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I have gove to this school for 4 years and the only complaint I have is that the faculty doesn't handle students seriously when they have a complaint but other than that it is a great school.
The academics at Northwood High School are really intense, which is sometimes really good and sometimes really awful. I felt like the entire school was smarter than me and it did push me to do better but I also felt horrible all the time. Teachers are not great except for a few, it is the students who make the school great.
I like that Northwood High School has a lot of academic support and very good VAPA programs as well as amazing sports. Their theatre program is phenomenal (I am the sound head for technical theatre) and their NTV is amazing as well! However, one thing I dislike is the lack of AP courses available to students until junior year. This results in many students cramming APs in their last 2 years and it is very stressful. I am also not a big fan of the stressful academic environment since it is a very competitive school and that results in a lot of pressure on student to exceed academically which places a lot of strain on students. However, I do like the school's interaction with students through spirit weeks, school dances, sport games, and much more. They have some program for everyone so anyone can find where they fit in best!
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Northwood High School has a great Grammy award winning arts program. That includes the various music programs as well as theater.
Northwood High School is known for its outstanding academics and amazing music program. Certain athletic teams, such as Boys Swim, are ranked highly on a state level as well. The best aspect of Northwood, however, is its sense of a community. Everyone there is part of a big family.
I had a great high school experience at Northwood. Even though classes are academically rigorous, the teachers are (for the most part) very dedicated and passionate and they truly care for the well being of their students. The student body is hard-working, competitive, and driven, but people help one another out and build each other up. There is great diversity and all sorts of fun and interesting people. There is also a great sense of community, and the VAPA programs are terrific.
My senior brother and I currently attend Northwood High School in Irvine and as much as this school has to offer, there are some set backs. The location of the school is beautiful, it resides in the middle of the hills which unfortunately makes traffic a pain. The teachers are all wonderful and each one is unique with great personalities. I have never had a teacher that I genuinely disliked. The food here is decent, but nothing too great. One setback about the education is that for freshman and sophomores, you are required to take certain classes and no APs unlike other highschools which puts us at a disadvantage. Now, we only have junior and senior year to stack up on APs to be at the level of other high schools which can be extremely stressful. Our band is the best in the city, always outshining other bands at football games. Student support is overwhelming, but a majority of our population is Asian.
Northwood prepared me very well for college. My experience here equipped me with an excellent foundational understanding of english and math. I felt very confident in my writing abilities heading in to college. I wish there were more opportunities to take foundational science courses, such as biology. The freshman and sophomore science classes were structured so that you learned a little bit about the broad disciplines in sciences, but didn't get to really dive in to a subject until your junior and senior years.
My experience has been primarily positive! It is an extremely competitive environment, which I expected, and a rough transition. All of my teachers felt very closed off to me and only one ever asked me if I was doing alright which lead to me breaking down in tears because I felt like a failure at the school compared to my peers.I do not agree with many of their academic policies and it seems very stacked against the students under the guise of "a rigorous learning experience". Aside from that, it has been a wonderful experience! The school has a lot of funding and is able to provide great opportunities. In my one semester, I have experienced more than I have in all my other years of school. From intricate lab experiments to beautiful theatre productions, you can see that the teachers care and all the students are admittedly extremely dedicated to their work. It is a competitive school but the students are very dedicated and if anything, inspirational and motivational to be around!
Overall a good high school. Very strong arts program in all areas - drama/theater, band, orchestra, choir, and dance. Some really excellent teachers. Sports is not the greatest.
Northwood may commonly be known as a blue ribbon school with one of the best educations systems. As I can see why the system is tough and because of that no wonder the students are put under a lot more stress than most students at other schools. Going to Northwood the diversity is mostly Asian and White but the diversity levels aren't terrible here. Most of the teachers are really good here and tend to care about your personal well being physically and mentally. They are incredibly knowledgable as well. With the few exceptions (most science teachers). The school culture is fairly decent. Food is not the best it could be. Bathrooms are TRASH.
Northwood is a highly competitive academic driven school located in one of the safest rated cities in America. Most of its curriculum is integrated, which has its pros and cons.
I wish the school would be less competitive yet still allow opportunities for education to not be limited such as with APs.
I like the amount of opportunities that Northwood has available to students. I think that its academics are unlike no other, and are constantly challenging students to strive for higher. Its rigorous program allows for excellent preparation for college. However, I think that oftentimes teacher instruction, especially in AP classes, is not taught well enough to prepare students for actual AP exams. The environment is really competitive, but its events and school spirit are really fun.
I love the arts programs. We are very fortunate to have a lot of involvement and dedication to our visual and performing arts programs. The directors and teachers really want to see their students succeed, and they have given us a lot of life skills through their teaching, and they have helped us create strong bonds with our peers. For the entire school, the curriculum is very intense, even if you're not in honors programs, and I know that will positively impact how I perform in my college classes.
very challenging, but overall worth it because it really prepares you for college writing and research practices.
I love Northwood High School as it provides a very encouraging and accepting environment. All the teachers are very kind and more than willing to ensure the academic success of all their students, and the resources the school provides, from technology to counseling, give students lots of opportunities. Moreover, there are a plethora of clubs that students can become involved in, covering numerous subjects and activities. The campus itself is very nice and clean, and most importantly, very safe.
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Fantastic school, great arts programs and school community. However, academics can feel very cutthroat and competitive at times
Overall, the academics are okay. The integrated science program should be changed, however, and is honestly what I think is preventing a lot of growth in the STEM department. Many schools in the area have much stronger Olympiad awards in addition to other academic competitions. This is largely a result of school culture that does not encourage students to participate in these competitions or research for that matter.
Northwood prepares students very well for college despite not having that many options for underclassmen. The curriculum can be flawed at times, but many students end up at good schools.
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