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Notre Dame Academy Girls High School Los Angeles Reviews

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I am a currently a senior at NDA. If you are looking for a sisterhood community this is the school to go to. I am able to feel comfortable around others and my teachers. I have build confidence here by expanding out of my normal horizons, whether it be joining clubs, sports teams and even challenging myself with AP classes. NDA gave me the opportunity to grow into the young woman I am today.
I likes how friendly and supportive the social environment is. The teachers really want you to succeed and will take extra time to help you out. On the flip side, sometimes lessons can move a bit slowly or the in classroom content isn't challenging enough.
I am a current Senior and it really prepares you for college. There are no boys and it is a very small school. Volleyball is our strength but our other sports are in low divisions.
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I really like the English Department, I've learned a lot about how to analyze literature to build up a convincing and strong argument. I feel as though the school could do better in other areas, I've noticed that resources seem to go into renovating the school from the outside, but not taking care of a few issues inside the school that require more attention.
The sisterhood at NDA is like no other. Everyone is completely supportive of one another, and this kind of atmosphere breeds love through everyone. The academics are great, and some teams, like volleyball, are very competitive and so fun to watch!
The academic rigor there is pretty good compared to other schools in the area. Classes are changing, and a relatively wide range of advanced classes are held or such a small school. The only thing to watch out for is bad teachers. NDA has a bad habit of hiring terrible teachers, and sometimes students have no choice but to take their classes. Sports exist, but are not extremely competitive (with the exception of volleyball). Aside from the annual spring musical, there are no programs for students to further any musical interests. If you want to pursue music, don’t go to NDA. Aside from those though, NDA has some pretty competitive unorthodox extracurriculars like robotics, a nationally-ranked rocketry team, and Academic Decathlon.
Notre Dame Academy is a great school that challenges its students to do the best that they can do. Students are encouraged to meet with their college counsellers regularly to make sure they are on the right path towards college. Since it is a small school, students get to know their teachers and get one-on-one help. The main downside as a student is that since it is a small school it doesn't have many social events. It is an all girl school which offers a safe environment for the students to express themselves.
Good at getting you ready for college-level classes. Teachers were always very helpful. Good high school environment.
Notre Dame High school, while fun, also had it's problems, especially in terms of cliques. While I did truly enjoy my time there, I'm not eager to go back any time soon.
As a freshman and sophomore at Notre Dame Academy, I was very excited about discovering high school activities and adjusting to the new lifestyle. I loved the school spirit when it came to sports games and our annual celebration on Notre Dame Day. However, if I were to make a change at the school, I would give students more opportunities to speak out in favor of empowering members of minority groups.
Great community where long-lasting bonds are created between students, teachers, and faculty members. Also has a large diverse student body.
I like how Notre Dame Academy allows students to be involved in many sports and clubs. It feels like a second home to me because of the relationships I have established with students from all grades. Additionally, the college counselors are always available and helpful for all the students who have need help with the application process. They are always reaching out to their resources to ensure that they have helped students with any interest they may have. Notre Dame Academy encourages all of its students to volunteer to make a difference.
I had a good time at this school. There were some problems, but it was your typical high school drama for me. The students were always able to communicate problems that we had with the staff and we were trusted for the most part. A lot of the teachers went above to give their students the best possible lessons. I made a lot of long lasting relationships because of this school, with both the staff and the students.
Three years after graduation, I can actually say that NDA definitely helped me get to where I am today- I was more than prepared for college and made some amazing friends that i still talk to today. However, the school was very cliquey and at some points the religious teachings were a bit overdone. All in all, however, high school at the academy was a great experience. I'd recommend :)
NDA really helped to shape the person that I am today. The academics are good, the teachers and administrators put a lot of work into making sure that the students are learning and not just memorizing things. The acticities they have such as NDA day are also really fun and provide school spirit.
I believe it is very important that families prepare to send their daughter off to the very best highschool for them. As I started my freshman year off at Notre Dame Academy I was very skeptical. I soon realized that this was a big help because it provided a shield from in classroom distractions and helped me focus more on the rigorous academic courses, which I did not have in middle school. Not only is all girls an amazing pat of this school but one of the other main reasons I loved NDA is because of the teachers and staff. NDA creates a place of growth and development. NDA teachers and staff focus on getting you on the path of sucess, they want to make sure that every student is college ready and by the end of the four years almost all of the students are ready to head off to college. NDA is not only a family that loves you but they push you forward and shape the girls into women going out to change the world.
Amazing school! The teachers really care about their student's well being and want them to succeed in all aspects. They definitely prepared me for college!
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What I value most about NDA is how caring and driven the teachers are towards the students. the school is very welcoming towards other students and they do not make you feel like one person is less than the other. we are all treated with respect and love at Notre Dame Academy :)
During my time at Notre Dame Academy, I received an exceptional education, made life long friendships, and participated in school activities that helped me to become more outgoing, independent, and successful. NDA taught me how to go out into the world and take whatever it is that I want, whether it is a new job or a spot on a sports team. I learned life long values such as respect, humbleness, hard work, dedication, responsibility, time management, and working hard.
I like how small the school. It’s easy to connect and develop relationships with teachers and the faculty members.