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I was bullied freshman year and nothing was done to help me. Sophomore year was a little better , id have to say junior year is the best year i’ve had so far and it isn’t because of the school it’s because of my 3 friends who make going to school worth going to.
I truly do not believe that I would be who I am without attending Oakcrest. The spirit is unmatched, the teachers are exceptional, and the academics are challenging in the best way.
Oakcrest high school has a community like no other. Between the spirt and endless sports and clubs there is truly a place for everyone. Teachers genuinely care about their students which makes for a great learning environment.
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Oakcrest high school has been a home to all different types of students. We have seen it change throughout our four year journey. From having no air, to watching most of our staff get fired, it has been a challenge for some of us. But one thing we have always had is each other. Oakcrest is like a family. Our town gives Oakcrest a ad reputation so many graduating eighth graders choose not to come here. Which is disappointing to see every year the class size getting smaller. Given this, the current teachers are always there for anyone in need. None of them will ever turn you away, they will always use all of their possible resources. The teachers are definitely one of the greater parts of Oakcrest high school. The lunch could be a bit better, but I am pretty sure that is the majority of high schools.
I love the atmosphere of this school. It may get knocked for not having some things the others in the district have like more than one floor, a big theatre or good central heating, but it's made up for in amazing personalities from the students and teachers, a fun learning environment, and SPIRIT!!
Oakcrest has been my home for the past 3 years and I am thrilled to continue my senior year. The characteristic I love most about the school is the fact that there are no clique´s, no exclusion, and no one is left behind. The love between the students is a type of love that I haven´t seen anywhere else. This is all thanks to the staff for creating a positive environment, the numerous sports and activites offered to bring us together, and of course, the students who are the ones who create this big, happy, family.
I love the school spirit at Oakcrest. The staff and coaches here are amazing and they go out of their way to get to know and connect with the students. it is very safe at this school because we have an amazing security office and affiliation with the Police Department. I am so grateful I got to spend my 4 years of high school at Oakcrest.
The availability of teachers help and being apart of such a spirited school makes the 4 years easy and fun.
Attending Oakcrest High School was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Everyone is so involved and we truly connect like a family. There’s endless support, spirit, and pride within Oakcrest. So many bonds have been created not only between students but also teachers and coaches, as well. The faculty and staff at our school always have our best interest at heart and I couldn’t imagine attending any other high school.
Oakcrest High School is a high school I am very proud to be graduating from. There are always friendly students, teachers, and even the janitors. I feel like everyone is my family in this school and that I will visit quite often even after I graduate.
Oak crest High school is a very nice school. It has many clubs and activities that a student can be involved in . For example, it has a knitting club,and it is not usually found in other high school. The school needs to be more diversified, and to have more people from other backgrounds.
Oakcrest High School is a very diverse and different school among others. The school as a wonderful education system with some great teachers. One thing I would like to see change is the students that come in with bad attitudes because it leaves a bad name with the school. Also, if the school put more money into their sports teams, I feel as if the sports would be better
The diversity and teachers at the school are one of the very best that I have seen. One thing that I would like to see change are the GPA system as it does not accurately represent us as the more AP classes you take, the easier it is to bring up your GPA due to high inflation.
Oakcrest Highschool is a very home like environment and anyone that has been here can tell you the same thing. The only thing that could use some improvements would be the athletic facilities, as they are beginning to age out of usefulness.
I like the diversity of Oakcrest High School and the feeling of one family. However, I also feel like teachers and administration do not allow us as students to have our voices heard over issues we feel strongly about. I would also like the food choices to vary toward more healthy ones, and to offer vegetarian options.
Oakcrest is like no other high school I have ever stepped foot in. We are a family, and not distant like the cousins you only see on Thanksgiving. But rather Oakcrest is a school where we look after one another and motivate esch other as well.
What I like about Oakcrest is how that have many courses you can take to prepare for the future. They also have a really good programs and after school activities. I would want them to improve on making school safter by adding in more security. Also having the ability to choose the classes you want to do.
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Great extracurricular opportunities. Academics were well suited towards getting me into college. There are a lot of chances to get involved and they have some wonderful teachers.
I love that Oakcrest is a diverse school. I don’t like the troubled crowd but I’m sure all high schools contend with such.
Oakcrest High School has various clubs and different activities anyone can participate in.My first year of Oakcrest has been good. The staff and some students were helpful. There are so many different types of people from different backgrounds. However, everyone comes together whenever there is a football game or pep rally. The school spirit is great and admirable.Then the counselors are attentive and try help their students. Overall the school has the pretty good environment. Eventhough its not the biggest school in the district it has a great education system and programs
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