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Honestly, too many privileged females being rude to one another especially if a girl didn't make as much as the other families. A lot of attitude and pettiness. You would think but by sending your daughter to an all-girls school they would build each other up but at the end of the day, most of them tore each other apart all because of money and whose family made more. Understandably it was a CATHOLIC high school but a lot of professors judged the females when they tried to be open about not believing in GOD. A lot of the counselors were rude to girls who felt anxious or depressed and told the girls they were being dramatic and sent them back to class.
What I like about Oakland Catholic High School would be the amazing opportunities for academics and college available every day. The classes are rigorous enough that I feel challenged in a good way to be prepared for my undergraduate schooling, and There are plenty of clubs and activities to be involved with. If I could see one thing change it would be the diversity of the school and the way they market themselves to the urban community.
The academic criterion is challenging and fulfilling. I would like to see more diversity regarding the staff and experiences for people of color.
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Oakland Catholic has a very helpful and friendly atmosphere. The administration works hard to make sure any issue is addressed as soon as possible. Faculty is there to make sure your student is getting as much attention as they need.
I had a wonderful experience at Oakland Catholic High School. The school fully embodies their pillars of spirituality, scholarship, and service. I received a strong education, grew in my faith, developed real friendships, and really enjoyed my four years here!
The environment is really bad. Oakland loves to tell people, especially 8th graders who are looking at their school, that they have a wonderful, supportive, and overall spectacular all girls environment. However, this could not be further from the truth. The school itself has a depressing and run-down appearance, and the girls within it are the same way. The ridiculous workload Oakland puts on the students in addition to their lives is disgustingly exhausting. If you ask Oakland about the workload, they'll say something along the lines of "we are preparing them for a bright future" or "we like to keep the girls busy." At Oakland, girls were always stressed out, having breakdowns, complaining, and dealing with their annoying peers. After transferring to another school after sophomore year, I realized that this was not normal at all. Unless you're one of the popular girls who has stayed with her friend group since grade school and thinks they run the place, I wish you the best of luck.
Although OC gifted me with a great group of friends that I am still in contact with today it's hard to overlook the failings of the current and recent past administration. Frequently students are silenced through means of punishment when they raise the issue of unfair treatment by students and staff (ie the use of derogatory language, acts of blatant racism, and the lack of a diverse curriculum). Having previously attended public school I was used to a rather lax environment that put less of a hardline focus on academics. Oakland, which is academically rigorous, prepared me for the work, but did not prepare me for "reality." In the real world, not everyone is white, upper class, and highly religious. Entering college was a true culture shock and I am sure many, including myself, struggled to adapt to this independency of thinking. Instead OC fosters a groupthink mentality, punishes dissenters, and offers no courses that teach the practicality of the real world. Serious change needed.
I liked the amount of resources they had to help prepare students for college, but it could work on reducing students stress levels as it's a very stressful environment.
Oakland Catholic is such an amazing environment. From the academics, to sports and clubs, to the students and administration. It truly is a sisterhood and we are all family.
I like that it's an all-girls school. It is very organized and promotes my confidence. However, my school is a bit stressful.
Oakland Catholic High School lives up to its reputation as one of the most prestigious college-preparatory schools in Pittsburgh. Not only has Oakland Catholic provided me with an outstanding education, it has given me opportunities that few other high schools would have access to.
it was great, I learned great leadership skills. the stereotypes about all-girls schools are not true! very empowering for a young woman, I was given great opportunities
Oakland Catholic has given me many opportunities I would have not been given at my old school. The education is very rigorous and Oakland is truly a college preparatory school. Going into college next year I feel confident in my skills Oakland taught me so I can be successful and the best version of myself.
I have good friends and have learned a lot but it could be a little better, good atmosphere though for the most part
I think OC's school culture is really detrimental to teenage girls. There is constant competition and everyone is pitted against each other. Administration tries to fix this, but it just perpetuates the issue. That being said, academics are challenging and engaging, and the teachers truly care about their students. Campus ministry is a major plus, and the mission trips and community service are one of the only reasons I gave it four stars. Campus ministry has been one of the only places I feel like I "fit in." I think OC is a good school, and you should look into it, but be wary of the toxic culture and who you surround yourself with.
My daughter isn’t retaining any knowledge in several subjects due to poor teaching and inexperienced staff members. In most classes, one bad quiz grade can ruin the grade for the quarter! And in one of her AP classes, there are only two assignments in for the whole quarter!
Worst high school experience imaginable. Students are arrogant try-hards that think self-destructive tendencies are "quirky" personality traits and don't know how to interact with males. The teachers, with maybe 2 exceptions, are terrible at teaching (ex: guy with a philosophy major teaching AP Calculus and doing a horrible job). Classes are 10x more difficult than other schools' equivalents, leading to overwhelming stress levels in students and frequent mental breakdowns. Far-right conservatives (teachers) shove harmfully-traditional catholicism/views down students' throats. Doesn't prepare you for college or reality outside of the toxic environment that is OC. A waste of $16,000/yr and your daughters' life.
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I love Oakland Catholic. I feel comfortable and safe. I have many friends and am able to grow in my academics and athletics. I am able to be myself and apply my faith. I have joined many clubs and sports and find it very easy to make new friends and feel at home. Oakland Catholic gives me the challenge that I need and the readiness to prepare me for college. I love all the teachers but I wish administration was more understanding of the students.
Oakland Catholic’s urban setting offers me exposure to innovative ideas and educational opportunities, such as attending lectures and science labs the nearby universities. OC challenges me to be relentless in the pursuit of knowledge and take advantage of the intellectual hub around me. In a culturally diverse environment, I’ve learned to communicate and compromise with female classmates from different countries and walks of life.
Oakland Catholic takes the meaning of “girl-power” to a whole new level, promoting an atmosphere of trust and encouragement among students. At OC, we learn fearlessly and dare to think outside the box, challenging the boundaries of what it means to be a woman in engineering or the humanities.
Oakland Catholic translates the information in our textbooks and helps us to develop the tools needed to handle the challenges in our careers, relationships, and lives.
its horrible and the kids are all spoiled "vsco" girls and all they do is talk about themselves and make people feel broke. LIKE ME!! I hate it.
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