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Northwest is a wonderful place for students to contribute to learn and grow in their perspective arts. I would love for NWSA to get more counselors to help with the student load.
Northwest School of the Arts has been the best school years of my life. I loved all of the teachers, staff, and students. The art programs are wonderful and the activities are exciting as well. I loved how the school is very diverse in order for kids to express themselves freely. The academics and resources have really made me ready for college. I appreciate everything that Northwest School of the Arts has done for me and would recommend to many students.
Overall My experience at my school was life changing. I always felt so inspired by others around me who also took interest in the arts. When I first came here I felt like I didn’t have to hide who I was because everyone had their own distinct personality. Their theatre program is great, and the talent that is at this school is out of this world. Some cons about this school though, is that although you get to choose your own major, it’s challenging to find your talent and aspirations outside of your major. Sometimes when you are unsure of what you want to do, there aren’t many options outside of double majoring, which is stressful. Another con is that the administration is bad at informing students about college related information that can be beneficial to us juniors and seniors. And especially while we are doing remote learning, many others I’ve talked to feel that students are ill-informed about theatre opportunities and such.
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This school is enjoyable for those who do not want to deal with a lot of the cliques of normal high schools. This school also gives students an experience in a very diverse environment and creates a feeling of equality for everyone. Teachers are very caring and do not discriminate against any student.
The school is very opening, accepting, and chaotic in a great way. The arts program is incredibly strong and the academics do not suffer. I transferred here in my Junior year and I do not regret it at all.
Northwest School of the Arts allows its students to engage in their chosen art field and grow, whilst continuing their education. There communication could be better, however it is not terrible. It is a middle and high school, so sometimes the hallways get congested during class changes. Overall, it is a great school, and like most places, does have its places of needed improvement. Also, there are no official sports teams, but there is Right Moves for Youth.
Northwest is a great school for the arts, and we have great arts educators. However, we are lacking in terms of academic teachers. While some are very great at what they do, others are terrible to work with. I'd like to see some teacher evaluations and honestly some replacements. Our administration is okay overall, it could definitely be better. There needs to be better communication when it comes to opportunities, and I believe opportunities should be more open and transparent. We cannot continue to practice favoritism and only presenting opportunities to certain students. I do not think that parent involvement should be a factor when it comes to roles and opportunities. I think that there should be more college involvement and allowing more students to participate in it. Overall Northwest is a great school and I am proud to be a dragon, but there is no doubt that we have lots of improving to do.
The community of the students going to this school are very open, friendly, and accepting of everyone. This is a place full of very talented people. The only thing I think they should change would be shifting their focus. They focus too much on the arts and the academic classes are not taken as seriously.
The arts are amazing but the Academics are not great at all. I don’t feel mentally prepared for college because of this school. In the four years I have been there I don’t feel like I learned anything but how to deal with people to be quite honest.
My experience from Northwest School of the Arts has been amazing. I went from a shy, quiet little girl to a still shy but more opening young woman. I made friends and my relationship with the teachers that I love and still keep in contact. I'm gonna miss NWSA because it's simply the best!
The school is great if you care about getting a half decent arts education but the education is extremely poor and lacking. All of the focus is on the Arts and the Academics at the school are a second thought. Not a good school at all.
I have had the most craziest experiences with Northwest School of the Arts. I started out as a 6th grader and now I am a graduating senior. It feels just like yesterday I was in middle school. Growing up with the same kids I was in middle school with really helped me out. The entire environment at the school really changed my life and helped me become the person I am today
I have been attending Northwest School of the Arts for six years as a dance major. What I love so much about my school is we can express ourselves through many talents and still maintain an excellence in academics.
There are good and bad things about this school. I attended this school from 6th grade to graduation. I liked the acceptance of the school and the diversity. There are a lot of opportunities and a lot of ways to get involved not only at school but also in the community. However, I believe that you should develop your own identity before you consider going here and stay true to yourself.
My daughter attends NWSA and loves the art program she is a part of there. She loves the majority of her teachers but there are a few that lack the commitment to teaching. The administration at this school is a joke. They are concerned with outward appearance and do not have any concern for the students. The lack of concern for dealing with issues is disappointing. The school could really soar with some administration who believe that educating students well in a safe, positive environment is the goal.
I have been going to Northwest School of the Arts for approximately 6 years. Middle school at Northwest was a typical middle school experience. High School is a little different. Overall the school is amazing. I do believe that the faculty and admin strive to make sure that their students feel safe, cared about, and also give them a sense that they are being provided with the greatest education. I give Northwest School of the Arts 4 stars only because, I do not always feel as though they take their students opinions in to consideration. There are also teachers on staff who do not provide the education that the students deserve. Not all, however, some teachers never actually take time to teach students material. They provide students with busy work, and only expect them to learn from that. I would recommend the school to anyone, if those particular teachers on the staff were removed.
If you are in the Musical Theatre Department you will have an amazing experience, in every other department motivation and dedication lacks. The environment feels very restrictive however I made some wonderful friends. It was not for me so I switched schools.
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I enjoyed my six years at NWSA however, I think that majors changes to the administration of the school must occur in order to ensure that the school continues to draw the community it does. If the administration is poor neither students nor teachers want to stay regardless of the facilities the school provides.
Northwest School of the Arts is full of so much talent and I have truly enjoyed my experience and friends here. Though Northwest Arts classes truly prepare you for the world ahead their academics are not as strong. Most of the teachers are kind and willing to give you what you need if a future in the core academics is what you desire but not all teachers are willing to do that since many students just go to Northwest seeking experience in the arts for their future.
My experience at Northwest School Of The Arts has been nothing but eventful . I have met new friends and surrounded myself with teachers who love to see me grow and become successful. The downside is academics and sports , we are not one to play sports and our academic staff can grow in the future . Since i been at northwest i have not had any anamocity and I'm thankful for that .
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