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I like that the student leaders of the school have a say in the direction of the day to day life of the students. They are the ones that plan and lead events. I would like to see the faculty prep the students more for college. They do not stress college readiness enough.
What I like about Oakland Military Institute College Preparatory Academy is the leadership program that they have. Leadership teaches cadets to be better leaders by being entrusted with the duty of helping the school function and run.
I'm a senior and I've been attending this school since 6-12 and I've seen changes that aren't for the best. I've seen our grade counselor get fired during our senior year because the school needs cash. The teachers and the leftover counselors have been tremendous in helping me and other students in our college admissions and emotional support for us to choose our path for college and their compassion is something I strive for. I've witnessed teachers leaving two weeks into the school year and teachers who aren't qualified to teach. I feel that there is no emotional connection or a sense of wanting to help the students. I understand that I attend a military school, I get that. But when a priority is put into drills and marching rather than going to a counselor to talk about college during the week of application submission is where I have trouble understanding.
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I like that the teachers actually care about the student and also how if you enter in 6th grade and work your way to high school you have a strong bond with your classmates. One thing I would change is some of the uniform rules, and some military staff members being a bit more considerate.
Honestly it was a unique experience that I wouldn’t change at all. Yes it had its ups as well as downs sometimes but overall was amazing it did its job which was preparing me. It taught me on what goal should I put my self, what are the steps and how can I succeed. OMI is a school that parents should send their kids to or a school that kids would like to go to because I wanted to go to this school. Yes, it was scary at first due to a new environment, all the military stuff but at the end of the day I enjoyed it so much.
Being and graduated from OMI I can safely say that my review can be a bit edgy. Education wise it is a good choice, OMI wants you to graduate, OMI wants you to walk the stage. How OMI is seen on social media is reflecting our ugly side. There has been bomb threats, staff is a bit lazy, they seem to not want to be there, and they seem to be annoyed every time you ask them to do something. in my experience, OMI was definitely not my first choice. As a cadet 2nd Lieutenant at OMI, my reviews can definitely be scattered.
As a student, I am able to explore my own character in this environment. I have grown to be more outgoing than when I first entered the school. The leadership aspect of the school helped shaped me into my strong persona. However there are some cons about this school. Recently, there has been financial issues so there has been some strange teachers coming in and out of the school. Some classes do not have a strong curriculum to stick to. The athletics department is great for athletes. I have joined the cross country team but since I’m not as strong in athletics, I’ve never gone to a race. I wish there was a tennis team though. Some students are friendly and you can easily make friends. I’m not so sure about the recent middle schoolers. When I was their age, my friends and classmates were more mature and disciplined. I’m not entirely of this year’s middle schoolers.
When I entered this school in sixth grade I felt that it was great and the discipline that comes along with being enrolled in a military institution was consistent. Gradually, the staff began changing and many of the administrators that made OMI great left and I felt that it caused a detrimental effect on the school. As of now, the academics aren’t anywhere near as good as they claim they are and I feel that it’s severely lacking. There are too many things I could complain about, but it would suffice to say that I don’t recommend this school at all if you want what’s best for your children.
When I first came to OMI I thought that it was a rigorous school but the challenge and standards were worth staying for. Over the course of my years here I have seen this school go from being good to becoming less than average. The staff, the teachers, and the quality of education are simply not up to par and it definitely does not prepare students for college the way it claims to do.
I like that Oakland Military Institute had a balanced date to when students can turn in their late assignments. Some of the caring teachers pushed students to get good grades. The security at the school were very caring and kept the school safe from random people coming in. The Military staff also kept the school safe and made sure our campus was clean.
It is a small public charter school that was founded by Jerry Brown, California's current govener. Allowing the chance for student and teachers to bond. The school is not very old and is still fairly new. It allows a chance for students to develop leadership skills. The school does go into chances frequently, so be ready to adapt to your environment.
It was once a very great school and lived up to its name. But now, frequent staff turnover has led to a fairly undisciplined and academically struggling school body.
The military structure ensures that all of it's students and facilities are in constant tip-top condition, molding a well-disciplined young man/ woman. The leadership elements enforce righteous behavior and prepares students for any form of rigor. Leadership courses are available for students to participate in, as well as the ability to climb in rank and position. When a student slacks, the school schedules a meeting with all the student's teachers & military staff to create a success plan for the student. The school is placed in an urban demographic, attracting diverse minorities, which help teach and normalize adolescents of diversity. The school increases it's graduation and college acceptance percentages every year, when I graduated, the rolled-over accumulated percentage was 96%. Overall, a wonderful school, especially for its demographic placement. I attended the school from sixth to twelfth grade, and I took advantage of all the opportunities I listed above.
Overall, this is a great school if you want to instill a sense of leadership and discipline to your child. For the most part I enjoyed my time here.
The military structure at this school definitely makes it unique, however it has fallen from grace from how it was before. Over the years the administration has swapped around with each set of staff implementing their own changes to the school. At one point the school went a mass firing and its coherent structure turned into a jumbled undisciplined mess. Even so, success is still there for those who wish to succeed academically or for those who wish to enhance their leadership ability. A majority of the teachers share a sense of caring however the superintendent seems to confuse a child refusing to learn as the teachers not doing their job. The superintendent believes in giving every student a chance but seems to cater more to the lazy and undisciplined. With the right people behind this school, this institution could shine brighter than any other public school in Oakland.
I've been at OMI since I was in 6th grade. It is a very well rounded school education wise, but you don't get the full high school experience. I would like to see more changes in how activities are chosen.
Attending OMI my freshmen year was hard because I had to adapt to this new time of environment. One, it was a military school and second, it was my firsy year of high school. I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. The first year was boring. It was based on military and we barely had student activities. They were strict and very much enforced the rules. As the years passed, it started becoming me fun and having more activities. Spirit weeks, dances, homecoming, etc. it was beinginning to feel more like a normal high school. Don't get me wrong they still were strict on unirform policies and everythung but they loosened up.
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My name is Jake Swensen, and I am a senior in high school planning to graduate in June of 2018. I have been attending Oakland Military Institute since my 6th-grade year. I have been at OMI witnessing the changes of academic structure, more school support systems, and even new buildings with more resources to help the students learning at OMI. OMI provides spectacular school and extracurricular opportunities to better further our career paths like the Golf program in collaboration with the Sequoia and Claremont Country Clubs. Golf is one of the many extracurriculars activities that OMI provides for the students that include: Many summer club/job opportunities information like the University of Michigan internships, and scholarship opportunities. Staff work to push the student body further in their readiness for college and career paths. I appreciate the staff and school support in preparing me for life which I can say I am ready to handle anything this life throws at me.
I am current high school student from OMI, and I would say I had interesting time as a "cadet". I was in enrolled in OMI for three years, which lead me to great career opportunities for being here. With the military aspects, I have gained a high rank with awards from the Cadet Corp. For having a smaller campus, the offer more one on one opportunities with the students. As well as providing more materials for students i.e student issued chromebooks.
I think Oakland military is a great school because it shows you different things like bare knowledge and discipline my experience is still going on I'm currently a junior and I've learned a lot.
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