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Northwest Career & Technical Academy High School Reviews

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Compared to the other tech schools in Nevada, northwest lacks a lot of the program areas and other basic classes that other schools have. For example, when I attended northwest, the only musical related class was orchestra.
My high school experience at Northwest Career and Technical Academy was something I will always remember and enjoy. The school emphasizes uniting students and teachers. I felt welcomed and protected at this high school. The one improvement or change I would personally do is, hold back on the amount of workload. There were times in school where I felt suffocated by the amount of workload. Overall, its a very good school.
I like that they provided me with an early childhood class as my magnet program, because it helped me get an idea of what the career I will pursuing will be like. I enjoy this class a lot and it makes me excited to go to college.
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I really enjoyed my experience at Northwest Career & Technical Academy throughout my high school experience. Throughout my four years at this institution, I made relationships that lift me up and inspire me to do better and focus on my future and education. I was also able to create relationships with my teachers and I had some that truly cared about their students and created such a beautiful academic atmosphere. I had teachers that really taught me not only academic lessons but also life lessons that I am able to apply today as a college freshman. The students at this institution really helped to create a loving and accepting atmosphere that is truly diverse. I can honestly say that I really loved being a student at Northwest Career & Technical Academy which left me with life long relationships and lessons.
its a pretty great school. the students are friendly, the teachers are very attentive. I never felt unsafe here. whenever there was an issue at the school they, it was dealt with in a timely and reasonable manor. the school is very clean overall,
NWCTA definitely nurtures and fosters a love for the program area you enter. Although stressful at times, as a current college students, I am happy to have undergone the stress during my years at NWCTA as it has prepared me for college.
Overall my experience at Northwest Career & Technical Academy has not been that bad. Some teacher are eager to help and really care about the students, and I was greatful to get those teachers through teh three years that I have been there so far. Also the people are very kind there and understanding. Also if you ever need to talk to someone about home problems, or problems you may be experiencing in general, the psycology teacher is very helpful and a great person to talk to, becasue she can relate yo people.
This is a wonderful high school if your student is college bound. Academics are superior and I feel that the teachers know the students due to small class sizes. No behavioral issues with the students either. Highly recommended.
Northwest Career and Technical Academy is the high school I attended from 2009-2013. This high school is a magnet school, meaning kids are free to chose their program of study. They stick with this program throughout the entirety of their high school career. This high school greatly helped prepare me for college level studies. I am incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to attend this high school. I went into college knowing exactly what to expect.
At Northwest Career and Technical Academy, I have learned a lot of important skills that I would have not learned at a regular high school. At Northwest, there is an onsite kindergarten I have been able to get real life teaching experience. I am also currently doing an internship, this in addition to the kindergarten, that has allowed me to discover my love for teaching and make it so that I want to pursue teaching in college.
This school really helped me prepare for college. We were assigned a lot of extensive projects and we learned how to work in groups. The culture of the school was very diverse and it helped me meet a lot of different people. The school was definitely stressful at times but I overall had a good experience.
I love the environment at this school. The teachers and faculty are extremely supportive and helpful not only about this school and about homework/assignments, but also about college and preparing students for life after high school, which I tremendously appreciate because sometimes it is hard for me to figure out those things, such as finding and applying for scholarships, filling out college applications, etc.
I have had a fantastic experience at NorthWest. It is a great environment with lots of independence. However, the pressure in academics can become overwhelming. I would like to see changes in these sorts of unrealistic expectations.
The admin isn't the best because they care most about themselves rather than the students. There aren't any sports, but there are clubs. There isn't very much school spirit either. Though, the academics are good for the most part.
My experience with Northwest so far has been pretty good. The work load can be pretty tough at times but it’s really what is as expected for a magnet CTE school. The teachers I have experienced here are pretty nice for the most part. My biomedical teacher as of right now, Mr.Hamburg, has been really nice to help out everyone with college advice and life advice in general. He has helped with all of our needs which I find really good. He really is a reliable teacher and is very helpful and sometimes you just don’t get that. Another person that I find very helpful at that school is Mrs.Lane. I just started school not too long ago and having her as a teacher has been very excellent. I love how she teachers and you can tell her anything that is going on. She has given us so much advice and I love it.
Being a student here was draining due to the lack of creative activities and sports. The arts were lacking due to the focus on program areas. The administration would micromanage the students and there were many limitations on what student council could do for the school. Academics were great since that was the main focus. Teachers expressed that they actually cared for us and many resources were available to students. I wish there was more of an emphasis on fun activities such as events and assemblies to create a more memorable high school experience.
NWCTA is a great choice for high school. It is smaller and more community oriented than the other public high schools in Las Vegas. Academics are geared to college preparation so students are less overwhelmed when attending college. The academics program is amazing. The high school offers all high school required courses in addition to an advanced trade program. I believe the trade program makes students well rounded and better prepared for their academic career going forward.
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I went here for the medical professions program area and I am very glad to say that I am thankful for the experience and knowledge I have gained, as I can see that it will carry on throughout my future academic career. Going to Northwest can take up a lot of your time. Lots of students here cannot make up for the time that other students in normal, non-magnet schools are able to have. Expect for some teachers to hold your hand, while others won't. It can be very stressful on time and being at Northwest really gives you the sense that you are up and competing with your peers to be a really good student. There are very good and well-behaved students inside the classroom.
It’s a good school, it’s definitely what you make it also. It definitely prepares you a little bit in college, in terms of work load and program areas.
Northwest is full of so many opportunities to learn and grow, however at times it can be a little overwhelming. There is a lot of room to expand and grow up- the staff is pretty supportive.
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