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What I like about Northeast is that it is a very good environment for us teenagers teachers & staff are involved in activities
It is a fun environment for academics. The staff make it their priority to see you succeed and there's a lot of activities for people to get involved in.
I learned a lot and my school experience was great but the only thing that needs to change is the "South" building because it is a very old building.
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I like the teachers and their abilities to get through to students but there need to offer more competitive courses.
A very good school and a very good student environment. We have four programs: Information Technology, Finance, Culinary, and Automotive. Over my four years as a member of the IT program, I have learned about the software and hardware of computers. In my first year, we immediately jumped into taking apart and rebuilding computers. The teachers are very well versed in their subject matter and help the students understand the lesson during class. My main concern with the school is how hard it is to find out about clubs, weekend service hour opportunities, and other school-related activities. They are announced on the intercom during the morning reports, but it is hard to hear what is being said. This has made it hard for me to enroll in out of school activities and participate in my community activities. There are lots of other small roblems, but all are exected of a public school, for example, dirty bathrooms, bad free lunches, etc.
My overall experience at this school was okay. Overall the school itself, as in build quality is terrible. The floors are dirty and roofs are leaking. Flooding is probably the main problem with this school. Although the school might sound like a school you should not go to because of the quality, education in this school is superb. If you like AP and Cambridge AICE classes, this is a school for you. Teachers in these programs really help you with all your assignments and always push you to succeed. Student life isn't very good either. A lot of students don't come to games or participate in school spirit events, and it really makes everything boring. If it weren't for these advance placement programs, I probably wouldn't recommend this school.
Overall i had a really great high school experience at Northeast. Most of my teachers were great and easy to get along with. As with most schools, the cafeteria food was usually really gross. I hope school food improves for the future generation for their sake. Another thing i would say wasnt the best was the lack of spirit in the school, especially during my senior year. School spirit days were made to bring the school together and have a fun day participating in the event, but my last year had only one week because one of the people in charge claimed they didn't want to have too much and had no time. It was really disappointing. I'd say the academics in this school was fine, the school activities could use improvement though.
My overall experience at this school is not bad, but it could be better. I've been enrolled at this school for all 4 years and I am a senior now, the environment could be better. I have 7 classes here and at least half of my teachers are decent. I could only choose 2 teachers that are astounding. Some students here are very motivated while the other half of students not so much.
The like the atmosphere of northeast highschool. It’s nice and calming . The thing I don’t like about northeast is that the administration and teachers are only looking into a specific group of people
My son has been here from 10 to currently a senior. You get a mix of really great teachers who care as well as teachers who literally do nothing but tell you to do whatever the book says. The diversity of the student body is great and they interact well. The biggest issue is the facility. Mold, rodents and flooding have been huge issues for decades that never get taken care of despite numerous meetings, promises and recently, large grants. Students and teachers have health problems due to this. All the money from grants have gone strictly to the magnet program and weight room. Google the school and health issues.
I mostly liked to see how Northeast moves a students attitude into do the best they can do. Coming in as freshman, a lot of the kids were not ready to handle responsibility and prepare for what the high school lifestyle has to offer. At Northeast I’ve witnessed plenty students evolve into a once immature teen to a well respected and responsible young adult, and I think the environment of Northeast does a great job at doing this. One thing I’d like to see change is the physical characteristics of the campus. Yes, Northeast is one of the oldest schools in our county but I think since this school does such a well job on making sure teens make it through , they should take more pride on certain areas of their campus more.
It’s a great school with great teachers and administrators. How ever the school is still in it’s original 1962 building(except cafeteria, torn down and rebuilt 2010), which is becoming a little bit more weary each day.
The staff is amazing, the teachers go out of their way to spend one on one time with a student in order to help them succeed. They stay late to run clubs or offer and help and provide all the resources students need to succeed. The BRACE advisor Ms.Casseus sends the students easy scholarships and is available for all four years in order to help students fund college or prepare for what else they will be doing after school. Ms.Margolin has been an absolute treasure as leader of the Cambridge Aice program and Ms.Flinn is my go to woman even for things that are not magnet related. The heaviest critique I have for the school is that the facilities need to be updated, the south bathrooms in particular are horrible but that’s mainly on the students and half the campus is always freezing.
The things I like about Northeast is the fact that they give many students opportunities so they can be successful in college. Some things that need to be worked on are the building and the cleanliness of school.
What I like about Northeast is the plethora of extracurricular activities that they offer and magnet programs like Biotechnology and Cambridge that allow me to obtain certifications and college credits. One thing I would improve about Northeast is the school spirit.
I really would say the staff help make the school what it is, but am hoping to see some renovations and new facilities added to this school.
Northeast High School is a very average school to attend. Nothing about Northeast is pretty but it is a fun school to go to nonetheless. One of the best thing I would say about the school is the cafeteria. It is one of the newer parts built on the school and it’s possibly the cleanest. The food is the exact same as any other public high school in Broward county, there are meals that everybody likes and meals that no one bothers waiting in line for. Just make sure you can make it to the cafeteria early on fried chicken day or else you’re not eating lunch.
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I would like to see the bathrooms redesigned and have tampons and pads in every bathroom and hand sanitizer and soap and new mirrors and stalls and sinks.
What I like about Northeast High is that the school have AICE and AP program for the student who wants to challenge themselves. Teachers at Northeast prepare students for their next grade and also prepare the students for the SAT, ACT, AICE, and AP test. The environment at the schools was clear, brightly decorated and also reflect the diversity, it also provides an effective space for the student to learn. The school always make an announce or remind the student about new scholarships. What I would like to have in my school were the IB programs and more medical clubs.
What I like about Northeast is the people and the teachers. What could change is how often the janitors clean the restrooms
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