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My experience at Oakland High has provided me with many opportunities that have taught me a lot about college readiness and creating a good future for myself. Taking leadership class and playing softball has taught me how to collaborate with others to get things done efficiently. The diversity of Oakland High is excellent. Meeting people from different backgrounds and having clubs that bring light to other cultures shows you how to look at things from different perspectives. The representation for people of color is largely represented at Oakland high and the teachers want the best for the students and do their best to make sure everyone is ready for the future.
Oakland high has some of the best staff that you can ever have. They always make sure that you are prepared for college
I like how diverse it is. Somethings I would change is the amount of input we get in our learning plan. I don't see a lot of support from counseling staff, they're mostly ever around when you get in trouble or have low grades, no one really asks or takes interest into our personal lives.
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Very diverse school but location isn't entirely safe and lack college readiness. Lots of clubs and people are pretty involved in this school.
I suffered from extreme anxiety from 7th grade to now. My high school experience so far has been really painful. Having panic attacks back to back in my classes every other day. My teachers have helped tremendously. They've offered support groups and personal help. The pep rally's that occur 3 times a school year were the BEST ! That's what i loved about my school. My school was always hyped. Some things that i disliked about Oakland High was the cleanliness throughout the whole school. There's been a several cases of mold in the school lunches & most havnt been investingated. Busy for some reason that i don't know, i wouldn't want to transfer to any other high school .
I have a very good experience at Oakland High. Teachers are very supportive and understanding. They are flexible to help you always. The school is pretty diverse and offer many clubs.
For me personally, Oakland High is a little bland. If it weren’t for transportation and location difficulties, I would’ve transferred to another school. I am currently in the academy PLTW, or Project Lead The Way as a Sophomore. The classes offered for the academy was very lacking and I wasn’t able to learn anything for my engineering class besides copying notes and submitting it. I felt like many opportunities were biased on certain academies. Only till my sophomore year did I hear about internships and programs to help me with the college applications and such. And I only heard from them when my friends from other academies told me I should go, while in PLTW I didn’t hear anything about it.
As a current attending student the diversity in this school is great, so many different ethnic groups to meet. It’s very easy to meet new friends with how many students attend the school.
It has a good and pretty safe learning environment. There are also a lot of cool students and teachers there. However the school can be very boring at times.
Oakland High is not like any other high school in Oakland. It truly the staple of what Oakland is all about is filled with diversity. It has students of all types of backgrounds. It gives students more educational success by providing more opportunities for students who already lack in having the adequate resources to succeed in life. Teachers are great as students we get to build connections with teachers who share similar experiences to us as teens growing up in a city like Oakland. The atmosphere that surrounds school activities and sports like football and basketball truly build a strong fandom.
I enjoyed my experience while attending the school but it definitely could’ve been better. Lots of fights but that’s normal in schools.
There are lots of diverse groups. People are nice and the environment is mostly positive and welcoming.
For two years now, I have been an Academy Ambassador at my high school representing the Visual Art Academy Magnet Program (VAAMP). Being an ambassador takes a lot of responsibility and training - I often give tours for incoming 9th graders and visitors at my school. In the tours, I show them around campus and give them facts about the school and why they should join VAAMP. My inspiration for being an Ambassador for VAAMP comes from wanting to give back to the community and helping students realize the importance of education and staying in school. To be an Academy Ambassador one has to be in a rigorous Leadership training class, and the decision to be made an Academy Ambassador lies with the Co-Directors of VAAMP. As an Ambassador I was also able to hone my public speaking and persuasion skills. I have been a part\of the school Leadership Class for 3 years - we plan events for the school such as Homecoming, Winter Ball, Multicultural week, and our teacher luncheon.
I love the teachers at this high school and the extracurricular it offers. The teachers are very welcoming and are always there to help you no matter what. At this school you are able to choose from a variety of different classes that are rarely offered elsewhere.
I like that Oakland High is very diverse. The teacher that I had were very warming and caring. The students that go there really keeps you entertain through the school year. There is always so much happening at school that not a day I was bored there. The courses were very easy so it was easy to get good grades if you don't procrastinate and just pay attention in class.
Having spent 4 years at ohigh, I've had a satisfactory time. I am grateful for the numerous opportunities in internships and college help that I have been given. There are also a fair number of clubs to join if that's your jam, although I wouldn't sweat it. Leadership tends to be a popularity contest and some students (especially freshmen year) don't care about school and will screw around in class, but teachers are quite supportive and will not stray away from hard topics. Academics are relatively easy here; as long as you do the work and do your best, you will get an A. Some administrative staff also are not the friendliest or most helpful. Otherwise, high school is what you make of it, and I was able to take advantage of what resources were available to me to get the best education possible.
Oakland High I would say is a normal High school. Most of the teachers are above average and some are actually really good. But the real problem is the students a lot of them don't respect the opportunities being given or the teachers who are trying to help them.
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The school is the most diverse school in Oakland, however, many other factors are pushed aside. The art programs are lacking due to all the support going to sports, more specifically football and basketball.
Oakland High is diverse and filled with new ideas. Another thing is that the school can do better at cleaning because its lowkey dirty but other than that great experiences.
Oakland High is really a diverse school. Everyone is given an opportunity to many things. This school also has an awesome future center where students get extra support and information with colleges, scholarships, financial aid and even help with senior projects.
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