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Notre Dame is the number one all girls catholic high school in Northern California. We have been rated by Niche 2 years in a row. Notre Dame has allowed me to find my true self, and prepare me for my future and beyond. They have such an amazing welcoming environment and of course there is fun and great food all the time since we are located in downtown San Jose.
As a student, I felt motivated to try new things especially reaching out to the community. Academically, Notre Dame challenges me and prepares me for the future without the stressful finals.
Great place for academics and a strong supportive community. I’ve learned more about social justice and advocacy than I would at any other high school.
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It's a great school with a lot to offer. The staff and students are ready to work with you and it is an extremely welcoming and comfortable community.
This school has a great academics program that definitely prepares students for the rigor of college classes, shown by the wide range of AP classes offered without a limit. The best thing about this school is its diversity and acceptance of all and how it encourages students to get involved in social activism. Though it is a Catholic school, religion is very lowkey and barely stressed, compared to other Catholic high schools in the region, and the school is fully accepting of all religions and beliefs.
At Notre Dame High School, I got to learn a lot about what it means to be a woman of impact. I learned lots of things from my classes, but more importantly I learned a lot about advocacy and what it means to speak my mind about issues. I learned that being an adult and getting an education is more than acquiring information, getting a job to support myself, and achieving a level of prestige. In growing up and becoming a member of society, from learning from my peers (and from teachers in the classroom and the school's environment/atmosphere overall), I have come to realize that life is not just about my personal life and my personal goals, and it is very important to engage with social issues and what is going on in the world.
Notre Dame is an excellent all-girl private Catholic high school that is extremely diverse. Life long learners are created here just as their moto states!
Ever since coming to Notre Dame, I have found myself to be apart of a diverse community where everyone is willing to help and support one another. I really like their emphasis on being a leader and the empowerments onto young women.
The campus is very clean and it is in the middle of downtown, giving the students access to museums, food, and SJSU. The students at the school are very friendly and polite. The teachers are great and care for the students.
My high school had a major role in shaping me as a woman as it deeply focused on female empowerment. Additionally, it was a very diverse environment so it enhanced the academic setting for to be more comfortable. I learned a lot about myself and the world as a student and a leader. It allowed me to explore my talents in various fields such as leadership and writing.
Notre Dame San Jose High School is a Catholic all-girls school located in Downtown San Jose. There is so much diversity when it comes to Notre Dame, but among the diversity, there is also a strong sense of sisterhood. Although a small school, Notre Dame focuses on each and every student's academics and they are always supported by their fellow peers. It is a welcoming and loving community for all. I love Notre Dame so much and I feel that it is the perfect high school for me.
I like the small and safe environment found on campus here. All the students and staff are really friendly and the teachers are always willing to help you when you need them. Although the school is small, the amount of support you get from the school community is great. The school can be quite challenging, especially in academics, in a sense that when a student is being hardworking, it impacts the students around them as well, making them try their best. The school is pretty liberal and has a strong sense of justice.
Notre Dame High School is focused on empowering and supporting women to become leaders and strive to be the best version of themselves.
It is a very diverse school and the all-girls environment makes it a supportive focused campus. You can find many teachers who are amazing and genuinely care about their students. Many peers I know and myself, can name at least one teacher that they feel comfortable talking to. The people in the lunch line are my favorite people. You can make some really great friends here. The academics are what you make of it. You can take the high-pressured route or take it easy. Many options and courses are available to you. The counselors are very sweet.
The things I love most about the school is the sense of community that is sense all throughout the campus. The students and the faculty are very close with one another, which made the high school experience a lot more fun. Some of the facilities, however, are very dated and some issues have occurred as a result.
Great community for students and families. Creates strong women of impact who are ready to emerge in the working world as changemakers. A strong emphasis on social justice is integrated into all the curriculum providing a holistic education with plenty of real-world applications. The teachers are amazing and really work to make connections with the girls.
I love my school. The community and student body is diverse and so kind. Teachers are very helpful and communicative with students. The only thing that is unfortunate is money. Despite the large tuition, ND doesn't have much money to spend on things. We just got air conditioning this year in one (of two really) of our academic buildings. ND doesn't have it's own theater, STUDENT PARKING SPACE, or
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Notre Dame High School has a huge amount of diversity that every child should be exposed to. The academics are great, teachers are there when you need them, and you will be very prepared to take on college. Notre Dame teaches one everything they need to know for life.
So welcoming and passionate. Amazing, tight-knit community that is incredibly nerdy and fun. There's something for just about anyone here - with so many clubs and extracurriculars. Come here if you want to work hard, make friends, and grow your interests - that's how you'll get the most out of it!
As a senior going into the college process, I think that Notre Dame has prepared me extensively for the coming months. My favorite thing about Notre Dame is the supportive, caring, and passionate sisterhood it fosters. The school is very centered on inspiring students to speak out against social injustice. Overall, my experience at Notre Dame has been incredible and I'm really going to miss it when I leave.
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