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Oak Crest Middle School Reviews

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Oak Crest has excellent and caring faculty who do a great job engaging the students to excel. The electives are exciting and relevant, and the honors classes challenge without duacouraging.
People shall stand for their beliefs and hope for a brighter future through education.
Our school offers a wide range of resources from libraries to bathrooms.
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Track is a mixed bad-- of pizza that is. Our coach is a delivery man and could not run to save his life. I am not saying his job is lacking,but he displays no interest in our well-being.
These teachers show interest in their work and what they are teaching.
People at my school tend to originate from Europe and look down upon other's differences.
Students have to be given opportunities that we do not.
People at the location of my current education do not understand the importance of health and safety. They take advantage of people who are not in the position.
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