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Northwood Junior High School Reviews

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In a nutshell: Teachers can't handle the kids at this school. Three of my child's classes have consent interruptions to the point of no learning. One teacher told us that they have to teach themselves (I'm assuming online course). I don't blame the teacher. It's the general feeling at the school of kids getting away with too much.

The children rarely have homework.

The gym teacher plays inappropriate music including the f--k word.

High number of hispanics who have not mastered the English language (despite being in bi lingual classes from day one) which slows thing down, and I wonder if they haven't lowered their standards because of this.

"Poor" Hispanic kids get special gifts. I'm not heartless, but I find it hard to believe that people driving new SUV's are poor.

I put one star for diversity because there really isn't any although people call this school divers. It's basically about 50% hispanic, and the rest is mostly white.
Strong performing school and district
Our district offers many options
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Our district has strict policies in place
Normal for a school in our district
This is a very diverse school with a fairly large hispanic population
I feel he will be prepared for High School next year
A high quality school in an excellent school district
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