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Notre Dame de Sion School Reviews

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I loved Sion!! We have some great traditions like freshmen beanies, junior ring, Sion olympics, and spirit week. I wish mass wasn't required, but the Sion faculty did a good job of being open to other ways of thinking.
I always knew Sion gave me a quality education, but I didn’t realize just how high-quality it was until I went to college. Sion prepared me for college and the real world in more ways than I could express in words. I was encouraged to be an independent, intelligent young woman each day. In short, it was cool to be the smart kid. Academic, athletic, and extracurricular achievements were celebrated the same. Teachers were willing to give as much support to students as they needed for success. We were encouraged to get involved, study hard, and advocate for ourselves and others. Some of my biggest mentors in my life have been from Notre Dame de Sion. I can only hope to have a girl someday that I can send to Sion for education.
Sion is an all-girls college pre highschool. They have prepared me for my journey to college and I could not have asked for a better high school experience
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I shadowed the school during my 8th grade year and involved myself by competing against them in athletics and making friends who are my age mates.
It is a college preparatory academy that allows girls to flourish in their environment. The teachers and counselors make it a special place.
The traditions this school holds are unmatched. The Sion community is supportive, connected, and focuses on opening up the world to young students. By the time senior year approaches, you feel as though Sion has become your home. I had a difficult time adjusting my freshman year, but the students and staff around me supported my endeavors and made me feel as though I had a place there.
Notre Dame de Sion provides a private catholic school education in two locations. The grade school campus, located on Locust Street, is for boys and girls who are 2 years old up to 8th grade. The second campus, located on Wornall, is the high school for girls. I attended the grade school from 4th grade up until my grade school graduation. I then continued my Sion education at the high school and am currently a junior at the high school.
Both the grade school and the high school campus are truly as good as it gets when it comes to its education and its community. Since 4th grade, Sion has not only prepared me to be academically success after I graduate but has helped me discover who I am and who I want to be. All the teachers I have been blessed to get at Sion will sacrifice for us. Whether hours before school begins or hours after dismissal, the teachers will always be at their desks ready to help.
Notre Dame de Sion (more commonly known as Sion) is a great place for students to be academically challenged. The range of teaching methods and course load/choice is fantastic. There is also a great opportunity for students to engage with different peoples, experiences and communities.
I absolutely love Sion. I have had the best experiences here. Sion's environment really empowers me, encourages me to do what I want, and reach my full potential. Sion's faculty inspires me every day through advice, support, and their kind spirits. Everyone at Sion truly cares for everyone around them and want to see everyone succeed. Sion is an amazing place and everyone should explore all that Sion offers.
Inside of the classroom, not only do I feel prepared for college, I know that all of the teachers want me to succeed. The coursework pushes you as a student to study harder and put in extra effort to achieve good grades and the resources go beyond books and worksheets. High school school culture is constantly changing with new friend-groups and new teachers every year, but Sion teaches you to embrace change expand your worldview. Sion focuses on the bigger picture without losing smaller details such as safety, delicious food, and clubs! Diversity within the classrooms is important to me and Sion taught me about different faiths, beliefs, cultures in every class. Sion girls are also connected through exchange programs which creates personal connects across oceans! Sion's parents are truly every girls biggest fans and they want each girl to succeed. Overall, Sion is the most well-rounded school where proactive classrooms and a positive environment helps every girl succeed.
Going to Sion was such a great decision. I was deciding between Sion and a public school but I'm glad I picked Sion. You can't beat the community and family that comes along with the great academics and teachers. Everyone would drop anything to be there for you if you needed help or someone to talk to.
Notre Dame de Sion is an incredible place to learn. The academics are unparalleled, the class sizes are small which means you can have more in depth discussions or experiments (depending on the class) and lead to more hands on learning. The teachers genuinely care about the students, if a student is struggling they take extra time to help that student in whatever way possible. The school has traditions that run deep, from the ring ceremony, to Sion Olympics to graduation which connects us with our past sisters and the sisters who will come after us.
Sion is an amazing school that strives to ensure that students are ready for college as soon as they graduate. The teachers and academics are amazing and the teachers go out of their way to help you succeed.
I love the emphasis they put on female empowerment and giving women recognition for their contributions in different fields and branches of learning. The teachers are very involved and are usually there before and after school to give further guidance. At Sion, they stress the importance of diversity and the teachers actively try to incorporate these themes into their lessons. The majority of the student life is really inclusive and welcoming even though school spirit isn't always acknowledged. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved in the arts, but few take advantage of those opportunities so the programs are not used to their full potential. While attending, you know your voice will be heard and respected.
My two daughters both attended Sion High School. Two very different girls - both had academically challenging and rewarding experiences with great sports/activites/friends. Can't recommend more highly. The smaller class size is a real bonus because the teachers get to know each girl and spend time making sure everyone has the experience they strive to have.
This school is PHENOMENAL! Sion is an interfaith Catholic school which means that all religions and cultures are warmly welcomed into the Sion community, which is amazing! Last year our 5yr old son learned Russian, French and Mandarin and our 3 yr old daughter learned French and Mandarin. They also had the opportunity to learn chess, take karate, and yoga. I also love that the school has a dedicated STEAM room for the PreK-8th grade and that students are learning "how" to think, versus "what" to think. Last year my son also had the opportunity to skype with Sion students at Sion schools in Costa Rica, Australia, and France! The food is healthy, delicious and prepared by a local chef who uses organic ingredients that are locally sourced. We also love the character development education our kids receiving, they're learning how to support their peer's educational experience in a positive way thru servant leadership. We feel lucky to have found Sion!
Sion is great! The teachers are friendly and incredibly helpful and the students are eager to learn. Academics are a priority, but sports and arts do not fall short at our high school. Classes are rigorous to prepare students for college, but despite the tough curriculum the teachers are more than ready to assist in order to help every student succeed.
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This school is amazing and has really helped me discover who I really am. I never thought I could be comfortable in my own skin, until I stepped foot into the halls of Sion. The teachers are encouraging and everyone is so easy to talk to here. In regards to the only terrible review, yes sion is a school that makes you have your own opinions, which I consider to be excellent not terrible. Sion is a foreword thinking school, not a catholic school that shoves the Bible down your throat, but a catholic school that teaches more about charism and loving/accepting everyone. If you send your daughter here she will meet all kinds of people and you are giving her experiences that will change her view on the world around her. I love Sion and it will always be in my heart. Vive Sion!!
Sion has been a second home to me, and I’ve come to love the academic rigor that is associated with private schools.
I have loved my whole experience at Sion. Form my teachers to activities to spirit week, I have always had a smile on my face! I have met so many incredible people, have formed amazing relationships with my teachers, and feel well prepared for college. Sion has given me so much and I am so thankful!