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I had a great time at Oakmont! There was always lot's of ways to get involved and I found that the more involved with the school, students, teachers, faculty and administration the more pride I took in the school and the more I enjoyed spending my time there!
My experience at Oakmont Regional High School so far has been fantastic. I have been able to participate in multiple clubs that interest me, I have always felt accepted and included, and I am able to play in sports that I enjoy. The teachers at Oakmont are extremely kind and intelligent too. They make you feel like you belong while getting a good education at the same time. However, my school lacks in the courses that are offered. The amount of AP classes are very limited, and I would like to see an AP biology and others along those lines. Likewise, the only language classes available are French and Spanish, and I would really like to see other languages represented like Italian, Latin, or German. Nonetheless, even though my experience has been pleasant, I know that many of my peers do not agree. I really enjoy my school, but there can always be improvements.
This is a great school between to small towns. Everyone is super friendly and cares for every student. We have many spirit weeks and school activities that almost everyone participates in and the best art department. The two art teachers are married and have amazing corresponding courses. This problem expresses uniqueness and everyone’s hidden talent. Although Oakmont is not very diverse they do promote everyone to do their best and work hard.
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Oakmont is honestly an overall very safe school. As I entered each day I always felt safe with where I was. Some teachers could've been stronger in their given subject but overall a great environment and I feel very ready for college.
The art program at Oakmont is amazing. The two art teachers are the life of the art program and the talent of our fellow students is really remarkable. For a small school, you get individualized attention, and that's nice. I wish there was more diversity, but we live in a small town, so not much to do about that!
As a senior at OHS, I've personally thoroughly enjoyed my experience and time here. Time did fly, but as I look back on all four years, so much happened. There were bad days, but the good days overlooked the bad ones. I met my best friends and favorite teachers. The memories I have made are unforgettable. Besides the in-school memories, playing on the soccer team all 4 years is something I won't ever forget, especially after becoming the captain senior year. Overall, Oakmont was a great experience and will always be a huge part of my life.
Used to love and appreciate this school, but in recent years the administration has proven that they truly do not care about their students’ wellbeing. They care too much about their own image and will push students down in order to keep up a good reputation. No care for the students at all. The only thing that keeps this school okay is a few great teachers and the arts department, but the administration will will not care if students face unfair treatment in the classroom. So disappointed.
What I liked about Oakmont is that it has a good community and all the students that go there are very welcoming. Coming in during junior year, it was a hard adjustment but the guidance department works very hard and they made it feel like home. Everyone is very nice and the teachers are amazing at their job!
Overall, my experience at Oakmont was positive. With a few exceptions, teachers are helpful and want to see their students succeed and be prepared for the future. One thing my school could be slightly better at is listening to the feedback of its students, but predominantly, Oakmont is a great school
Oakmont definitely prepares its students for life as adults, both academically and emotionally. The faculty really care about their students.
The Arts are a huge aspect to administration and everyone in the area. With that I think administration could be more inclusive at attending sports events and not just the liberal arts. More inclusion with the students also will increase the friendships and make students aware of what is going on that they don't see such as inclusion.
I liked the atmosphere of the school the most. I also don't know how I would of survived without a couple of teachers that taught me. After completing high school I feel like I'm read for the next step and Oakmont taught me that. I could be myself and could take the classes that I enjoyed. The classes were fun and engaging and every class taught me a lot. I was taught what I was supposed to learn but also other things I will need in my everyday life. When I was struggling teachers were always willing to help me out or even a fellow student would.
Oakmont faculty, staff and students have all worked together to an school environment like no other. It is a school of inclusion and passion both inside their wall and out. Guidance staff show up to support at football games with cowbells, students have cheering sections and the band puts on amazing halftime shows. Teachers and administrative really care about students. Meanwhile students really care and support other students. There is nothing like it.
I school choice here for academics. High school is high school and is going to suck anywhere you go. Teachers helped made it go by easier (for the most part). I am not ready for college with the homework load though
Oakmont is a fantastic school. It has an exceptional community and the students and teachers are truly tight-knit. The English and History departments are first rate, and the courses are rightly balanced.
Oakmont is a great school with very caring staff and faculty. They truly want to see you succeed and excel throughout your four years of high school.
My experience at Oakmont Regional High school was overall fairly well. I believe it prepared me for college and my future in a very good way. Sports and extracurriculars were usually very good. I would like to see a little more consideration from the administration about the students and their thoughts. I would also like to see them trying to be as friendly as possible and get on students good sides. That would provide the best relationship and environment for everyone and make it an overall better experience. Over 4 years of being in the school I can say I mostly enjoyed my experience.
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The school is in a small town so everyone knows each other. The teachers are nice and you get a good education.
As a student, and as a person, I have grown drastically during these last four years at Oakmont. Here, I have had the pleasure of getting to know great teachers who are passionate about their line of work, I have participated in many school events, clubs, and sports, and I have made great friends out of the students and faculty.
Our academics are taught by teachers who want to see their students succeed. Even though the curriculum is challenging at times, I always feel comfortable enough in the classroom to ask any questions and get the answers I need. In the sports and clubs that I participate in, the group of people I am around is accepting and, because of the simultaneous desire to succeed, we always find ourselves problem solving and working together.
Overall, my experience at Oakmont improved upon my character, my social skills, and my intelligence level.
You get out of Oakmont, what you put into it. Don't hold back on anything because having regrets is the only regret I have. Get involved, spread school spirit, and focus on being a supportive student. Also, don't be ashamed to ASK QUESTIONS!
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