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Excellent school but one has to be involved to know and understand what resources are available. A great school for the above average kid but not enough for the child that needs a step up to make it above average. Poor bathroom and heating and cooling facilities
I have the unique experience of having transferred to Novi High School in the middle of 9th grade. Having attended a different school in a different district (and country!), I know what other schools look and feel like. Novi High School at first felt claustrophobic. When one class ended and the wide, windowless halls lit by grainy ceiling lights filled with hundreds of students shuffling to the next one, I felt like a sheep being herded.

In my junior and senior years, my classes took place in the other, newer side of the building (the renovated part). There it was rainbows and daffodils. I could take the more advanced courses where everyone in the class wanted to be there. I could see the outdoors through actual windows. I could ready myself for the social and academic parts of college.

9th and 10th grade at Novi High School were awful, but 11th and 12th grade were amazing.
It is a fantastic educational system. The teachers are very helpful and there are a variety of fun and exciting classes that I took. Very diverse community and overall has great school spirit!
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Novi High School created a positive learning environment while also allowing students to explore their interests outside the classroom through various clubs and activities.
I have moved around alot and I have stayed here for three years now and will be graduating this year. Overall I love novi but there are a lot of things that need to be fixed.
Being an Novi High school alum was very helpful in my for college years. Socially, the school is very diverse and meeting new people is very easy. Academics provide a range of easy to challenging course that I found to extremely helpful. I enjoyed how the courses provided from the high school covered a long range of professions. Clubs and Activities we're extremely helpful in meeting new people and made college applications better.
Overall, I really liked my experience at Novi High School. The teachers are helpful and very knowledgeable, there are a lot of options for classes, and the competitive environment drives and motivates you to succeed while still having fun.
At Novi High School I enjoyed the many different class options. There was always a class for everyone and every interest.
It's a very academically challenging school with high expectations and an involved staff. The atmosphere of the school pushes you to succeed. However the high standards of the school may also result in a lot of unnecessary pressure. Overall the school is very good; well funded and diverse.
It's an alright school, but too messy and too big. There aren't that many activities to choose from. The school have a large amount of AP courses to choose from, and the teachers are nice.
My experience at Novi High was very stessful because our academics are so highly ranked being average is not an option. With that it seems that some teachers are only willing to give above average students the time of day. I hope to see a change in it that. So that everyone can have an equal learning career.
The teachers care for students, they know what they are teaching. IB and AP classes are available and can save a lot of money by taking these courses in high school. There are a lot of clubs and after-school activities that you can join, a lot of volunteer opportunities, free-tutoring for those who struggle in classes, etc.
I am a senior at Novi and I have been in Novi Schools since kindergarten. That being said Novi High is extremely challenging and competitive academically. Having grown up in Novi schools I feel more prepared than my counterparts who are newer, but the curriculum is still challenging regardless. It is very common here for students to take multiple AP and IB classes a year and we are constantly comparing ourselves to each other. For me, the competitive nature of our school makes me work harder but I know for some students it does the opposite. Socially, our school is very cliquey and segregated. If you are new you have to get involved with sports, choir, or theater otherwise it will be very difficult to make friends as people are not very welcoming. Overall, I know when graduate I will have the resources needed in order to do well in college which is really whats important in the big picture.
I feel as though Novi High School prepared me very well for college. The staff is very helpful and I formed great relationships with so many of my teachers. Their history department is wonderful as well.
The teachers are nice and understanding for the most part. This is good so students can feel like they have someone to talk to other than their parents. There is a large selection of classes to choose from which makes it possible for each student to have at least one class each semester that they are truly interested in. The student body is extremely diverse and it does not seem like any one type of student has the dominant presence in the school.
Novi is a great district. The environment is very competitive but it prepares you for the future. There is so much diversity and they have great facilities. Overall, Novi High School has a great environment. I highly recommend this school.
Most teachers are great. When things break or lights burn out, etc, no one fixes them. Nothing ever gets cleaned either.
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Speaking as a senior attending this school I have a lot of very honest opinions and evaluations. Academics are all okay, compared to other schools that don't have certain AP/IB classes or programs that Novi High School provides. However it is very competitive at our school. We have even built ourselves a reputation on our rigorous courses and excellent grades that certain colleges recognize us. Now you might believe this is a good thing but it isn't. Certain colleges accept only a number of students from our school since there are so many of us who are so well off considering grades and other achievements. It is frustrating when we compare ourselves to other schools where their acceptance is a lot easier than ours. This competitive nature of our school forces students to achieve higher and higher grades and take even more rigorous courses and at younger ages. This sets the bar higher and higher making it harder on students.
Very academically challenging school. That being said everyone is under enourmous pressure all the time.
While many students, including myself, may get stressed and annoyed with school in general, it is easy to forget how fortunate we are to attend such a nice school. Parts of the school may be older and confusing, the building is maintained well and renovated. Most teachers here are good or excellent, but no school is perfect and that does include Novi. Administration does a decent job connecting with students, and in general is very organized. Sports are taken seriously here and more then 2/3 of the students take part in a sport. Although, almost other teams hate the football team for their unfair "attention." The arts here also receive much attention which is cool to take part in and here about. The school spirit here is amazing, on green and white day before homecoming 95% of students participate and are generally excited during the fun pep rally. Overall, it's school, so don't expect it to be alot of fun, but for what it is, I'd definitely recommend Novi High School.
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