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I have been a student at Northlake Christian since 7th grade and it was the best decision my mother and I could have made for my education and spiritual growth. The atmosphere of encouragement from both teachers and faculty provides an excellent place to prepare for college and life in general. While the student body has diversity, there is always room for improvement.
So happy that NCS reinforces family and Christian values. Only negative is that administration and Board decisions sometimes seem more politically motivated than academically...
Save your money. You can get better teaching and academics for free from the local public schools. The school tries to implement a Christian atmosphere. Dishonesty runs rampant. Administration has issues resolving problems and many problems are overlooked. From the words of a child, “Glad I’m already a Christian because if I weren’t I would want nothing to do with Christianity after being at this school”. I write this review for the children. It breaks my heart that parents are so deceived. The Israelites wondered in the dessert for 40 years. Hoping eventually the school can fully display what it is supposed to stand for and be the reflection of the original dream it was meant to be.
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Northlake Christian School is one of the few private schools in the Covington area. We are a 2A school and participate in numerous sports and club activities. The academics this school offers creates opportunities for the students to start early in their college classes. There are multiple Duel Enrollement and AP classes offered and the electives have a very wide variety of choices. There is also an internship program that helps students figure out what employment track they would want to continue in. Despite the many positive qualities, there are a few flaws. For example, it is very hard to be independent and experience life and the different challenges life throws at you. It is also hard to have a separate life that the administration is not apart of. The administration monitors every students social networks, and activities outside of school. This can be very helpful in keeping us out of trouble, so when things do happen, we don’t know how to handle it.
I'd like to see a more open minded administration as well as more student involvement. The school will never improve without the support and engagement of its students.
My experience with Northlake Christian School has been positive overall. The administration and students radiate with school spirit and the atmosphere could not be more accepting.
I love Northlake. The school I came from treated me as an outcast, so when I came to Northlake as a Freshman in Fall of 2014, I instantly felt part of a family. I can go to any number of teachers with any number of topics and they will always have a listening ear. I will admit, though, when someone steps out of line, they fix it quickly and sometimes a bit harshly, but follow the rules, and you'll be just fine. As far as academics and college readiness are concerned, they are the best in town and make improvements whenever there is an opportunity.
I'm a middle school student who attended NCS. I didn't like it because of the environment, some of the teachers I had knew what they were teaching but other kids in my class took the spotlight and never received discipline. Sports seem to run the school instead of academics.... In my opinion. This was my first year at this school and I felt behind in education.By that I mean the school is lacking in education, many of the kids in their 8th grade class are leaving to go to another High school because of lack of education like I mentioned.
I am a graduate of NCS, and have made the decision to send my children to this school because of how far it has come and is continuing to progress. I feel safe having my kids in an environment that is healthy spiritually, mentally, and physically. The educational opportunities are constantly growing. I am excited to see where the promising future takes this school.
Overall, Northlake is good for a private christian school. The academics are a little lacking. As there are many students enrolled in AP classes that make an A in the class but do not pass the exam. They do a good job of trying to create well balanced students. I do not recommend the school if you do not believe in strong and stern disciplinary action for any wrong doing.
The activities are engaging and competitive. Keeping our minds focused and building skills we need in our futures
The food is amazing, the janitorial staff does a great job at cleaning our school.
In the beginning of attending this school I did feel left out, but as whole student body, we have overcome issues like that. We try to accept and make everyone feel welcomed.
I know that the teacher are my elders, and I respect my elders as taught by my parents. But i am very much comfortable in approaching my teachers about an issue I am having or for any reason at all. The teachers are there to give us advice for our futures. That i appreciate.
Many extracurriculars available even in Elementary.
Personal attention in a caring, safe, but strict envirnment.
up-to-date technology, and resources. Plenty of tutoring available. Counselors are accessible and helpful and provide informational meetings and
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I always feel safe and cared for.
Everyone wants to help, and they discipline because they care.
I'm not an athletic person, but they seem good!
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