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Not many people. Being social is difficult if you do not fit in. Good athletics and wonderful academics. Teachers will work with you. Small class sizes.
Oak hall is a superior college prep private school. Its small class sizes lend to excellent faculty, administration, and student guidance. The faculty are hand picked and committed to student success. All students are at least accepted into 1-2 colleges or universities. Sports programs are well supported and student body participation is strong because everyone gets to play. Being a small school does sometimes limit its sports programs successes however it enables coaches to provide strong individual player development should they want to pursue college athletics. In a nut shell, Oak hall is the best of the best!!
Outstanding private school that offers grades kindergarten through 12th grade. Academics are rigorous, especially in grades 10-12 and numerous AP courses are offered as well as dual enrollment at both UF and Santa Fe College. In addition, the music and arts program is a true standout, with exceptional instruction and programming. There are numerous opportunities for students to participate in not only in the school theatre, art and music programs but also in community and state run competitions and programs.
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the teachers are great but administration is overbearing and controlling in the wrong areas, and too lenient in other ways. OHS should spent more time disciplining students for inappropriate actions such as hate speech or disrespecting teachers; rather than policing students harmless attire, hair color, or other means of self expression. another point, is OHS is an oligarchy. in my experience, the students who donate more tend to be prioritized in many areas, and the other students are less likely to be tended to because of that. as i said the teachers are wonderful, caring, and genuinely passionate people who have made this school a worthwhile experience, but i hope OHS administration starts to manage their priorities better.
The music department is exceptional, we are looking forward to see our daughter grow as a musician this year and the next years.
I have been going to Oak Hall since 6th grade. i have found it a very welcoming place. all my friedns adn teachers are willing to help me in any situation. We have a lot of clubs and orginizations that we are allowed to join, i like that everyone always has something going on. No body is bored and no one is alone in Oak Hall.
True lack of respect and privacy for students. Horrible communication with students. Would not recommend to a fellow parent. Keep your kids in mind
I've been an Oak Hall parent since 2012 and could not imagine my children being at any other school. From the moment we step foot on campus, my children are greeted by the smiling faces of the administration, faculty, and staff. I leave them in class with the reassurance that they're cared for, genuinely. Both of my children (4th & Kindergarten) look forward to attending school each day. There's a wonderful amount of diversity on campus, in both the student body and the faculty. The curriculum is advanced. Everyone who attends comes from families who value education, character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The school uniforms, locked gates/doors, and full-time campus security all help to keep my children safe each and every day. When it comes to education and encouraging the child to develop into his or her best self, there's not a school out there that comes close to Oak Hall. It's an amazing thing to be a part of the Oak Hall Family.
My two sisters & I attend(ed) this school where we were all involved in sports, the arts and academics - The elementary school was a great experience: from languages to art projects, class plays, Mothers' Day Teas, times tables & so much more. The parents were all so involved and the school made it inclusive, warm, & special. Middle school is always a big step up, but OHS did their best to make it as smooth of a transition as possible. Most of us already knew middle & high schoolers who had been our "buddies" in elementary school, making it less daunting. My sisters & I were all involved in volunteering projects & Varsity sports teams - two of us went on to do it at the college level (one of us on a scholarship). I went on to go to a top 10 university (similar to many of my friends) & my sisters are both thriving. I hear the environment under headmaster Dr. Hutchins is fantastic - he stands outside in the morning (rain or shine) welcoming students at the start of their day!
The academics are challenging and prepare you for college. The teachers are great at making time to help you. You can visit them during their free period, lunch, or after school most days. The campus is beautiful with great facilities. The is very little diversity though.
Oak Hall is an execellent school at has many amazing teachers and facilities. The students and teachers here are all friendly and supportive. I love doing sports and Oak Hall provides me with that experience.
My four children all found activities, academics, and sports they loved and teachers who loved them!
Great school. Parents, kids and families are top notch. I can’t imagine sending my kids anywhere else.
Oak Hall was a great middle and high school. The student population had very low diversity, though. Also I felt that parents sometimes were a little too involved. It would also be nice if more AP classes were offered.
I absolutely loved Oak Hall. Having attended from the 3rd grade on, I spent almost all of my developmental years there, and found that the school was not only academically enriching but also personally empowering. The support system to excel in whatever you were willing to put the effort into, or to found and build lasting organizations on campus based on your specific interests, is unparalleled here. Ambition is a core facet of the school's culture, and the experience I had there continues to drive me today as a rising Junior in college.
One aspect of Security in this school that called my attention as a student was the special security measures. Mr. Martinez, a veteran, is the director of the entire security of the school and during the time I there, he was a very well liked person by the staff and students. With such great respect, he always made sure the school had the best security installations.
There several clubs and positions a student can apply for and be part of. For instance, many friends or other students I knew had extensive lists of extracurricular activities, which helped them tremendously to be accepted in elite universities.
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In my perspective, the variety of courses the school provides academically for students is fascinating. One class I never had in Brazil was acting. At Oak Hall I could explore my acting and artistic side that I never knew i had it. The most satisfactory aspect is that many people were astonished by my performances making the experience in that school memorable.
Teachers require the most out of the students. As it is a small school, teachers develop a very personal relationship with students, which, in my opinion, shapes a successful academic career in the school.
No matter where you go on campus, there are always faculty trained to assist in a number of situations, whether it be a fall or scrape, or fainting or even a heart attack, as has been known to happen. Also, lab safety is taken very seriously.
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