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At Oak Park, you get a private school education in a public school. I hate the cattiness and pretentious energy that private schools provide, but didn't want to miss out on the advantages they get. Oak Park was the perfect combination for me, and with healthy food in the cafeteria that actually has flavor. Teachers are considerate, classes are very difficult, but the school genuinely cares when you bring up a concern.
I attended Oak Park High School for all four years. I will be graduating this summer. I have mixed feelings about my experience at Oak Park High School. I think there are some issues with the administration and organization of the school. Also, there are some teachers who do not seem to care for their students. However, to balance out the negative features, there are also some amazingly caring students and teachers who make you feel at home.
Oak Park is a very academic environment with very driven students, so the atmosphere can create external and internal pressure and stress. This obviously depends on the classes you take, like APs and Honors. Although, there are more laid-back students, so there’s room for everybody. Many teachers are really passionate and knowledgeable about their subject, and try to connect with their students online and in person the best way possible. There are some teachers that are more traditional and may seem to be less considerate and more depending, especially with higher level classes. It’s not really a sporty school, so I wouldn’t recommend it for people whose passion is in athletics. Regardless, Oak Park is highly regarded in the admissions process almost as a private school, so it has helped students stand out from the rest.
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Amazing school! very safe and very connected since this is a small district. Many programs make students connect to one another and understand different perspectives. One downside is that this school is very competitive not just against other schools but against themselves. Teachers are very understanding of this competition and are not too demanding.
Oak Park High School is a very rigorous school and demands a lot out of its students. You have to have the dedication and motivation to your studies just to receive decent grades. The CP classes have the same work ethic as AP classes in other schools. The teachers are very caring and want you to exceed. The school does force donations on the students, making the donations feel mandatory. The school can aslo be all talk and no show as they would praise to students to have good mental health, but then assign a horrendous amount of work. The stress you would get can sometimes be unbearable, and the pressure of taking AP courses is something that can be concerning. The sports at Oak Park High are not the best, but against other schools, we are pretty decent. The environment for sports at Oak Park High is probably one of the biggest things I admire. The bonds you make with your teammates are quite incredible and the dedication the coaches have for you to excel in that sport is admirable.
I learned many things at Oak Park High School and greatly furthered my education and became prepared for college. However, I had many bad experiences, with teachers, administration, and situations that happened. There was one teacher who would say horrible things to us and would constantly be reported to the office, yet the school would do nothing about it. Further, the school creates an unneeded amount of stress with its high expectations and pressures, leading to a large lack of sleep and many mental health issues. The school does not do anything to help mental health of students or the workload, even though the issues are very apparent.
My experience at Oak park high school was a unique one. They are pretty tough on you but bot like you would expect. The school is kind of unsafe even though being near a police station. Everything else is pretty average.
Lots of opportunities on campus, however I wish there were more opportunities to study more diverse foreign languages as well as hands-on technical experience when it comes to film and television equipment.
I like how challenging school can be, but I think many teachers overdo it and make simple classes extremely difficult. The campus is small, which works for me, but my main concern is that not all teachers are invested in your learning and don't offer enough help or are very understanding of the life you have outside of school, making it hard for you to succeed.
One of my favorite things about Oak Park is how helpful most of the teachers are. The seventh period support time is also beneficial for anyone that needs extra assistance, along with other available tutoring opportunities such as the Math Honors Society.
I've had two children go through the school and we are really happy with their experience. They participated in sports, clubs, music, peer counseling, and were admitted to their first choice college. The classes can be challenging, especially the AP and honors courses. The teachers and administrators care about the students and there are clubs for almost everything.
Oak Park High is an essential school to go to if you want to be well-prepared for college. If you are okay with putting yourself in difficult situations, and love a challenge, this school is right for you.
Great school! While the academics are challenging, the school ultimately wants its students to succeed. All of the teachers are very helpful and the sports are great!
Oak Park High School is a very high academic high school. As a student, I received a top tier education. The level of class difficulty is higher than most schools. For instance, our College Prep courses (CP classes) are often the same difficulty as Advanced Placement courses (AP classes) at other high schools. However, the majority of teachers and administrators at Oak Park do not care about their students' well being. There are a few excellent teachers that form relationships with their students, however it is more often than not that the administrators and teachers place more importance on the school's ranking/image as a well-known, high academic school than placing importance on their student's emotional health. Oak Park preaches consistently about treating everyone equally, working against biases, resisting bullying/harassment, and stressing the importance of mental/emotional health yet, the administrators and teachers cannot seem to practice what they so often preach.
Oak Park High School does a great job overall. The coursework can very demanding if a student's schedule is rigorous, and there is a lot of academic competition between students. Teachers got better with each grade level. College preparation is great; however, the administration can be difficult to deal with at times.
I graduated from Oak Park in 2018 and it truly prepared me for college. While it may be a struggle and or seem like more work, it will pay off later. It is a beautiful campus, with many resources, and most of the teacher are excellent. the major downside is that the campus and school district is not very diverse at all, but it is very welcoming to all people. Overall great school and great atmosphere.
Oak Park is a very competitive school with really good academics. The overall atmosphere has pushed me to take more challenging classes, pushing myself to pursue become a better student. The teachers are all very competent, making learning very easy with a few exceptions.
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Oak Park High School prepares it students well for college, though the rigor can be overwhelming. Many of the teachers are kind and helpful. The campus is beautiful and all outdoors.
Oak Park High School was an extremely hard school. It is supposed to prepare you for college but even if it did it was way too hard. It is an overrated education for everyone pretty much just cheats to get through.
In my four years here at Oak Park I have had a great overall experience. The staff is helpful and funny, and they are able to connect with students easily. The teachers are experienced and know how to help individuals as well as the group. There are opportunities to get help everywhere and teachers that you don't have in class are willing to take the time to get to know you and help you understand the work. The counselors are helpful and devote a bunch of time towards each individual student. The little amount of schedule mishaps that I had got corrected almost immediately if not by the next morning. I am involved in two sports and the coaches are phenomenal, they provide great inside and devotion to the team and players. The success is not there yet but the new group of coaches has shown overall improvement in team success over the past 3 years. It is a great environment that is easy to learn in and show improvement in your overall high school experience.
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