade with this incredible school.
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I have had a pretty good experience. The arts are strong. The English and Social Studies Departments are strong. Everyone knows each other because it is a small school. The middle school debate program is great.
Oakwood creates an environment that is fun and exciting for it’s students while still being methodical and intentional throughout the curriculum. They look at each child’s development and plan accordingly so they can be the most successful version of themselves. The school helps children find what drives them and what they are passionate about. They do this by providing variety of academics, activities, sports, and clubs so the students can find what they love and excel at.
We have two children in the elementary school and could not be more pleased! There is nothing about the school we don't like. From the academics, to the arts, to the community, Oakwood takes great pride and care in making sure that everyone's needs are being met. We are incredibly excited for our children to attend the secondary school, as it offers both competitive academics with incredible arts and STEAM programs. With the new athletic director, we are excited to see what advances are made in that arena as well. We cannot recommend Oakwood highly enough.
I enjoyed the focus on academics and the recent increase in focus on the athletics. The lack of diversity was a little off putting, but it's getting better.
I couldn’t imagine having gone to high school anywhere else. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life
Oak wood is very welcoming ! They are a home away from home ! Without oak wood where would I be ! They love everyone they meet and have such strong culture ! They make sure that when you’re about of their team they support you fully ! Oak wood is the light in a dark tunnel ! Without them the world wouldn’t be the way it is today ! The campus is very clean ! I’m in love with their bridge ! I believe that it is so cool that they are about to build something over city property , that’s something special ! 💓 I love oak wood and they will forever be in my heart ! They make a difference in the community ! They make a difference in the world !
Our transition to Oakwood has been nothing short of amazing. The teachers are inspired and dedicated. We are very impressed with the academics and the community is wonderful.
Love this Secondary School. It has tough academics but a holistic look at each student. Every child is guaranteed acceptance at a 4 year college, so they prep us for college. Some classes are college level already. Its hard to get accepted at the High School level, (harder than Brown the year I applied). Not for the academically challenged but perfect for the cookie, creative type with strong academic capabilities.
oakwood is a great place to learn who you are as a person. The teachers are amazing and the people are great too. Students light up when they talk about there passions. There is no uniformity at Oakwood and everyone is accepted for who they are!
Can't say enough great things about Oakwood. Our daughter is a junior there and we're thrilled with the support the administration and faculty give all the students. She's blossomed academically but also found her passion in their exceptional STEAM department. This is a school that nurtures not just well rounded students, but exceptional kids. It has a rep as an arty school (which it is) but my kid is math/science/tech focused and it's been amazing for her.
Truly great teachers and administration willing to listen to students when issues come up. Students are able to get involved in numerous meaningful activities and clubs and as they get older, take classes that appeal to their specific interests.
I’ve been going to oakwood for a while and overall I’m pretty impressed with the school. Like all schools Oakwood has flaws but those are mostly in athletics and certain faculty members. I’ve found that this is a school for creative and driven kids who are up for a challenge. The academics arent super insanely hard, but it’s still a prestigious school and I feel that those who aren’t prepared for that kind of work and studying wouldn't succeed here. However, the arts department at oakwood is phenomenal. I’ve found that there is something that can interest anyone and if you have a passion, you will be able to fan it out and make it happen here. Honestly, i love my school and I wouldn’t want to attend anywhere else.
I think Oakwood School is very good. It is a great atmosphere and filled with great people. As a student there I feel very comfortable. They focus to much on diversity and make you feel bad for being privileged. They also force you to go to meetings every Monday. They are extremely boring and useless.
Academics- Offers meaningful interesting courses. I wish there were more AP Courses. Also they may get rid of APs
Teachers- Great teachers that teach how to extrapolate from material
Clubs- Reflect Student Interest, lots of diversity groups not much others
Culture- Love the culture here, very welcoming people
Sports- Getting better, not known for sports though. No pool =(
Resources- In order to think outside the box, Oakwood has many resources to use, also improves experience
Diversity- Oakwood preaches diversity although we are not that diverse, especially politically
College Readiness- Good, Could be better, too many kids to have one on one
Safety- We have a bridge and year round security guards
Administration- Nice people, I disagree with some of the issues the change though

Overall: Oakwood is the place to go if you want to explore and expand your interests. Art Program is very nice.
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In light of the substantial tuition), Oakwood has much work to do. First, the schools facilities are inadequate. Students have to cross streets that are literally freeway off ramps to get to parking and sports fields at a public park. Second, the school culture is entitled and there is little diversity of students. Third, the administration caters to wealth and influence, and you should expect annual requests for $4-8K in addition to tuition. Fourth, if you are considering transferring to Oakwood, the schools does little or nothing to integrate new students, which is a problem considering a large portion of the student body was together since elementary school.
Oakwood is a great school. I wouldn't change a thing except for the diversity. Though they try the school is very hard to build up diversity in an area where it is mainly white people. Other than that, I would recommend going to Oakwood because it helps you to create your own voice and person.
It is an amazing school, every teach is there because they have a passion to teach and it really effects the environment in the classroom and inspires me to push myself