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The academics and sports are very well and challenge students to be the best they can with healthy competition. On the other hand it is hard to socialize as the kids in my grade are not that friendly or welcoming to new students. Also the school has no diversity, which leads to children being stuck-up and uneducated on societal issues.
Norwell High has a lot of caring and devoted staff that have most certainly made an impression on me throughout my years there. From caring and inspiring teachers to thoughtful and easily accessible guidance staff, students can feel comfortable attending school and seeking help when needed. I have encountered very few teachers that have done little to prepare me for following years of classes, however they are not impossible to find despite being very small in number among the otherwise good staff. The school's biggest limitations, in my opinion, are in the building itself. The lighting often feels a bit too dark, especially when the lighting outside is anything other than sunny. Narrow ramps being the only access to certain areas make for crowded inter-period travel that create a feeling in your mind similar to that of being stuck on the highway in traffic. Despite the physical issues with the school, it has not hindered my appreciation for it and for all of its friendly faces.
Norwell has an amazing education program, sports programs, and very good food offered during the lunches. Throughout the year, teachers support you and help you through everyday issues in your life.
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I love Norwell High School! The teachers are very personable and kind. All the staff are very supportive.
School provides a great learning environment for students. Teachers and administrators care about their students abilities and well being.
The teachers at Norwell high try to make their students have an inviting and engaging learning experience. They use out of the box techniques to get all students to be involved in class which in turn makes students successful. The students have a great community and are all able to come together.
Norwell is a great high school. The staff is committed to the students, providing them with the tools and support they need to go to college!
Excellent academics, committed teachers and administration, variety of clubs and activities, strong sense of community and school culture, fantastic sports
Great school with amazing academics for a public school! Amazing teachers who will give their time to help their students. The school is a super safe environment where I have never felt unsafe, and although the school itself is dated, it has plenty of character provided by paintings done by art students.
My experience was excellent, I feel Norwell High school gave me the tools I needed to succeed as a student. The small school feel, allows students to really connect with their class and establish a better relationship with teachers and staff. The extracurriculars available at school are excellent and if there isn't anything for you, creating a club is extremely easy. The sport's reputation at school is great with an abundance of students receiving scholarships for outstanding athletic performances.
I loved the education I received at Norwell. The staff were almost always there to push you and help you achieve great things academically. There were a few outliers, of course. The school is very academically and athletically driven, with less attention and funds given towards the arts, which is the only downside to the school. Also can sometimes be a little too stressful for what high school really is in the long run.
Norwell High is very acedemically focused with good athletic coaches, but gives to much work in honors classes.
I love Norwell High! The students are very kind and accepting. Teachers will do whatever they can to help you understand the material and do well in the class. There are plenty of extracurricular activities for any kind of student.
The academic part of Norwell High School is great. There are challenging and rigorous classes and teachers willing to work with struggling students. The success of the sports at the school is somewhat hit or miss, but there are many opportunities for students to get engaged in the athletic community. There are also a lot of interesting clubs for students to get involved in.
Norwell High is a great place to go to school. All teachers (with few exceptions) are willing to stay after school to work through problems students have with their academics. All of the administration is welcoming, helpful, and kind to students.
Some cool teachers here, lots that aren't. The building itself is dated and in disrepair, and the lunches are really bad.
I am only a freshman in high school currently but my experience so far at Norwell High School has changed my perspective on high school life. I figured life would be only a little short of a Regina George freak out but I have found that the students at my high school care about academics and the teachers do not act as if they are inferior to the most popular teenagers in the school. My teachers sincerely care about how I am doing in class and I am offered many opportunities through the school. Though there are mean girls just like in the movie, my classmates and teachers make up for the deficit and negative persona given to the school by a couple students who made a bad mistake.
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Very nice atmosphere, great and caring teachers. The principal and vice principal are very friendly and approachable. They organize a lot of events for students too, such as spirit week.
Definitely a great environment to learn in. The teachers and faculty care about each individual student and try to help the student as much as possible. The students at Norwell High School also have set a very high standard for themselves and always try their hardest to maintain that standard.
Very preppy, wealthy students. Lot of emphasis on athletics. The diversity isn't the best, the majority of students are white, though you will see a handful of Asians, a few Blacks and a couple Hispanics. Wearing sweatpants and athletic brands are fairly common
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