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The involvement the school has in our future is amazing, letting us follow our dreams step by step. They are truly outstanding, both the peers and staff. I’ve never felt unsafe in the building due to the tremendous effort put into the program. Absolutely loved them and I will miss the memories made from my high school experience.
Northwest truly cares about their students and goes out of their way to show this. They are inclusive to all types of students and make sure there are groups and activities for all. The music programs are also fantastic and consistently receive superior awards. I have gone to Northwest my entire life and year after year have never felt unsafe or uncomfortable at my school. The teachers and administrators go out of their way to build connections with the students and every student has at least one staff member they know they can rely on. Northwest has treated me great the last 12 years and it will be a bitter-sweet goodbye when I graduate.
When attending Northwest high school many opportunities to try new things have opened up. I have got to play sports and met new friends throughout all of my high school career. I have committed a big amount of my Time to stay busy with sports including, soccer, baseball and basketball. These programs have the best of the best people to help you and support you throughout the seasons.
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Northwest High School has a lot of students at or below poverty level. There are also quite a lot of "rednecks." It is not a liberal school overall, but it is not super conservative. It's quite middle of the road. There are some great, supportive, and lovely teachers, but there are also uncaring and rude teachers as well.
I wish there were more AP classes and cumulative exams to better prepare students for college. I also wish that the football team was better so that the band could have an opportunity to perform at playoffs.
Overall, my experience with Northwest High School is great: the teachers are fantastic, the general mood of the building is relaxed. Northwest High School did a nice job teaching but they also helped prepare me for my future college career.
There is a great community supporting the students, and the teachers do really care about the well being of their student body. There are sometimes new programs or ideas implemented that require a lot of time and don't seem to be very effective. But beyond that inconvenience, Northwest is a great place to be.
Overall, Northwest High School is a great school to attend. The teachers are all really nice and you can go to anyone of them for help anytime. The only negative I can say is they put a lot of money into the football program when they are not good and no money into the other sport programs like tennis. The tennis courts are so bad that the team cannot host any home games. Trying to practice on them has been difficult as well.
Overall, Northwest is a great community. However, the school is overcrowded, and the amount of fights has increased this year.
The school teaches you what you need to know and helps you graduate. Teachers aren’t too bad because some love to help but some don’t. The school overall is helpful and and a nice place to be.
I have never been to another school so I can't speak for other schools but Northwest is a great school. I love the teachers and the experience the school gives to students. However, as a Career Center student, I am not as informed as I would like to be. As a senior in high school, I now have due dates of when things should get done for college like FASFA, college applications, and etc. I honestly have no idea as of what to do for college and the schools plans for the College and Career Access Center lady to come during focus time when I have to eat lunch and leave for Career Center. I just feel excluded from a lot of things that go on in the school. I am not the only one who complains about this. I have to work after school and a lot of the time I cannot work on my college stuff after school. I feel like the school just has poor planning; especially for the Career Center students.
I love the music program at Northwest. However, our school still focuses more on athletics even though the music program is known throughout the county.
My experience with Northwest high school was a decent one in the education department. I believe that they have a good idea of what they want to strive for in the development of students education and career choice. My reasoning for marking at an average experience is due to the athletics here, they are not up to par with a school of this size. The coaching staff in my time being involved with the school seems as if though they are not in the betterment of the school but more for people whom they want to succeed personally. My athletic career was greatly affected by how the coaches here held personal grudges against the athletes and refused to play athletes because they never gave them a chance to develop and grow from their mistakes as humans do. In conclusion the school is a wonderful place to go for an education and staff who seem like they care about their students well being and their success in the school.
Northwest High School is overall a good school. I love the community and how their input is taken when making decisions. We come together for community events and I think that is very awesome. There are some staff members, that I think need to be taken care of because of their behavior with students. Our music program is very well known and we have a great music program. The school prepares us for college and what is ahead for our future. There is bullying that goes on in the school and some doesn't get taken care of. I love the different kinds of sports we have at the school and how we support each sport. The clubs are very diverse and students can have the chance to do what they love. I think Northwest is a good school, but some things just need to change.
At Northwest it is apparent that the teachers have your best interest. They from personal relationships with students in order promote success.
My overall experience was great. I switched here from a different school and as a person I improved so much better.
I liked the atmosphere. I just wish that your name didn’t have to be on the school board by relation to be noticed.
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The only thing I really wanted more of was time! I graduated so happily! Unfortunately, I had come from a school where I was insanely bullied. Northwest was a safe haven for me, and I finally excelled in school!
Northwest High School has a lot of pride and good people. There aren't many great classes, but there are enough to warrant bringing your child here, and the athletic programs are top notch.
Amazing school with wonderful teachers who care from each of their students and have their best interests at hand. No one ever feels left behind or alone. One of the most friendly environment to ever be in.
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