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I loved being at Notre Dame, it was one of the best experiences of my educational career. There was a sense of sisterhood, being at Notre Dame opened up many opportunities for me to thrive academically, athletically, and spiritually. Overall if I had to choose a high school to attend all over again I would go back and choose Notre dame again.
Notre Dame is an all-girls school, which means that I was surrounded by girls with no boys to provide distraction in class. Each class size varied and I really enjoyed some of my smaller classes because of how close we all grew in those classes. Each teacher's teaching style was unique and the utilization of something known as Student Flex Time allowed for us to get help from our teachers during the school day. The only issues that I have are that some teachers were not very good at the teaching aspect of our jobs and despite the emphasis on inclusion, there was still some religion-related prejudice that came with it being a Catholic school.
The all girls environment gave me the confidence I needed. Never been happier to go to a school. The teachers are great and help you through more than just school work. It is more than just a school.
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such a great school that has prepared me for college and my future. Teachers are so wonderful and want to see each student succeed to their fullest potential.
Notre Dame is such a welcoming environment. All students, faculty, and staff make anyone feel welcome. The academics are absolutely amazing and prepare you for college. There are so many opportunities and so many different classes to suit each person’s academic levels. Amazing sports teams and so many clubs and activities to get involved in.
What an excellent school this has been for my two daughters. One is a recent graduate and another will be graduating.
Bratty, cliquey school stuck in old Catholic traditions, unwilling to prepare girls to be both open-minded AND faithful in this century. Students boast a false sense of confidence in their school, refusing to acknowledge its weak points and work in solidarity to fix them. This egotism is unappealing and hurtful to student success within the walls of this historic Toledo institution. -Aunt of a student
The j.a doesn’t get enough appreciation. Our pep points don’t even count! I don’t get why they don’t let us do things the other grades can, we’re not even allowed to eat in the actual cafeteria, we eat farther away from everyone in sister carrol hall. They don’t give us the same privileges as the high schoolers on our iPads either. There’s too much drama as well. I honestly just hate this school smh.
Notre Dame Academy truly shows what it’s like to be apart of a community. It teaches you how to be yourself, a strong leader, hard worker and many other things. The bond that every girl has with other students and the faculty/staff is absolutely amazing, it’s one that you will cherish for the rest of your life. NDA gets you ready to go off to college fully prepared for the “big world”, you won’t get that at any other high school. Notre Dame truly cares about each girl and wants the best for them.
Notre Dame Academy is a great school! I found great friends, and I have opened up so much in high school. I used to be very shy and did not talk very much, but now I am waving hello to many people I see in the hallways. The teachers are also amazing. They want each student to do well and know each student by name. If I were to change one thing about Notre Dame, I would want them to be less strict. High School should be a fun time with many adventures, and the school sometimes takes that away.
Notre Dame Academy is an academically challenging school that promotes involvement in the school and community.
Notre Dame Academy has made my high school experience very rememberable. At NDA I found a great diverse group of friends that I could honestly call my forever sisters. The only reason why this high school is average (3/5) is because of the strict and unnecessary amount of rules. Other than that Notre Dame has prepared me for the next level academically, athletically, professionally, and socially.
It's just an okay school that hypes itself too much but really isn't anything special expect for the IB program.
Notre Dame Academy was one of the best choices I’ve made in my life. Every year it has challenged me in many ways whether that be academically, spiritually, socially, or physically. Teachers have always wanted what was best for me. It wasn’t until I came to Notre Dame, that I truly developed a good relationship with God and discovered my faith. I was able to find myself and find people that made me a better person. I was exposed to people with all sorts of different talents, ethnicities, and passions. Today I can proudly say that I would not be who I am or where I am without Notre Dame Academy. I have learned to love myself and to love those around me and because of this I am a happier person with all sorts of friends. I have been able to achieve goals academically that u never thought I could accomplish. Lastly, a senior, I am no longer afraid to move on with my life because I have developed all sorts of values that will take me far.
I like that fact that it is all girls. It is a very arts and varsity sport focused school next to its academics.if you feel omfortable enough to get envolved early in high school, I would really recommend because it makes your four years that much better. The campus of the school is beautiful with new renovations frequently and a gorgeous court yard. The location of the school is near many restaurants which is good when you need an after school snack or morning breakfast.
Notre Dame challenged me to grow personally and intellectually. The challenging courses and numerous opportunities have helped me tremendously!
Best school for me! Teachers work very hard to accommodate any needs and the atmosphere was amazing.
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Norte Dame cultivates a wonderful atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. The teachers and students are all nice and very helpful and will be there to answer any questions you may have. The classes are challenging, but if you put the work in and are willing to get help if you're struggling then you can do just fine.
Notre Dame Academy is so excellent because it has invited me to grow to my fullest potential as a woman, student, and daughter of God. Going to college, I know that I am fully equipped with the knowledge and life skills needed to succeed greatly!
You grow close with your classmates like you would not believe. Yes, you will have your small friend group that you hang out with every day, but you at least know everyone else in your class. There are many opportunities to get involved. There's countless clubs, athletics, and advanced classes. The only thing I would like to change is by helping out a specific year level, this being the sophomore year. I think the sophomores needed a bigger push and help through the year, and we got that push junior year. Overall, the teachers would help you if you needed and so would the students. I have learned so much and already feel like I'm a step ahead in college. Thank you, Notre Dame Academy!
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