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Northside College Preparatory High School Reviews

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I like that it prepared me for what college is like in terms of the workload and academics while challenging me to become more assertive and organized. I do not like the environment at all because the people are so intense and very exclusive which does not make me feel included all of the time. Overall, it has been a good experience for me though and I am glad that I was given the oppurtunity to endure it.
I very much like the student body, it did not take me very long to make friends that lasted through the entirety of my time here. Northside also provides great facilities and resources, something not many high schools have and we were definitely fortunate in that regard. However, because the school is considered one of the very best in Illinois, there is always this underlying competition between students to be the "smartest" one, whether on purpose or not. What is normally considered academically advanced in other high school institutions is considered average at Northside.
Northside is definitely a school for nerds, but that's not a bad thing. Our academics are, of course, stronger than most and most of our sports teams don't do that great, but the support from teachers and fellow students made my experience so much better.
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Some teachers can be very good and professional; however, some make the year you have them the worst learning experience. The fact that Northside students make Northside great has been acknowledged among my peers. Sometimes, we have no idea what we learn in class and have to learn the materials by ourselves using online resources.
Being a student at Northside can be very challenging depending on classes and teachers one chooses.
I have to admit that the arts and music courses offered by our school are wonderful and definitely worth taking. But, Northside has to do better in terms of math, science, and English courses as a college preparatory school.
Northside College Prep is a wonderful place filled with students that have bright futures awaiting them. The office staff and teachers are always ready to help and the atmosphere that is present at Northside is very comforting.
I have been a student here for four years and I have gained an education that was filled with immersive and divergent learning. The classes are challenging, but they push me to work harder. I love how there is a lot of diversity in this school. For example, there are many cultural dance teams that bring the school together.
I am in my senior year at Northside College Preparatory High School. The past 4 years here have fostered a passion for learning and exploration in me.
I am a senior at Northside College Preparatory High School. I have grown so much through being involved in the community here and my peers and teachers have helped me form as passion for learning.
I am very lucky to attend Northside College Prep. Starting high school was a difficult transition- I had attended the same elementary school my entire life, so I had zero experience starting at a new school. However, I was lucky enough to find my niche. I joined the cross country team, and it was the best decision I could have made. I started the school year knowing people, which made the transition easier, and I found a hobby that I am passionate about. The best part about Northside is that it has a smaller community for everyone. I have found my place on the cross country and track teams; in the journalism class; and in the environmental club. There are places for everyone! From anime club, to the basketball team, to theater programs, Northside offers opportunities for everyone. Like any other school, Northside has its fair share of issues, but it provides countless opportunities for anything you might be interested in.
This was an amazing experience where I constantly felt supported not only by the teachers, but also the many counselors and social workers available. I made many friends here, and not a day went by where I felt like what I did here didn't matter. This school made me feel truly prepared for the next steps in life.
Attending this school has provided me with opportunities I would have not gotten at any school. The teachers are kind for the most part, some more than others. At times, the workload can be too much.
Northside is an amazing school with a diverse student body and supportive teachers. Though it doesn't have a football team, it does offer rigorous courses and challenges students while providing them the support they need.
Although Northside can be difficult, it's taught me how to succeed academically all the while encouraging me to be myself. The wonderful environment and community at Northside provides an incredible support system as I find out who and what I want to become.
Northside is a wonderful school! It has well-behaved students, millions of opportunities available, and great academics. Everyone is open-minded and doesn't discriminate against people different from them. There are clubs for almost everything... from watching movies to volunteering. Academically Northside is fairly fast-paced and challenging... but luckily they have enrichment courses available on Wednesdays.

I do have a few complaints about this school though... I have noticed that there's huge pressure from everyone when it comes to grades. If you get anything less than an A or sometimes 93% you're treated oddly.

Also, they always serve pizza!!!! Every single day!!! We need more variety, please!!!
Great school! The facility it one of a kind and the art program is superb. Definitely proper funding for the music department. Academics at Northside are amazing.
Northside (aka Nerdside) is the place to go if you plan on going to college. This school sets you up for it, but also give you a great sense of community. Although Northside doesn't have great sports scope (or a football team), the activities and dance clubs are amazing and something that is cherished at Northside.
There are so many resources and opportunities that aren't available at other schools. I am very thankful for them and for our teachers.
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Northside is a very accepting environment and I'm happy to have spent my four years of secondary education here. The teachers know what they're teaching and they love the subjects that they teach. The students are relaxed, for the most part, and everyone is usually on top of their work. Staff and security keep the place clean and safe and they always seem to have a smile on their faces.
The academics are fantastic and the facilities are very well kept and funded. The arts department is especially great, and by far the best of any gen ed high school in Chicago. The music and theater programs and extracurriculars also receive plenty of attention and proper funding. The school has fantastic extracurriculars, especially dance and cultural clubs, though I cannot speak to the sports. The only issues might come in the general CPS woes, and the fact that the school's culture can often get slightly hyper-competitive and grades focused due to the rigorous academics.
I really liked my time at Northside. All my teachers were kind and always ready to help. As a current college freshman, the transition was definitely aided by the resources I had at Northside. The academics were challenging and I got to meet people from across the city. There are so many clubs and sports available for students that you can easily get involved in.
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