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Nova Classical Academy Elementary School Reviews

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My daughter was a transfer student from another charter school. The previous school she went to wanted to put her in special education. I disagreed with this and turned that down. So when my daughter was accepted into nova we were thrilled. The new way she is being taught at nova is so much better she is no where near needing special ed. We love the curriculum at this school and are thankful to get in. She adjusted well to the new school and we are thankful
There is no intake or on-boarding process for incoming 6th graders. Our son entered an indifferent and uncaring environment with nobody helping him at any time with locker troubles or any other 1st day of school issues. Caveat emptor! Beware the charter school with a waiting list! If they are not in trouble with enrollment, your child is simply a placeholder ensuring income for the school. The best charters look past this and deliver a fantastic experience for students. Unfortunately this is not the case for Nova. This is a "sink or swim" school.
Teachers are hard working but seem indifferent to the social and emotional needs of middle schoolers.
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The school is currently being charged with discrimination by the city of St Paul human rights office.
There is a large and vocal group of conservative fundamentalists that have a hold of school governance and decision making. A quick google search will show you the kind of environment they have created.
It is hard to gauge the effectiveness of teachers when their teaching is overshadowed by bad parent behavior.
There are some sports teams.
Strong rigorous academics, which is what I was looking for. The past year has been difficult as strong-minded and somewhat mean parents seem to dominate the school board decision making. Administrators are decent people who have to abide by school board policies.
Teachers are dedicated to their jobs and are hard working.
Almost no bullying exists at NOVA. This year parents of one students has claimed their child was bullied. First, it was older kids in the eating area before school now the story is their child was bullied in the classroom. Very little time is available for students to bully others. It probably does occur but it is rare.
The clubs and organizations are average. The schools caters to a unique population of students. The average upper school student is not into athletics but moot court or drama are more popular.
Many of the teachers who truly subscribe to the idea of a classical education are outstanding. That said, there are many in the the lower school and upper school who are traditional union type liberal teachers who try to push an agenda when the opportunity presents itself. The new administration starting the in the Fall of 2015, is comprised of long time union teacher/adminstrators who are not familiar with classical education and push the same failed ideas present in the St. Paul public schools.
The anti-bullying policy is excellent in creating a positive school environment.
Many clubs and activities allow a very diverse curriculum enrichment
The teachers create a learning environment that stimulates the minds of the kids so much that they can't wait for the next school day. The classical education concept allows the expirience of a special approach understand our world.
Many teachers are very engaging by incorporating arts and history into the curriculum. Each grade covers a certain history period.
Transgender activism has distracted from academics.
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