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Oak Park & River Forest High School Reviews

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My experience with oak park and river forest highschool has been pretty good. I transferred over the second semester of my freshman year and it was one of the best decisions I have made. The school is in a beautiful diverse community where everyone is treated the same. The school provides many resource for students, like the tutoring center open all day for kids who need extra, the teachers are also very nice so if you just send them an email to meet they will most likely schedule a time to assist you. Oak park has been an amazing high school and has prepared me for college.
I loved the experience and diversity I felt I had at OPRF. I went to a private Lutheran school from kindergarten to eighth grade, so transitioning from a graduation class of 20 to a public high school of about 3,200 students seemed stressful. But, ultimately I made a lot great friends and got a great education from the faculty. I was in the honors/AP track and felt the curriculum was challenging and prepared me well for my future. I also was involved in sports at OPRF and the relationships I made with my coaches and teammates are ones that I will continue to have for a long time. Overall, I had some personal/family struggles going on at the end of my high school years, and the support I felt from my social workers, counselors, teachers, and coaches were so helpful in the transitioning time I was going through as I lost my younger sister who was 18 months younger than me. I love OPRF and only really have good things to say about it.
I have had a wonderful experience attending Oak Park and River Forest High school. The teachers are willing to meet you where you are, as of your level to comprehend the information given. My school is very welcoming and a judge free zone.
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While I am so grateful for the opportunities that Oak Park and River Forest High School has provided me with, they are very bad at implementing new policies. They have so many good ideas for amazing programs but fail to carry them out properly within the student body.
While the educational standards are good if you're white or asian, the school despite priding itself on diversity fails to do anything about the racial achievement gap. The school has had a recent string of alt right/neo nazi scandals among students and multiple teachers have come under fire for using slurs.
Great teachers, great classes, many opportunities to follow whatever your passion is, and every AP class except AP world history.
While Oak Park and River Forest High School put forth a lot of focus on academic and college preparedness, they could use more attention to promoting equality and safe spaces for the other 40%, minorities that occupy the rest of the school's population, of their student body. As a recent alumni of this institution, I will say that throughout my four years there it progressively got worse socially. There were many incidents whether it was daily microaggressions from older teachers to a student putting on blackface to tenured teachers muttering racially insensitive words any many more incidents to recount.
I love the diversity of class options and opportunities such as clubs. What needs to change is the divide between races within the school as well as the bullying problem.
Oak Park and River Forest High School (OPRF) is an amazing school with many opportunities (clubs, sports, academics, etc.). There are around 3,200 students. The building is from 1907. Students can join over 70 different clubs covering all sorts of topics. They can try out for every type of sport or join an intramural sport. They can also take many types of classes that fit their interests and abilities. OPRF even has different options for gym class that range from strength training to world dance. OPRF also offers AP and honors level classes as well as regular. Most of the teachers are good and helpful to their students but there are some that are tired of teaching. The teachers are paid a lot, especially ones that have tenure, and so they sometimes stop caring. There are issues with race and how students of color aren't pushed to take honors classes. The school is taking steps towards making a more equal curriculum in the next couple of years.
My experience at Oak Park River Forest high school has been great. The school is can seem big and overwhelming, but the community throughout the school is so strong that the school feels like a perfect fit. The school has so much variety in classes and so many opportunities to get involved which has made my time at OPRF full of growth.
It is a very accepting campus, and although in the last year or two there have been problems within the student population, the changes occurring give me hope that the students and admin will be able to have a cohesive dialogue together.
My experience at Oak Park and River Forest High School was overall a great experience. All I want to see is for the management and administration to focus more on the problems that the students have and to actually acknowledge those problems to help them have better solutions.
Oak Park and River Forest High School was the perfect fit for me as a student and as an individual. After graduating in 2018, I'm now enrolled in a four year university and can confidently say that the comprehensive staff and amazing resources at Oak Park and River Forest High School had me more than ready for the challenge of college. The teachers at this school are incredible and work very hard to create a fantastic learning environment for all students. The school also tries very hard to promote a well-rounded lifestyle for all of its students. I can personally attest to this, as I took part in athletics during all of my four years there. Oak Park and River Forest is a wonderful and special place that truly caters to all students and individuals.
I had an amazing experience at OPRF. Every single teacher I had was outstanding, and many of them left a lasting impact on my life. I could not have asked for a better high school to attend.
OPRF has been an overall good experience with a few bumps here and there. At the end of the day your academic experience is what you make of it and the School provides you with a big team to make sure you get exactly what you want out of high school. There are so many classes that can be tailored to each and every individual ranging from business classes to art to musical theater. The large issue in the school currently is the attempt to close the achievement gap and ensure that each student despite race is receiving the same level of attention as education as everyone else. Once this issue is proactively worked on I think the school can only grow more prosperous.
It's the place to grow and experience life through academics, athletics, and friends. Administration is the only weakness I've noticed.
Felt like a number, not a student. I transferred to this school during my junior year, and received little to no assistance in getting acclimated to the environment. Nine times out of ten, the teacher hates teaching. There were some teachers that I even felt antagonized by. When the teacher actually wants to teach, they often don't have the resources or respect to do so. Students are disrespectful, cliquey, and know how to get away with anything. The administration is probably the worst aspect of the school. They did not listen to student needs and made the school an unpleasant, ineffective environment that was not conducive to learning.
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My time at OPRF progressively got worse as the years went on. The faculty at OPRF are a big reason why I did not have a completely terrible the four years. A lot of the teachers do care a lot about the students and want to support and help you in all aspects of school. Counselors and social workers work hard to accommodate different needs throughout the years. The social environment and administration have left a lot to be desired. OPRF tries to pride itself on diversity and inclusiveness but as time went on it became more evident just how much of a race problem the school still has. The administration do not act like they care about the students only the public perception of the school to the outside world.
My school not only has a phenomenal curricula but it also has a wide variety of sports and clubs for students to join for many opportunities such as becoming physically and socially active at the school.
I have had nothing but good experiences at OPRF. I have had wonderful teachers and taken interesting, challenging classes. There are many different clubs and activities to participate in, and the school is well-funded and so has very nice facilities.
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