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NRMPS Early College High School Reviews

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What I like most about NRMPS Early College High School is that the overall staff is very dedicated to making sure students get the most resources and help to succeed not only in school but also life after graduation.
I super enjoyed the skills I have learned over my last five years at NRM-ECHS. I feel I am super prepared for my four year university. I would however like to see administration changed. My freshman year was the most enjoyable, administration wise.
My school has excellent teachers that are committed to their students success rather than earning a paycheck. The AVID based classes have helped me learn to be prepared and played a large roll in my success. There are many opportunities that are available due to being on Nash Community College's campus, such as Global Scholars Program with whom some Early College students are planning to travel with in May. The Early College program has been an exceptional experience and I feel one hundred percent prepared for postsecondary education.
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Early college is a great opportunity for students to receive an associates degree at no cost. The resources/connections provide us with a great foundation and experience. However after many years there (class'18), I've noticed the lack of diversity, school spirit, agreement among management/staff, and overall improvement. It's evident as half the teachers since 9th grade have gradually quit by the time I graduated due to "mistreatment and internal staff conflicts".

Two improvement suggestions:
1) Get rid of the lottery system for incoming freshman (revert back to pure interviews) because the parent pressured students entering, who don't want to be here, take up spots for those who want to be here but weren't selected during the lottery process.
2) Increase the student population beyond only 60, to allow more diversity and increased school spirit as seen in larger schools.

Overall this school has alot of potential to be successful but not much is being done to solve its own problems.
NRMPS Early College High School is a great school for students who are ready to be academically challenged and want to go to college. The school's main goal is to ensure that students are college ready. However, if a student wants a typical high school experience, I would not advice to them attend the Early College. Due to the lack of regular high school experiences (pep rallies, fun clubs, homecoming, sports, etc.).
Being at the Early College is a great experience for any student who really wants to blossom into a young adult. One thing that helps this school stand out is that whatever you want to know or find out, your teachers will do it. For example, one time in my AVID class, our teacher asked us what do we want to know how to do that we don't. One student said file taxes, and the teacher brought in someone to show us how. So it shows how much the teachers really care about the students physical aspects, of each student.
I have enjoyed my NRMPS Early College experience. I have connected with so many people who have helped me grow as an individual. I would like our school size to continue to grow and our school becomes more known.
I am currently a sophomore here and I have had the pleasure of having the best experience at this school.My school by far has the best reputation in our district. It is the only school with an "A" average which is of course due to our teachers and students.Firstly, this school is more like a family unlike other schools since it is a small community. All the teachers wonderful, you can go to them with any problem you have and they will do anything to solve the issue. You can trust them with almost anything, to me they are like my second family. Here, I've met exactly the kind of people who I would like to have in my life and who I know will have a good influence on my life. My school is the temple of learning which I worship each day, without fail. Here is where I have learnt to differentiate between right and wrong, the skill to manage my conflicts, the ability to make wiser decisions, and most of all- to be forgiving.
There are very few clubs due to the small size of the school. The highlight of the school is the National Honor Society. Key Cub is also popular, but most other clubs are small and aren't very active.
Every school has its issues, but I greatly appreciate the years spent at this school. There are many opportunities to succeed academically if you only take them.
There are many skilled teachers, but a few aren't.
Administration replies to topics that need attention in a fair amount of time.
The students here will show evident signs of drug use but nothing is done to fix it.
The teachers are pretty helpful if you are willing.
We have no sports at my school.
We don't have many extracurricular activities at this school.
The academics are what prepares us fully for college
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the athletics are okay for this type of school
The facility used for the school is great
The teachers are very helpful, loving, and kind
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