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I love the campus and the teachers I have had. The entire staff is supportive and helpful, but I do wish that we had a different schedule such as an AB schedule instead of a 6 hour block schedule. I feel safe in this school and are surrounded by peers that I don't have too many issues with, and if I do have an issue, the school takes care of it right away.
The teachers and staff are outstanding. The academics and classes really help you and the teachers relate what we are learning in class to real-world scenarios.
Northview High School is a great school with a variety of classes and extracurricular activities with varying levels of difficulty in each. The sports programs are pretty okay, not bad but not fantastic. The arts programs have so much potential but need the funding for it. Did we need brand new equipment for the exercise room, not really. Do we really need a room devoted to the three person golf team when the funds could be put towards one of the art departments that are in constant need of funds? Hint the answer is still no. The music departments are great, the marching band is actually really good and the choirs have the potential to be award winning but again, they need the funding. The same goes for the visual arts, there are so many artistically gifted student but the resources are not there for them. The theater program is severely underfunded and under advertised, I wouldn't be surprised if half the school doesn't even know it exists.
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I found that I could easily talk to the other students but I never had a set friend group as many kids liked to stay at a distance. The teachers are great except many definitely have favorites.
The renovations they did a few years ago definitely made the school a lot nicer looking, but they didn't think about the safety aspect of making the whole front of the school out of plain glass windows.
I love the teachers and staff at the high school. They are very friendly and work with you to help with anything you need. The "new" part of the school is fantastic with renovations that brought it up to speed with the rest of the generation. The "old" part of the school often struggles with different things such as temperature regulation and occasional bathroom floods. Overall, my experience has been great.
I have had a pretty good experience at Northview. I've been there my whole life and I am not disappointed. The football games are fun, it just sucked that that the start time was moved to 5 for the last couple games. Friends have come and gone but that is just life, overall my time in school has been fun.
The community is very good. The academics could definitely use improvement and some of the teachers are lazy. However, there are many stellar teachers who are producing passionate young students that are prepared for college. The school spirit is very big at Northview. There's no better place!
I've been attending Northview for over 6 years now, when I started going to the middle school is when things went downhill. The students act up and the teachers do nothing about it, I currently attend the high school and it's even worse here. There are even certain teachers who even encourage the students immature behavior. Teachers aren't strict at all besides a couple, students constantly leaving class to smoke or vape int he bathrooms. If I could transfer schools I would easily.
I really liked how one on one the school services can be and the length they go to help each student succeed. I enjoyed the positive atmosphere and amazing teachers that are there to assist in the students moving on to life's next step after high school.
The teachers seem to actually want to be there to teach you so you do well. They also don't push you for college but teach us good employability skills
My Northview experience could have been better. When I came to Northview as a freshman, it was kind of hard to fit in because everyone else had already know each other from Crossroads. For the most part, the students were nice. Northview is like any other school. The academics were alright. Some classes you just crushed but some were very difficult with little assistance.
All around Northview is a good school with lots of great support from your peers and teachers, only if you applied yourself. With it being my senior year I feel as though Northview has helped prepare me for life's next step.
Every high school has its issues, but Northview really is a great school. The variety of classes is high and even though there is sometimes miscommunication, the guidance counselors work hard to connect with each student and get them on the right track. If I had to change anything, I would like to see more funding towards the band, theater, and lesser known sports such as rowing. I am in both band and rowing and wish they received more help from the school.
I think Northview is a pretty dandy choice. It has a large selection of courses to choose from. I did wish there were more hands on courses at the but they made up for it by allowing the students to take some classes at another school that is more hands on. Most of the classes I've had there had teachers that were pretty awesome. There way of teaching made it easy to understand some of the more complex subjects. Overall, I'd say that the school is a worthwhile school to go to.
Northview High school has yet to disappoint me. It's a great environment to be around including the students and teachers. The teachers are highly educated and one specific english teacher of mine just got her doctorate degree. I am proud to be apart of this school but like anything and anywhere, nothing is perfect. Northview ha it's imperfections. But it's those imperfections and our diversification that keeps us united. Our moto, "preparing students for life's next step," clearly portrays Northview excellence and readiness.
It’s so great hear! The teachers do everything for the students and I know that Northview has a student first atmosphere! This school has prepared me for life’s next step and I am thankful to have gone to Northview.
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I like that the school offers many AP classes and gets students prepared for college. The only change would be is when they upgraded the school it was still not equipped with air conditioning in most areas of the school.
Northview is truly a one of a kind school. I know everyone says that about their school, but Northview's number one priority is priding itself in the fact that it's a community. It's all about the community. Almost everyone in a 10 mile radius has gone to Northview. Many of the teachers were once students. Many parents are sending their kids there. The blood runs deep in the halls of Northview. It makes it easier to integrate into the school (which is what I did my freshman year). Everyone knows everyone and everyone is very kind to one another. As I begin my senior year, I know that I am very blessed to have gone to a school that truly had my best interest in mind and didn't compromise that for anything.
I really enjoy the new 3/4 of our building and the fun times we have in class. It is a pretty safe environment with cool students and teachers who are pretty funny. We learn, and have many opportunities to learn, many things even if it isn't always fun. Our different arts programs thrive and we have many fun activities that the school provides. I do wish some teachers would gain more fun personalities, the food was better, and we had our glorious, big, doughy cookies back. But, overall going to Northview High School has been a great high school experience and I will be proud to say "Go Cats!"
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