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Nysmith School for the Gifted Reviews

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It is the best school I have ever been to and has opened the gates for me to really be able to learn. I especially like language arts and my teachers truly have a broad understanding of the world and inspire us. I have read books including Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, The Power of One, Frankenstein, Henry IV, Henry V, Oedipus The King, and many more. I came in 7th grade and I thought I would have a hard time, but that was not the case. The school is so diverse and I have gotten to learn about a bunch of different cultures and it has given me a better understanding. I went to public school before and until I got to this school I did not really know whiten outstanding education was. I feel ready to share my ideas with the world.
Absolutely the top choice and experience for differentiated, advanced learners, STEM preparation, and readiness for the diversity and rigors of continued advanced education.
Our kids genuinely love learning and WANT to go to school. They come home and, on their own, continue to read and research more on the lessons of the day. What other school offers that?
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Our daughter attending at Nysmith since 3 years old. She is really happy and we are so pleased with the school staff.
As a current 8th grader that has been at Nysmith my whole life, I could not have imagined a better experience that has prepared me for high school. I got into all but one of my top choices for high school and have really grown from the community and other students. Everyone has been so welcoming and it has been a pleasure to be at Nysmith for 9 years and have enjoyed it all. Any child willing to work hard and are dedicated to learning and doing their best will thrive in this environment. All the best to my fellow students and anyone interested in coming to Nysmith.
Both of my kids went to Nysmith starting from preschool. Nysmith school is one of few schools in the area that offers preschool to children 3 years and older with a strong academic setting. As a full time working mom I searched for a school I could leave my three year old son and daughter; while feeling confident that not only they are cared for, but also learn a lot by the end of the day. Nysmith not only delivered, but exceeded my expectations. Upon graduation, my son was well prepared for high school and later academic challenges in life (dental school). My daughter also started Nysmith at age 3 and graduated by 8th grade. I wish they offered high school as well! I highly recommend this school. Now all three of my nieces and nephews (6,4,3 respectively) attend, and another nephew will be going there next year. I recommend this school to any family who would like to start their child's education at an early age, in a strong academic yet nurturing environment.
Our 3 kids attended Nysmith from pre-K to 8th grade and it was the best decision of our lives! They never wanted to miss a day of school, because Nysmith knows how to make learning fun. Our kids went on to a great high school (TJ), that was perfect for their math/science/technology interests, and attended their #1 college choices. They were not only ready academically after Nysmith, but they were also happy and confident. The teachers, who are experts and passionate about the subjects they teach, treated the kids with kindness and respect, welcomed their questions, nurtured their curiosity, and helped my kids discover their gifts and abilities - sometimes before they even knew what they were. I highly recommend Nysmith. Or, better yet, don't listen to me...look at their website, see how their alums are doing, schedule a tour and a couple of student visit days for your child. See for yourselves what Nysmith is all about!
Nysmith is a gem. Our son totally lost interest in school in 4th Grade and just blossomed again when he joined Nysmith in 5th Grade. His teachers are absolutely fantastic. They really care about him and are able to challenge him at the right level every day. The curriculum is highly stimulating and well balanced, and definitely supports in-depth thinking. The school handles differentiation like no other school in the area. Nysmith is different and works for bright children who are eager to understand the breadth and depth of the world in which they live, at the pace that is right for them. The children we met at Nysmith have a wide range of interests and a deep knowledge of what they are interested in, and always want to know more – just like our son. We are impressed by what we see – and we get exactly what we were looking for our son, and even beyond. Our son really feels home.