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Oak Tree Elementary School Reviews

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When I went to this school, they provided basically nothing for the 6th grade classes. The teachers may be nice to some but not all. Most harassed us. They didn’t provide proper treatment for the children and even though they showed symptoms of depression or anxiety, they focused on academics and bus drill. While I went there, there was a kid who was sent to court for bringing drugs onto school grounds. They clearly show no support what so ever to the upperclassmen.
I fought the school and district for almost 3 months in this situation because the Teacher's were being protected after what they did to my son. I've included the full article on the incident for whoever would like to read it. I finally had two 4th grade teachers suspended with no pay and a reprimand put in their files forever that if they ever do to another child what they did to mine they will be automatically terminated
Clubs are only available for upper class students
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The school focuses more on bus drills than it does addressing things like bullying.
Students who need help or have questions are ignored and then punished because they didn't do their work quick enough.
I would choose a smaller school that helps their students instead of just teaching them to pass tests.
When I approached the principal on a matter regarding a teacher giving advice regarding custody to another party I was given the run around, half answers, and was left wondering what, if anything was going to be done. I then received a letter a month and a half later saying they had no room for my 1st grader and I would have to enroll her somewhere else. If you bring up a problem that looks bad on the school they punish your kid for it.
Tutoring is supposed to help students but if your student doesn't improve or still needs help the teacher kicks them out of the tutoring group and brings in another kid to take their place so their numbers look better. This has happened in every tutoring group my first grader attended.
The extra curricular activities are limited, poorly organized, and expensive.
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