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This school prepares most students academically. A handful of teachers actually care about about the students actually comprehending work given. Other teachers give opinions on matters as if they are facts almost trying to brainwash students. In addition, administration and teachers could care less about understanding students of color. Prejudice actions are swept under the rug alot at this school. But one thing cared about at this school is the safety.
very welcoming, supportive and really enjoyable. I transfered there after 3 years of private school looking for a new start. I was excepted with open arms by all falculty, teachers, and students.
I like the academic environment and the teachers are amazing! The funding was too much into sports and not the arts unfortunately
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Provides an excellent opportunity for education. Many honors/accelerated opportunities available, as well as remedial options. Would like to see the school start later than 7:30 AM, as this is NOT when children and adolescents are most productive cognitively.
I have greatly enjoyed my time at Northshore. With dedicated teachers and kind peers, the school succeeds in being a challenging and caring community that encourages all students to participate in lifelong learning. With that being said, lunch could always improve.
School is good for college readiness and the current principal is one of the best you can get. Northshore is a school that mostly shows you how to be independent in academics. Like most schools, not everything about Northshore is good, but overall the school would be a good choice to bring your kid to.
I loved the teachers and academics. The administration are always kind and look out for out best interest. The councilors are super helpful in the journey towards college, and i feel like they have done a superb job of setting me up for success.
I have enjoyed attending Northshore HS. It is a safe and highly rated school. It offers many extracurricular activities. There is something for everyone!
Northshore High School does an excelent job preparing their students for college and provides students with an abundance of resources. However, I would like to see a change in the level of adility of the duel enrollment teachers. it seems as though those teachers certified to teach duel enrollment can get away with whatever they do.
I like the dedication and involvement from the faculty. They relied more-so on positive reinforcement and encourage and always found ways to make learning fun.
The academics are the best in the district… on paper. The majority of the teachers can’t really teach and shouldn’t have the job. Especially honors/AP/DE teachers. They expect you to know everything already and don’t teach you. A couple of the teachers were good and I felt like I learned something from them, but the majority were trash.
I think the school is great quality! The administration is very helpful and accommodating to the students needs. I really would recommend this high school to anyone considering it.
I would like to see more diversity and involvement in the sports around school. Other than that, the school life here is great.
Not enough electives to choose from for students. Too much emphasis on sports by the administration and little support by the administration for arts/music programs. Not enough language courses to select from. Latin and engineering classes were removed. No classes on American sign language which can be used for foreign language requirements. Currently, only 2 counselors in the entire school who have to meet the needs of 1600+students.
I came into Northshore my junior year of high school. I was the new kid at school but I received an incredibly warming welcome from the school and the community overall. The amount of staff and students that are involved astonished me. Every football game was packed. There always seems to be something going on each week. I was impressed also of how open-minded and friendly the students are in terms of who they hang out with. Since the city is small, the school is small, so students have a better connection with their teachers and classmates. Northshore is a very nice surprise.
As an LBGTQ student, I was not accepted in this school. But that is a common experience. I decided to come out as a senior. I was accepted by the women, but the guys were not accepting of me.
My experience at northshore was very great. All the teachers help you learn and get a solid understanding of the curriculum. Also they offer a lot of help if needed in certain areas All the students become very close in their class through multiple spirt stick events,football games, and etc.
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Excellent teachers, well sized, properly funded. I really enjoyed my time here. I came here in the middle of the school year but thanks to the helpful teachers and nice students I adjusted very well
Northshore is a hard school academically. Each teacher is different with very different teaching styles. Some teachers make the class enjoyable and other make the class feel like it will never end. Some of the faculty, such as the senior counselors , are very rude to students but the rest of the faculty is very nice and helpful. The food is good on certain days.
At Northshore High School, the faculty and staff is very caring and engaged with their students. I am overall pleased with my high school experience, however, I would like to see the student body grow to become one big family. If all the students came together we could make the school an even better experience.
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