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Northwest Christian is a very good school for parents looking for a school that teaches discipline along side with having fun . The academics at the school are good and does prepare students for college. Class sizes are small so it gives students a one on one experience with teachers . Students are able to create bonds with students and teachers like no other . Northwest does lack a little diversity and isn’t too cultured despite the mount of Students that are from other places . The food is ....about average, Student can always bring lunch if anything Overall Northwest is not too bad of a school
This school have given me a multitude of leadership training and mentors to college prep and critical skill development. I greatly appreciate it and wish to give back for my gratitude.
I have went to Northwest Christian Academy since I was 2 years old. The experience there gets better and better as the years go by. I am a senior now and I can admit that when I think of leaving NCA I get scared, because the feeling being that like home. NCA makes you feel as though it's not a school, but a family. The reason is first they introduce you to God and then academics. Most importantly they are committed to make you have a great relationship with Christ. Now that I think about it NCA is a great school and I'll recommend anyone to go to this school. You may not like the workload and challenges, but the experience is one you will never forget.
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I attending northwest christian was a overall good experiences. when attending the northwest the atmosphere of friends and staff is great . The work is challenging to the mind which excels the students to greatness. The things i will like to see changes are more activities and clubs in the school.
This is a GREAT school! Their focus is providing a great education and producing the future leaders of tomorrow with a solid Christian foundation. We have 3 children attending this school at each level - elementary, middle & high school - and at each level, we are very well pleased with the quality of the education along with the atmosphere of the school. The staff & administration are have created a familial atmosphere. Your child's progress is frequently communicated throughout each quarter and the teachers are readily available to address any concerns you may have. The administration is great and they work very hard at providing a world class education and reinforcing good behavior, which starts at home. If you are looking for a school to be your partner in the education and guidance of your child, then look no further, Northwest Christian will be a great pillar in your village.
My experience at Northwest Christian Academy was one of greatness. The teachers are exemplary at what they do, and aid students in all issues in education.
There are various types of clubs at Northwest Christian Academy. They are fun and full of learning. However there could be more clubs that would be appealing to other students.
This school is unique because everybody in the school knows each other. Once a student becomes enrolled in the school they become family. Our athletics department is just as great as our academics department. The athletes at this school are very competitive. They train hard, but they don't forget about the importance of school. I would choose this school again because it feels like I'm part of a family and it was a very great experience.
The teachers at Northwest Christian Acaadmey are great. They do everything in their power to ensure that the students are getting the best education possible. The classes are very interactive and hands on. They also incorporate technology along with real world examples.
The classes were small so it was much easier to focus on work, although this is also a disadvantage for people who prefer to work in groups.
well rounded school for education
my experience at the school had been okay , this school has a good quality of teaching and it helped me achieve alot of my study habits that I lacked mentally.
The school is well rounded with Christ and the learning experience is great.
For the most part this is a good school. Coming in as a freshman I was looking to be pushed academically and this school filled in that void that I so desperately needed in order to prepare for life after high school. I believe ultimately the way this school pushes students in academics it sets this school apart from others. Other schools kind of allows their students to get by, it is virtually impossible to do that in this school.
Every teacher there has their own teaching styles and does a good job of implementing their own way in teaching their lesson to the students adequately. Most teachers are consistent with their grades, only way their grades are prolonged is if something occurred in their life that made them put it on hold for a little bit or late work, make up work but for the most part they are consistent with grades.
Resources are available to students for the most part it is up to the students to take advantage of it. Also, the facilities and the conditions of the buildings are running efficiently.
The school is a good safeguard for parents to bring their children into. Me personally as a student never really had to worry or think about the safety of my school being exploited because there were individuals who made sure that the school is a safeguard for young minds to learn and grow.
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The school-wide policies are put in place to establish a firm disciplinary foundation for the students and the staff. The only way these policies will actually be well respected is if the principal, teachers and office staff gets involved if they are not involved children don't have no fear of getting put in check.
I like the different types of clubs and the level of commitment for each club. Each club is being led by good professional individuals.
In order to be a student at this school aside from being financially able to contribute, the student had to take an entrance test to test and see where the student's comprehension level is at. Also, there is a short interview with the student and his or her parents with the school's principle about the order of things at the school.
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