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Great school! Highly recommended for a private school in the South County area. Small class size and new facilities round out all that it has to offer. School offers PreK, and K-12 grade levels.
Oakwood has a close-knit community with small class sizes that allow for teacher interaction to better cement information in your mind (the small dating pool is a bit of a drag though). Most of the teachers are fine, but there are a couple that either don't teach or are downright creepy. A couple teachers are outstanding though! The coursework is intense, but with good time management, is ok. The faculty is very Mormon, so a bit of homophobia and slut shaming dress code violations are common from here to there (not saying that it is ok, just that it happens). I remember when I was in eighth grade and asked to take my then-girlfriend to a dance they said it would "make them uncomfortable." What a ridiculous thing to say to two CHILDREN. There's no need to worry about making friends, since Oakwood is a very accepting community in general. This school is definitely made for very academically oriented, driven people.
I like that Oakwood has a lot of resources for their students for them to help balance their hard classes and get help whenever they need it. I think they need to improve on the campus a bit more which they're doing already, so it has even more resources like a traditional high school.
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Stimulating environment, dedicated teachers and administration, beautiful and safe campus. Small class size affords individual attention.
I love how Oakwood teaches its students how to balance their academics with a multitude of extracurricular activities. Offering many opportunities to thrive in various subjects, clubs, and sports, it has had a major impact on my studying habits and has helped me become the leader I am today.
I was very involved in student organizations at Oakwood and I really like the school. The administration and the faculty especially are absolutely wonderful. Many of my teachers could be college professors. The small size of the school allows me to know my teachers at a deeper level. Because I have a more personal relationship with them than I would with teachers at a larger school, I am inspired to learn more and more about my subject. I wouldn’t choose to go to this school because of sports or clubs. Also, beware that because the school is so small, social groups are pretty limited. There is a lot of diversity among the student population however if you don’t like the people in your grade, there isn’t much you can do to find new friends. People like me go to Oakwood because it is-above all- academically challenging. It prepares all of its students for college and students get to spend time on the absolutely beautiful campus.
I like that Oakwood's staff strives to push students towards their potential. One of the down falls of the teachers is some of their political opinions interfere with their ability to teach history to the full extent.
Everyone is very welcoming, as with it's size, it becomes a very tight-knit community. however, most of my time at the school was spent being distracted by the construction. this made it much harder to focus and learn.
I love my school and the average class size hovers around 10-15. The small school environment and the support of your teachers and peers make going here a very enjoyable experience. I love the athletics because almost anyone can play on a team and it lets you make new friends and strengthen bonds. The staff is also amazing and nice!
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Oakwood Secondary School! As an academic environment, it has succeeded in creating a space which has allowed me to grown and develop into an avid learner. The teachers have, for the most part, been helpful and personable, which has made my highschool career enjoyable and inspiring. Looking back, I think that Oakwoods biggest issue is its homogenous student body, which slows dynamic conversations to a crawl. That being said, the administration and admissions departments are making a clear effort, and I think future students benefit from a more diverse class.
This is the worst school in the state, no doubt about it. They look the other way for bullyig and racism as long as the perp’s parents have money, charge too much for tuition, and victim blame.
I really like the small size as it is conducive to close friendships with students and allows for more personalized education from teachers. However, there are a couple teachers that are absolutely horrible at teacher but have not been removed.
I have loved my time at Oakwood. It is a small school, but I love being able to walk through the halls and know everyone's names. I love the relationships I am able to have with my teachers and the one-on-one aid they can provide me when I need it.
half of the staff is good at teaching. The other half needs work. There is minimal sports and only adequate funding for those which the heads of admin like. The principals cancel classes without even knowing what occurs in the class and are completely ignorant of everything that isnt earning the school money. However, they dont see that everything is earning them money because they get around 23,000 dollars per student in tuition and fees ever year!
Oakwood is an amazing school. I've loved being a student here despite the fact that it is very small. The community is almost like family and I really like that.
Excellent math, science, and writing preparation for college. Lacks a wide range of extracurricular activities, although the ones it has are decent.
Really nice school. It is really small for a high school but that's the beauty of it. You know everyone in the high school, so everyone is your friend. There is really no "bullying" at oakwood, it's a safe environment. Teachers are top of the line espescially Dr. Wilson. And teachers are willing to give extra 1 on 1 time to students who need help, you really do create bonds with teachers and they become your friends as well.
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Oakwood has its ups and downs, however, overall it is a generally safe environment with outstanding faculty and rigorous college level courses. The campus is gorgeous and well-kept. International trips are held yearly, albeit, we have to pay around $3000 if we want to go. The major downside to Oakwood is that the student body population tends to the wealthier side which can make it difficult for poorer students, such as myself, to fit in.
I know that it's kind of worrying for a mentally stable teenager to be perfectly content at their high school, but for me that has always been the case. High school for many people is awful, exhausting and something to be forgotten rather than revered, but my days at Oakwood High School will always be some of the happiest of my life. Of course, my high school experience has been different than most. At most schools, your social life doesn't revolve around a giant green pleather couch that sits at the end of the hallway. You can't leave your purse and money out on the floor and not give it a second thought. You don't know your classmates as well as you know your family, and you generally have more than 20 kids in your class. But for me, thats high school. As I walk up the unfortunately numerous and steep stairs to the second floor, I hear my friends singing and acting out the ending to Les Miserables, and watch a boy in a cape zoom by. And no, this is not a school for the insane. Its a mixture of theater kinds, math geeks and socially awkward but incredibly talented weirdos, and I love them all very much. I wouldn't trade my experiences here for anything because Oakwood is a lace where I feel perfectly safe and happy. And while I can't wait to go to college and do my best to achieve everything I want to achieve, there wil always be a part of me that longs to dance in the halls of Oakwood with my favorite people in the world.
Teachers are excellent, kind and very involved. As I said earlier, no one slips through the cracks. Most are experts in their fields and good teachers who relate to their student and encourage discussion and class participation.
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