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Nova Middle School Reviews

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Nova Middle is very diverse and has many great teachers. The teachers are welcoming and the students are very nice. They have a variety of clubs.
Nova middle school was a decent middle school experience. The teachers were certainly the highlight of the experience. Some alterations that would probably make it better is a better school spirit and better events with better clubs, but that mostly lies on the students.
I loved how the teachers were very involved with their students and prepared the students for high school. The environment as also very friendly and prepared people for the college world.
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It had some high school courses and a GEM program but didn't explain the GPA system well to its students.
Poor administration. Principal would not follow up with what she said to you, or worse, change her mind without informing you of the change. Classes are 45 minutes long each period which is good for students learning. Some parents are more demanding then others.
Joined the step team and eventually quit.
Didn't have a good experience there.
Didn't have a good experience there.
They always look for the best in students!!
They make sure to keep students well-being in mind.
One of my favorite experiences!!!
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