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Northridge Preparatory School Reviews

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The school is very small but that’s what makes it great. Lot more freedom than I expected but in a high school. We are treated fairly. This school has the best academics and teachers. Dedicated and well knowledge are they know for. Sports are ok in a sense but have a great spirit during games.
Honestly a great place to be. Teachers are always looking to support you and are truly interested in how you are doing. The basketball games are a lot of fun. Very easy to get involved and to even start your own club or program. Students are all very smart and care for one another by attending each others events and so on. Very happy I was able to attend here.
Wish I had more positive things to say, but families prioritize money and image over substance and learning. Gifted learners will find themselves bored. Kids are placed in advanced classes not by merit, but by family wealth or to balance classroom capacity causing slow pace and behavior issues. Half of the students, approximately, behave in below-grade maturity levels. Student body, in great number, were expelled from other Catholic Schools in the area. Toxic environment that prioritizes competition with each other over support, Brotherhood, and learning. High turnover of students and teachers. Avg ACT score is more like 25-26, numbers, grades, and student achievements are embellished. Kids are average or below average with bad attitudes adding to the toxic atmosphere. Overbearing obsession with basketball. If your son doesn't idolize basketball, he will not fit in. Period. Animalistic, entitled behavior. Non-Catholics can opt out of Religion.
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This was the best decision I have ever made to send my son to this school. Exelent theachers. Feels like family. Recommended to everyone.
My brother is an international student and has attended Northridge for one year. He will be a junior next year. It has been a great year for him, because he has been challenged. Though he cannot play sports, he joined chess club, math team, and plays violin in Northridge Strings. Most of full-time international students are from China. However, they have exchange students from Mexico and Spain and that's a fun experience for all students.
Teachers have been supportive and excellent in teaching. You can just tell that they enjoy teaching and they care! It's a good place for boys to grow and build characters.
The facility of the school is a bit on the small side, but they make it up by the quality of faculty and students. It's a pretty diverse student pool, much better than others that we have visited in North and West Suburbs.
It's a great, small community of very good people who are always there to help. I've never in my mind thought of it in a bad way and everyday i look forward to school.
Northridge is a decent school with good attributes, but with good attributes also come not too. good attributes. Most of the teachers are well educated, but some of them are also hired just because they went to Northridge, some without teaching degrees. Some of the students are rude to one-another and vape. Also sports at this school are fun to participate in, but some of the students don't include each other for many reason I don't really want to talk about.
Northridge is a pretty good school for its size. the sports teams are good for the small size of the school because the coaches are good. the college preparation is also pretty good because the school counselor knows everyone by name. the teachers are for the most part good, but there are some that are not. the curriculum is mostly the same for all the boys, with few exceptions. most of your classes are chosen for you and many kids who don't want to be taking or aren't prepared to be taking AP classes are forced to.
Northridge fosters learning, brotherhood, faith, and family values. Through its small school mentality, it is allowed to reach each student as an individual instead of just a number. The level of academics is astronomically higher than its competition as each student is required to take all honors and college level classes. The atmosphere is undoubtably unique and irreplaceable. I will for sure miss it and consider myself incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to excel along side such great men of character and honor.
Everything here is great. Except students feel that money and the material goods they own is all that matters. Students vape in and around the school. Also the students feel the need to mak3 fun of others for their race or ethnicity and make fun of you for your political views. Lots of homework is given. Some classes you are expected to learn everything in one day and have a 50,100,200, etc. test the next day.
This school uses its incredible teachers, diverse student body, numerous activities, veteran coaches, incredible faith formation, and powerful sense of camaraderie to teach students to understand the world from a different perspective, one that many of the other schools of the world don't have. This, I believe, gives the students an independent and innate understanding and respect about how the world is.
Every teacher is more than qualified to teach in their respective fields. Each class provides its own unique challenges, but huge opportunities for personal and academic growth. Teachers will address any problem a student may have to ensure their success. Classes instill valuable skills that are necessary for college classes and provide enough opportunities through the required AP courses to further a student's preparedness. Outside of classes, there are plenty of opportunities for self discovery through the many clubs and activities. When a certain activity may not be available, the administration is happy to try and work out an alternative or even start something new. Northridge Prep's size plays to its advantage in that each student receives personal attention, succeeds in extracurriculars, and forms meaningful relationships in ways that may not otherwise have happened at larger institutions.
Very good school of all boys. There is no dorms in the school. But the hosting family arrangement for international students is a wonderful idea.
Northridge has been great for me. I don't know of any other schools that have the flexibility, unique student leadership, and the academic rigor that has prepared me for future success.
Great teachers who truly care about the well being of their students. Great Catholic faith formation, as well as inclusion for other religions. Dr. Smith's class is the best around. Very good for preparing for APs, college, and life.
Northridge is truly a gem of a school. Academics are rigorous but good grades are attainable with hard work. The atmosphere around the school is unmatched; this is a place to make friendships that will last a lifetime. My faith as a Catholic was also strengthened by the top notch faculty of the school, many of whom are members of Opus Dei.
Academics tend to be weak. While I mostly felt prepared for college, I feel that I was never challenged enough while there. Small handful of select parents run the school...sadly, money talks.
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I think that the enviroment in this school is great, But the students in the school do not like to let other people into their groups. overall great academics and teachers. (except dr. kelliher)
There are many extracurricular activities. You choose what is best for you.
I was accepted for me, didn't face racism.
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