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What i like at Northside is the sports and the schooling there has helped me throughout the years, I first went there in 7th grade, I didn't know what to do because it was different then the school I came from. Now i can do math or English or any class without having to stress about how good I did. The teachers there will help you if you need help in anything and everybody is on the same page because its a really small school, there is about 50 to 70 in middle school and high school.
I love attending Northside Christian Academy. I have grew up in this school and have attended here since Pre-K. One thing I would like to see change is healthier school lunches. The teachers here are amazing. They are willing to sit down with a student and have one on one conversations to help them better understand their work.
Northside is a pretty average school. Some teachers actually involve the students in their teaching instead of just lecturing like some other teachers. The facilities are very well designed and they keep the middle school and high school separated. The food at Northside is okay at some times. My favorite is Taco Tuesday. That is definitely the best food day. I play all sports but soccer at Northside and we have a good sports program.
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I started going to Northside Christian Academy in the 6th grade. I have made so many wonderful memories during my years there. I like the teachers and staff, they are all very helpful and care about the students. I especially like how we do not have all of the standards tests. I see many of my friends who attend puclic schools stressing over testing days and scores. I feel I have gotten a good education there, especially since the dual enrollment program started. I really like the sports program. I have played on the volleyball and softball team since my first year there. I do wish the school had a music program, that would be nice.
Northside Christian Academy is full of encouraging teachers who strive to help their students grow spiritually and academically. Unfortunately, due to many of the teachers’ desire to expand all his/her student’s knowledge academically, other students in the class suffer since no new material is being taught or learned. During the first three years in attendance at Northside Christian Academy, college readiness was not a top priority for the school. This year the school has bugun making advances into the technology realm which is believed to better prepare their students for college and/ or the work force.

During my time enrolled in Northside Christian Academy, I received excellent coaching in the basketball and soccer athletic programs.

Overall, I believe this school is beginning thrive under its administration.
I've had a great experience at Northside Christian Academy. I feel that I am well prepared for college.
My experience with Northside Christian Academy has been amazing. I have been here since I was in kindergarten and have loved it ever since. The atmosphere is great and the teachers really care about the students.
I have grown up at Northside Christian Academy and have enjoyed being able to be at a Christian school and serve alongside other Christians. NCA has made me into the young woman I am today and I couldn't be more thankful for the foundation that they have set for my college career. Two things I would like to see changed at NCA would be that the school eventually provide every high school student with a laptop to do their studies on, because many students cannot afford a computer. Also, I would like to see that the curriculm not be switched back and forth as much, but for NCA to have a solid curriculm to work with.
The Administration at Northside is very strict but very willing to play around if you do follow the rules. They just want to attain a well-mannered school.
Northside's Academics are great! The teachers are very willing to stay after and help you until you attain whatever knowledge it is that you are having trouble with!
The Extracurricular Activities are great! We have basketball, tackle football, flag football for the middle school, softball, cheerleading and archery! We have many opportunities for competition!
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