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Speaking as a senior attending this school I have a lot of very honest opinions and evaluations. Academics are all okay, compared to other schools that don't have certain AP/IB classes or programs that Novi High School provides. However it is very competitive at our school. We have even built ourselves a reputation on our rigorous courses and excellent grades that certain colleges recognize us. Now you might believe this is a good thing but it isn't. Certain colleges accept only a number of students from our school since there are so many of us who are so well off considering grades and other achievements. It is frustrating when we compare ourselves to other schools where their acceptance is a lot easier than ours. This competitive nature of our school forces students to achieve higher and higher grades and take even more rigorous courses and at younger ages. This sets the bar higher and higher making it harder on students.
Very academically challenging school. That being said everyone is under enourmous pressure all the time.
While many students, including myself, may get stressed and annoyed with school in general, it is easy to forget how fortunate we are to attend such a nice school. Parts of the school may be older and confusing, the building is maintained well and renovated. Most teachers here are good or excellent, but no school is perfect and that does include Novi. Administration does a decent job connecting with students, and in general is very organized. Sports are taken seriously here and more then 2/3 of the students take part in a sport. Although, almost other teams hate the football team for their unfair "attention." The arts here also receive much attention which is cool to take part in and here about. The school spirit here is amazing, on green and white day before homecoming 95% of students participate and are generally excited during the fun pep rally. Overall, it's school, so don't expect it to be alot of fun, but for what it is, I'd definitely recommend Novi High School.
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Definitely a grade A school. This was an amazing school to attend. I enjoyed all of my teachers. I was given the perfect opportunity to make life long friends. The academics that were taught made you college ready. There were also many clubs offered.
I like the fact that you can choose classes around the kind of curriculum you want to study outside of the required classes. And the fact that there are so many clubs and programs you can be apart of is just amazing.
A school dedicated to academic excellence, a racially, ethnically, religiously and socially diverse community and student body. Novi is one of the few districts around that holds its Combined Arts Department department very highly. Award-winning in all of these, including Major VI, NHS' competitive high school a cappella group.
Unfortunately, diversity has its downsides. while this district is very accepting of everyone and a great place to grow up, high school can be EXTREMELY competitive. Pressure to take AP classes and students comparing themselves to each other in academics can be stressful and at times overbearing. If you are a parent looking for a great place for your children go, Novi is the place. Just please encourage your children to do their best, not better than everyone else, so many of my peers grew up like that and were truly miserable most of the time.

-An NHS alum
Good teachers, athletics, and diversity of students. Highly recommend. Way better than Northville schools in my opinion
I graduated last year and overall my experience at Novi was wonderful! I gained the academic knowledge I needed to succeed in my first year of college. It was easy to get involved in many of the clubs and sports offered. They offer a wide range of academic and leisure activities for children of all interests. This was a wonderful school to grow up in and I am thankful for all the opportunities Novi gave me!
Personally I feel that the students have a lot of diversity. We also have a lot of clubs and sports which give us opportunities to explore new things. However, there are a few racist and very very rude teachers that don't care at all about how others feel. Also there are some teachers that don't know the material they are supposed to teach which is stupid because they get paid for teaching but if they can't teach it's a waste of all the tax. Why pay a stupid mid-aged man or woman that does not want to teach students and have already forgotten everything they have learned in college?
Overall Novi is an amazing school. It is challenging, interesting, and high quality. It has excellent facilities, such as sports and lunch areas.
If you are a transferring student from a different community, good luck. The people here are, sometimes, hard to connect with, especially in the AP courses. Although I came from a different culture, I consider myself American. The school itself has a couple of very... special teachers. Some are known to be fantastic, while others are known to be cruel and too harsh, but are still able to provide results. The teachers tend to care more about the AP scores, rather than the GPA (for AP students). If you're an AP student here in Novi, best of luck. The teachers here can be very diverse in their grading system, even if they are teaching the same subject.
I am a student in Novi High school. The one of many things I was surprised to see was that the school is very diverse and as an Asian American, I have never experienced discrimination against me due to race. The school facilities are very good and most of the teachers are good. Even there are a few teachers don't do their work, you can solve that problem by reporting to your administrator. I enjoy being in this school.
It was a very great school with great helpful teachers. The environment is safe and the students are put in a road to success.
The school gives me lots of opportunities to show my musical talent, help me grow leadship skills and communication skills. Lots of chioce of AP courses, if one receives "A" in any AP course, it almost certain will receive "5" in AP testing.
It's pretty good. Lots of good teachers, helpful many of the times. In my experience, I have learned a lot from these helpful teachers, and helped me advance into the unknown water of college.
It was a great school with great opportunities that prepared me for college. Faculty was supportive, great assortment of classes offered, and amazing program for extracurricular activities.
Novi high school offers a high level of education that will properly prepare students for their future plans. Novi high school offers a diverse course selection that has the potential to challenge students and prepare them for their college education. Accompanied with this high level of academics are exceptional teachers that serve as role models for these students. In addition, the high level of diversity within the Novi community allows students to experience opportunities unique only to the Novi school district.
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What I really like about novi is how friendly everyone is, from administration to students. I also like how it isn't just about school, they try to prepare you for college and other learning abroad.
Novi is a great school to get you prepared for college. As long as you are taking challenging courses, and doing your homework, it is a great environment to learn. Not to mention we have some pretty amazing teachers here. Some teachers teach their courses very well and unless you aren't putting any work in, it's hard to get a bad grade.
I had very good experience with my 2 kids in Novi HS.
Novi HS is a very diverse school. There are Kids from a lot of different ethnic backgrounds. Additionally kids have a lot of options for class advancement and a lot of interesting classes to take.
Sports organization is another big plus. Kids taking part in organized sports really enhance their overall education
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