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It is very diverse and is very welcoming of people. I would say there is an edge to students. They are very competitive and want to be successful like any other person but the people here are very high achieving and can be stand off-ish. The stem programs are excellent and the teachers are very understanding. They expect nothing but the student's best but are willing to make accommodations if necessary.
Oakton is a very good high school. Not only does the education reach topnotch levels, but the sports are also outstanding. While the construction is taking place to make the school a better place, the faculty are doing everything they can to keep the school community together. The number of clubs offered at Oakton will allow everyone to find their hobbies.
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Oakton High School isn't too bad of a school. From the four years I have attended there, I have been able to manage. Although it isn't the ideal environment it has certainly provided me with an interesting high school experience. Yes, the school has a lot of work to be done but with the current renovations, I believe Oakton will be much better in the future.
Very good school, excellent environment and teachers are really good.
I am senior at oakton and my brother is a sophomore
I’m currently a sophomore at Oakton High School. A few teachers I've had over the past two years have really stood out and helped me to become a better student and person. The school is currently undergoing a 5 year renovation that should be done in 2022-2023, so we are getting new parts of the building every so often. We just got a new cafeteria that is very nice and they are currently working on the math/science halls. Our sports teams are very good and our football team, which hasn’t had the best luck these past few years, is finally working on getting back to how they used to be. If you’re bored at the school then that’s your fault. There are SO MANY sports teams and clubs you can join!! I love going to Oakton High School but sometimes there is just so much stress, but you’ll find that in any FCPS school. If you’re moving to this area I highly recommend finding a house in the Oakton High School area. You won’t regret it.
I have been enjoying the school for the last 4 years and looking forward for the new construction to be completed.
Oakton High School is where I have met some of my closest friends and some of my worst enemies. Academically, there is a wide range of positives and negatives, however, it truly depends on your teachers and your schedule.
Oakton is a very friendly and a safe environment even when the school is under construction. The teachers are very invested in teaching and everyone is open to making friends.
Oakton is a great place to be on track for college. There isn't much diversity and a lot of people do clubs for college applications. There are a few teachers who want to help you not only pass their class with a good grade but make sure you understand what is being taught. I have had only one good counselor who actually made time for me when I needed advice on classes.
After attending Oakton I felt academically prepared for college (and the process of applying to it), and most of my teachers were great and kept the classes at a reasonable level of difficulty while still teaching us a lot. However, there is not much school spirit, the school was undergoing renovation and didn't have the best facilities, and at times it felt like the administration did not take the students convenience or best interests to heart. However, I overall enjoyed my time at this school and I feel prepared for the future.
I will forever be grateful for the care and passion of Oakton High School teachers and administrators. I had to learn how to defend my ideas which made me produce work that I took pride in. I was occasionally frustrated with the students who refused to embrace the growth mindset philosophy and simply wanted to get a grade with as little effort as possible, my engagement and willingness to partake in those opportunities fostered dedication and passions for things I otherwise would have never discovered. My hard work was recognized and my laziness was called out. The expectations of the caring staff pushed me to be my best, in more ways than simply academic.
Pretty good atmosphere and good teachers. The administration kinda sucks, but it a very good school to send your kids to.
Going to Oakton High School was a very engaging experience in all aspects. Such as meeting friends that strive for my success and teachers always continuing to not give up with me whenever I was struggling with my coursework.
Great academics and good teachers for the most part. However, many classes are gambles. Your teacher will make or break the entire class for you so if you don’t get a good one then your year can be very stressful, potentially. Very competitive nature of hard classes, but not too cliquey.
My experience at OHS for the past four years was somewhat good academically not considering too much on the amount of stress and pressure I endured. But the student environment here is very judgmental, clique-ish, and somewhat racist. It's getting more diversity, but many of the white students not used to it judge it heavily in a more private manner. The school focuses so much on grades and ensuring they stay in the top of the nation, rather than ensuring students are kind and understanding, things that need to be much more important in this nation. But the school is overall good if you're able to ignore the school culture and just focus on getting your education and getting out of this small town.
Academically speaking Oakton is a good school and has various programs and projects which are helpful for college readiness. Things like the implementation of project based learning experiences and the capstone projects are very helpful despite being considered a pain by many of the students.
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My experience with this school was good. Most of the teachers are good and can help you if you need something.
It’s been about one year since I first came here at oakton high school. All are unfamiliar for me, but it got better soon. There are a lot of cultures in our school; one of my favorites is culture festival where you can experience diversity of our school and lots of culture shows. Also, we have career center. You can find your fit colleges, scholarships, internships, and summer camps with resources that they have. It is helpful for me to find these easily whenever I want to know more about. One of the reasons why I think that my school is academic is Capstone project. Capstone project is a project about what each students want to research over four years of high school. Additionally, we present our research on PoL ( presentation of learning) and EoL ( Exhibition of learning ) which are held once in a year. We can share our presentation and some thoughts to teachers, parents or other students.
Oakton is among one of the more competitive schools in NOVA, and this has its own pros and cons. Some pros include that students strive for the best, are ambitious, and the tough academics of the school is promising for college preparedness. On the other hand, the stress caused by social and academic pressure has, from my experience and that of my peers led to extremely high-stress levels for students. It is frequent that students get tunnel vision between their academics and college acceptances, which creates an overall toxic environment.
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