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Great community to be in! You are welcome into every teacher's classroom for help an everyone is always so welcoming!
For having a school be this small, they offer a lot of academic courses, but it's not much compared to a high school in Fargo, ND. It's only because we are limited by the size and we resources that are available to us.
Like I said before, if you're not in sports, you're automatically "uncool" but as a senior now, I think our class is changing its way of thinking. They're finally realizing that you don't have to be in sports to be in the same social circle
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The extracurricular activities that are available are good for how small our school is, but students who are athletic become the favorite student than those who aren't in sports.
When you go to a smaller school like Northern Cass, it's more like a family. You know just about everyone who goes here even though it's kindergarten through 12th grade.
They know all of their students by name. The students are their friends, not just same name in the grade book. All the teachers go out of their way to help each and every student to succeed in their class.
I think that this school does a very good job of protecting and caring for it's students. I have never felt in danger or neglected in any aspect of the safety situation at Northern Cass. If anything, I felt they were overly cautious, but who wouldn't take that over the latter option. There was very regular fire and extreme weather drills. They did drug sweeps and car sweeps a few times a year. Like I stated previously, I always felt very safe at school and any related school event.
They have such an eclectic mix of activities and organizations students can be a part of. They have things for help desk for the more tech savvy students. These students help the schools IT department while learning more about how electronics work. They have a variety of sports that almost anyone can be a part of. They have things like the Robotics team that has something for everyone whether it be graphic design, marketing, electronics, wood working, and/or spirit and sportsmanship. They have Philanthropy and Youth for the volunteer at heart. And so many more!
This school offer a variety of sports and activities. Being a small school, you are able to be a part of anything. I was able to become a very successful and involved student. The school is very supportive of all goals and personal achievements - often congratulating you on outside events and creating personal relationships with all students.
The teachers here always go above and beyond. They are all involved, whether in be through a coaching or mentoring role. They are always available to help out before/after school if a student is willing to put in mutual effort. They genuinely want their students to succeed.
The principal likes to be involved in our lives, but sometimes he gets a little too involved. However, he stays in touch with the kids, and that's nice. Bullying doesn't always get dealt with, but that could be because it isn't always brought to the administration's attention.
Some meals are good, some are terrible. It would be nice to have two choices for lunch instead of just one.
There are a few teachers that I love and are awesome!! Love to teach which makes learning easier; however, then there is also that group of teachers that just don't care at all and they make learning frustrating.
Well, it is cafeteria food so there isn't really anything spectacular about it thats for sure. There is a few good meals that I enjoy, otherwse I have come to just bringing my own lunch everyday so I know I will have something to eat.
There are several different clubs you can be in but there is few people in them being it is a small school. Several people play sports and more than just one sport.
The building is fairly newer and there has been several add ons so it is in pretty good condition.
There are several different types of people at this school which makes it easy for everyone to find a friend.
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We have had a bomb threat several years ago which ended up in a full day of being on a lockdown on a bus. It was never anything anyways so it was good they took precautions.
Students aren't allowed to use headphones to listen to music even if it helps them concentrate on homework. Other policies are pretty standard I suppose.
I love my school because I know everyone in it, its the perfect size for me. We have a very nice building with great facilities and extra curricular activities.
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