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Norwalk High School is very accepting to everyone regardless of one's sexuality and is LGBTQ friendly which i think is awsome. Loved the teachers that work thee as well as the staff. The school does a great job of maintaining the campus clean. As well as putting free tampons and pads in all the girls restrooms which as really great!
Norwalk high school provided a wonderful learning experience when I attended. All the teachers and staff were very friendly encouraging students to do their best.
At Norwalk, I felt like everything flowed smooth. Not once have I regretted the friends I've made, the classes I chose to take. Running back and forth from classes is surprisingly fun, even with the 5 "long" minutes of our passing periods, because the memories made there were one-of-a-kind.
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It was a good high school experience. Specifically, the biomedical program taught me a lot and the teachers, for the most part, are very supportive. I feel like I really was able to build upon my character there and discover who I am and what I wanted to be.
Norwalk High School was a wonderful experience, I am happy that I got the chance to attend that school.
It is a very great and environmental friendly school. All teacher are helpful, as well as counselors. Students are given equal opportunities and are able to stay for after school for studying if needed.
Throughout my 4 years in Norwalk High School, I received support from my peers and my counselor. The counselors at NHS are the best in my opinion because they have guided me on my classes and has given me extra support when struggling for a class. For example, if they notice one of their students failing, they call them out during class and try to figure out why they are failing. From there, they make a plan to guide them. At NHS, their is a lot of student involvement making it easier for students to make friends. The school is very diverse and the environment is fun and easy-going. The academics are great as teacher are very compassionate and understanding. Teachers give students many opportunities to raise up their grade. The one thing I don't like is the bathroom facilities because they are very dirty and toilet paper always runs out. Although it's the students fault and not the staff, I still wish they handle this situation by addressing it.
My experience at Norwalk High School started in 2016. I was naive to think my experience within the next four years was going to even slightly compare to the movie High School Musical. Yet, every football game, rally and Power106 game, me and my friends bled purple and gold. Our school culture is almost non-existent except for the handful of ASB members, who so hopefully try to engage the rest of the student population. Attending a unspirited, under funded high school the last four years has taught me plenty about being appreciative for what we are given. Although all our surrounding schools have brand-new stadiums to call their own, all the students at our local high school await our turn. By surrounding myself around peers who love Norwalk high school as much as I do and motivating my friends to cherish it as well, my high school experience was not too bad. Although, the pandemic has taken away so much from the class of 2020, I am grateful for the time I did have.
They honestly did not offer a wide selection of classes for their students to gain different experiences. A lot of the teachers were not inspirational or went beyond school expectations. It was very basic as far as the high school experience goes.
The staff at this school are very nice and very welcoming. The students are okay, average teenagers. This school could look way better, the bathrooms really need to be redesigned. Overall the school is okay.
As senior, I can say that the teachers and counselors at have given me great advice to be able to succeed. This school has opened up many opportunities for me.
When I went to Norwalk high school things were different things academically were in the toilet. But after I left their academics are getting better. The facilities are getting maintained. There's more technology around the school which makes it easy for kids to learn.
I appreciate the atmosphere of United scholars and the atmosphere of school spirit. Although the funding is an issue to promote further prosperity in regards to athletics and school spirit.
Its a great school and has many different programs as well as multiple clubs that students truly feel passionate about.
I enjoy the academic opportunities given to the students in order to guide in our career pathways. Though I would like to see an improvement on the ability to allow the students to express themselves freely making Norwalk a more comfortable environment.
Norwalk High School was decent. The administration is kind and always willing to help the students when they are faced with academic or personal problems. However, the math department was not great at all, as many students from many different grade levels failed or did not meet the California math testing standards.
I liked the pathways. Norwalk has a variety of pathways students can choose from depending on what they were interested in. Take me for example, I am in the PLTW Biomedical Sciences pathway because I want to pursue a career in medicine. However, the school can improve on having staff listen to the students more often and take into consideration on what they have to say.
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I really like the teachers in the school and the surrounding people. I really wish the school had more school spirit though.
Norwalk High has been an pretty good school where academics are good or bad depending on the classes you choose and whenever you can handle them or not. The teachers you get also change your experience in the class, but they mostly are there for you to help with any trouble you may have on a lesson or chapter.
Norwalk's teachers and academics are very hit-or-miss. There are undoubtedly teachers who help their students succeed and make a genuine effort to support them, while others are either brash, unhelpful, or phone it in and waste everyone's time. That being said, students who are determined and self-sufficient will be able to do well with enough dedication. Their counseling, arts, and student activities are also wonderful, however certain events leave something to be desired. It isn't the worst school ever, but it has its flaws. It's worth recognizing the efforts of staff members to try and support kids here, because they really do; the bad ones don't necessarily break the qwole school.
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