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Both of my children excelled at Notre Dame. It is the best investment we as parents made for them. The best part of Notre Dame is the knowledgeable and caring faculty who took the time to work with them and guide them along the rocky road of being a teen. Both children enjoyed the opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities that rounded out their high school experiences. To this day they are hard workers, team players and respectful human beings, all in part because of their Notre Dame experiences.
My experience has been okay. Many students and only a few teachers can be pretty biased. You either have to be rich, catholic/christian, or be on a sport to really mean anything. I am none of these.
Small classes. Emphasis on service. Would like more options for course offerings and extra academic support. Family atmosphere.
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I have been enrolled at Elmira Notre Dame High School for six years now. While the school is small in class sizes, this has allowed me to mature both personally and academically in a close knit nurturing environment. Notre Dame prides itself as a college preparatory high school offering a STEM focus. The faculty to student ratio makes teacher accessibility a breeze. Lastly, being a Sisters of Mercy private high school has instilled the values of community, religion, friendship and service; values that I will carry with me into my college years. Notre Dame has made me the scholar student I am today.
The teachers I graduated with really cared about all of their students. They pushed us to learn as much as we can, and those that struggled were given extra help/encouragement as needed. There were some issues with “traditions”, especially towards graduation, but overall I had a great 4-years!
This school gets worse with each school year. The faculty consists of a revolving door of incompetent, unqualified teachers. Of course, many teachers are great at their jobs and make my high school experience great! However, administration is more concerned with attempting to keep all of the parents and donors happy than with the education and welfare of the student population.
The school is doing very well with the limited resources. There is just a little too much teachers turnover.
As a parent of 5 children who have attended ND I’m well informed on all levels.It has been a joy to watch my children grow socially,spiritually,and in academics. My children are of different levels academically,Notre Dame has excelled with my struggling child and has challenged my advanced child, so both can reach their full potential.
All 5 children participated in Varsity Sports with lots of playing time,The school is Catholic,but it welcomes children of all faiths.Three of my children are not Catholic and the school has been a perfect fit for them.
I highly recommend Notre Dame High School.
This school has a long standing history run by Sister Mary Walter who is a phenomenal part of why this school has such a terrific group of students past and present. Now President Emerita, she has set a solid foundation for the school to survive many years to come. The teachers are caring and continually learning and progressing with the times to welcome a culturally diverse community of learners.
I like how it is a close-knit community where the teachers are kind and greet you in the hallways. However, it is a little old fashion and I would like to see some updates to the classrooms and textbooks as well as the lunch food.
I love the overall atmosphere of the school and how caring and supportive all of the faculty and staff are. I would love to see more classes and electives offered at the school.
I had great time during the 4 years I spent at notre dame high schoo. Coming from a different country, the students and teachers were very welcoming and helpful. They have really good and qualify teachers who are always there for any help. With it's rigourous academic system I was very for college, and matter of fact I was better prepared than most of my classmates in college. Overall I had a really good time at Notre Dame High school.
NDHS is an amazing school. Not only does it focus on a rigorous academic routine to get us prepared for college, but there are many oppurtunities for sports and other clubs.
Notre Dame High School is a school where academics are first, social life is second. Notre Dame has made me realize the importance of school and has caused my grades to change for the better. It has caused me to realize that school is everything in life, and it is what will determine your future. However, Notre Dame has been run very poorly in these past 4 years; and has had much administrative instability. These flaws have interrupted my education very much, but I have persevered and been able to keep myself focused on what I need to accomplish. Notre Dame is very diverse, consisting of a community that includes exchange students from around the globe, students from all parts of our community, and people from many backgrounds; which makes my school even more interesting.
I feel very safe at Notre Dame. Our doors are locked after a certain time and people have to be buzzed inside after that. Inside the school, I feel very safe as well. Teachers and staff are always walking around so we are aupervised most of the time, preventing violence, bullying, etc. Police come through the school a few times a year to check on lockers to make sure everybody is following the rules about drugs and alcohol.
Some of our facilities are a little dated, but others are very new. The classrooms themselves are not new, but they are still in good condition. Our gym is a tad small but it serves it's purpose and nothing is broken it worn terribly. We just finished building a new stadium outside, with a new turf field, bleachers, and more practice fields.

As far as resources go, we have guidance counselors and technology available to us when needed, so there is usually A way to find information or help with something. Teachers are also very available and are willing to stay after school for extra help, makeup tests, etc. I never feel cometely lost at my school because there is always someone or something I can use to help me.
Our school has a variety of options, but I prefer to bring my own lunch, simply because I can choose what I want and not follow a menu. I am picky about my food. However, my friends enjoy the cafeteria food for the most part and most of them buy lunch every day. We always have salads and fruits available, and snacks are also available all day.
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In a school the size of ours, everybody knows everybody, so there are few problems with acceptance. Most people are very nice and are happy with people the way they are. There is some diversity in the school, although not as much as in other schools I'm sure. However, we embrace the diversity we have and it does not pose any problems, as far as I can see, that affect a certain group of students. Students are very involved in the school, mostly in sports, and there is a great amount of support from everyone.
With out academic program, I feel like I am being prepared for college. We have a number of great teachers that are very experienced and offer help whenever a student needs it. We have a heavy workload in most classes but I think it is worth all the benefits we received from being pushed to think for ourselves. With our scheduling, we have an right day cycle, and we have every class besides gym seven out of the eight days. I like this because I feel I am learning in depth information and it is easier for me to absorb the information when I am exposed to it almost every day. Overall I am very happy with the academics at my school. The only thing I would add is a little more variety to our available classes, but since we are a small school, this can be difficult to provide.
The reason I say that this school is the best is because I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I've attended private catholic schools my entire life, so I really like that we have small class sizes and all the teachers know practically everybody. Our students for the most part are involved, well rounded kids. I've had a great time participating on the girls basketball and track teams and I've had some of the best experiences of my life with these teams. Everybody is so supportive of each other and we push each other to be the best that we can be. Also, I feel like I am getting a quality education that will help prepare me for college. Not only this, but our school has high expectations for each of the students as well, encouraging respectfulness, politeness, dedication, and other important qualities that will help us to be responsible adults when we are older. Overall it has been a great experience at Notre Dame and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I've made great friends and learned many lessons that I will remember for the rest of my life.
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