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Northwestern Lehigh High School Reviews

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The teachers are very nice and curriculum is great. The course offerings are a little slim, which limits the student's options to prepare for college. Facilities are somewhat outdated, but a few renovation have taken place in the past few years. The clubs and sports teams are doing very well, placing in their respective events. I wish that there was a better counseling system that prepared you more for college.
My experiences at Northwestern Lehigh were great. The teachers were always willing to help out and make you feel prepared.
I love how everyone knows everyone and how close the school is with the community. The sports teams are great and there is multiple clubs to join. The teachers and staff are so kind,friendly, and are always there to help you.
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Northwestern Lehigh High school is Awesome! It is a small school where everyone knows everybody! We are called corn cob high! Because all the farm land that surrounds us!
Currently construction is happening, and our gym and auditorium are closed, which is an inconvenience. Also, they do not have a strong music section.
Lots of extracurricular options. Ranges from things such as Science Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Student Council, Band, Choir, Football, Soccer, etc. There was a lot of variety.
The school was small, especially compared to neighboring school districts. It was rare you didn't know a person in your grade so there was a greater sense of community and an air of overt friendliness among students. Not only was the school small but it was surrounded by a massive farming community, so there were some enjoyable experiences, such as bring your tractor to school day.
Almost all teachers I had throughout my high school career were thought provoking, engaging, friendly and sincere. Many were genuinely concerned with the status of their students and were actively involved in making sure that as many students as possible succeeded. Not only this but the caliber of education was very high and left me well prepared for post secondary school education.
The teachers do quite well with "typical" students. If you are high achieving, low achieving or have health issues, the teachers are definitely not accommodating. Part of this is due to the intrusive school Principal that tries hard to protect "her" teachers from having to do any "extra" work (actually educating students that don't fit into the normal box) at the expense of the students. The school was a completely different place under its former leadership - and the change has been quite detrimental.
Our location an atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. We have a small high school so students do receive one on one attention. It's easy to get your teachers attention to help you.
Most teachers are really willing and flexible to work with you. Most teachers give you more materials than you need to make sure you understand what's being taught.
The athletic association is amazing and consistently plays all players, so they can learn and grow.
Most teachers are warm and interested in their students. Consistency in grading is lacking and should be adjusted, especially in AP courses. Overall, the environment is positive and the quality of of the curriculum are the norm.
There was an incidence with a possible bomb related incidence at the school prior to the buses arriving. It was well maintained with safety policies and police interaction. My child was locked down on the bus with other students until the situation was remedied.
Our school is truly unique, we are considered red necks, but we can maintain our cars, ride a horse across campus and as students we bond together over bonfires. We are more relaxed than most city schools because we have the country and rolling fields surrounding us. We truly bond over school activities, sports and our stadium or fields are always full of parents participating as coaches or proudly watching.
I loved the environment and almost every teacher I crossed paths with.
Every teacher at this school truly cares for their students. The teachers definitely try their hardest to help every student succeed.
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One good thing about my high school is that it is pretty safe. I have never felt unsafe.
I have had both good and bad experiences at my high school. I have made some friends and have had a handful of helpful teachers. It's a pretty small high school so you basically know everyone.
There are only a handful of good and helpful teachers at my school. The ones who are good are very good at what they do. They put in the time necessary and then some and are very knowledgable about their field. On the other hand many of the teachers are lazy and rely on videos and textbooks to teach. More than half of the history department and a quarter of the math department consists of football coaches. They are all incompetent and lazy. It's disgusting that they are being paid to do practically nothing. They use their jobs as a way to have more time with their friends.
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