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I love Oak Grove High School! I feel like it is so diverse compared to other schools and the students and staff are always so nice and supportive. All of the teachers I have had so far have been there for me when I needed extra help or if I just wanted to talk.
My experienced at oak high school overall was fun. I was very involved in clubs activities and other stuff. Students during my year were pretty cool. Most teachers there are nice and very helpful when we need.
This place feels less pretentious and can hit close to home once you involve yourself in clubs and the community.
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Considering the school is located in a low-income area, the staff is very helpful and supportive; however, the lack of security is alarming. The school is closed-campus but it is indeed quite easy to get onto campus.
In my time at Oak Grove I have made lot's of new friends and have got to experience lots of different types of things. I like the fact the fact that the school itself is so diverse and its very easy to meet new people thanks to things such as sports and clubs.
Oak Grove is pretty much only good for sports. Pretty trash at just about everything else. I'd suggest going somewhere else if you can.
OGHS is a great school to participate in! Each school has its perks and downsides, but OGHS reminds ourselves that community is the most important thing there.
Attending three years at Oak Grove High School, I have learned a lot not only from my teachers but also from my classmates. Being a school with diversity I have a lot of friends from different ethnicities and I have learned to get along with them. The classes are not the best but the teachers are very kind and I have seen very little discrimination. The only improvement I would want to see is to have cleaner bathrooms.
This school has very good teacher including many opportunities to take AP classes and get ahead like hospitality and other programs for any interests of you liking.
Oak Grove is a very diverse school, and the teachers are great. There are lots of clubs and activities for students to take part in, like leadership and clubs.
I liked how everyone kind of gets along with each other at the school. You can be really comfortable at school. However, the environment was very trashy. In general, the school is nice and everyone gets along.
I'm a 4.0 student at this school and I'm on track to graduate in 2022. Most of the teachers I have had are amazing in both teaching the curriculum and teaching life lessons. Of course, there are some rough teachers but that's just how it is. There is also a very diverse range of students. Many of the students I have interacted with are very nice and sweet. Overall I really like the school I attend and love the atmosphere.
Moving to San Jose several years ago, I was anxious to attend high school. Knowing it was not like how it was displayed in movies, I questioned how I would personally fit into such environment. The funny thing is, I remember my first day of high school, as a freshmen, like it was just yesterday. To my astonishment, I found myself adjusting quite comfortably into this new community. Three years later, I am writing this experience of mine as a junior! Through my years at Oak Grove, I realize that I needed that extra "push" and motivation for me to participate in all the school offers. My high school had various clubs and programs of student involvement, allowing them to engage with real-life situations they can further apply to their future life. I find that Oak Grove has amazing opportunities for diverse students to strive in their academics and build their identity, through their passions and understandings. Once an eagle, always an eagle. Go eagles, Class of 2021!
The teachers are very helpful and easy to get along with. Many of them provide tutoring and are usually open after school. Most of the students behave well and are decent to get along with.
This school has been extremely kind and helpful to me throughout my high school experiences. The teachers and staff are extremely kind and helpful, and overall, this is a school very strong in its academics, extracurriculars, and sports.
I love the teachers. The teachers make it fun. They are so sweet and funny. We have rally’s and have spirit days that gets everybody involved. Our dances are so much fun I love them. Especially homecoming and prom, best dances ever. I love my sociology class because I have learned so much in that class. It has made me changed and become a better person.
I did not have a great experience at oak grove high school. The faculty was alright but the overall education was not great I don't feel prepared for college and deadlines were not clear at the school.
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Oak Grove is a decent school with very nice people! Most of the people at Oak Grove are generally honorable and are not mean or want to inflict harm on others. Teachers are really nice, and the culture is very warm and inviting.
My experience in Oak Grove High School was average. I felt very safe on campus and believe that the school has a good environment. I also like many of the teachers, because they show that they actually care about their students. However, I also had teachers where they were very poor at teaching and showed little to no effort in preparing students for college. I wish the school had more student spirit and involvement. The student body and school administration do not have the many enjoyable events for senior class and seems lax with their efforts in increasing involvement. The whole school experience was average.
My experience at Oak Grove High School was great! I was involved with the marching band and color guard, and made many friends. I liked the school because it was a comfortable environment. My teachers were always helpful, and I rarely felt any danger. When there's drama or fights, the staff does a really good job of stopping it and makes sure it doesn't happen again. I just wished that we had more freedom because they are very strict with leaving school. For example, senior ditch day is supposed to be fun and memorable for the seniors. However, we can lose the opportunity of other fun senior activities at the end of the year if we decide to ditch, and our absence won't be excused. Overall, I learned a lot at this school and had a good experience.
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