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Great experience, at Northeast you are prepared to enlist, enroll or further your education. Great teachers, staff and counselors.
This school is a great school for kids to go to. They give their student many opportunities to be college and career ready.
Northeast High School is one of the most underrated schools in Bibb County. We sort of have a bad reputation, but we have good students; despite all the tension going on. Our teachers are very good at what they do and try their best to help all students become college graduates. Most of our previous graduates have been accepted into colleges due to their academic skills being acknowledged by top tier colleges. I plan on attending college and would hope to get accepted with a scholarship with the help of this survey.
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My experience at Northeast High School was an unforgettable one. I met friends, teachers, and mentors that I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life. The school’s number one objective is to make sure that every student is college and career ready and now that I am a graduate, I can say that my teachers truly prepared me for the next step in my life.
I actually had a great experience. I had graduated from Northeast on May 23,2019. I was at the school since my freshman year and I’ve been excelling in all academics, the teachers and the students was very welcome. Since it was a new environment there was some teachers in the halls to instruct where my different classes were.
Northeast has been a great experience and I truthfully think when the new school is built. The Culture will expand. Academic wise Northeast is pretty average. The diversity of students is very rare. College readiness is mildly average . But most importantly the teachers care for the students and make sure they have the resources to meet and exceed all standards.
I really love the overall culture of the school. When I attended northeast they made me feel like I was family. I knew that there wasn’t one faculty of staff I couldn’t go to if I needed help with something. Even if it was something as simple as advise on how to make make it Day by day.
When I was attending northeast high school I really liked how the staff wanted the best for you. They made sure you had what you needed. They want to see students succeed. They prepared you for college. They also had fun times. They checked on you when you were feeling down or sick. They really had your back.
I loved Northeast Highschool with everything in me. It showed me the ability to stand out and be a responsible growing young lady and it also taught to always have gratitude. If i could see anything change it would be the food.
I attended Northeast all four years of high school. While there, I took multiple AP/Honor courses which helped to prepare me for college. Majority of the teachers actually care about their students educations. Most of the students actually enjoy participating in activities (pep rallies, games, prom, etc.). The principal there is amazing. I got the pleasure of having him in middle school and high school. He makes sure all the students are educated well and are seen about. If you attend Northeast, you'll be well educated.
The school had way too many rules and was extremely boring. However, some teachers made the school less terrible.
Northeast is a great opportunity to be involved within your community. It has taught me the excellence of caring for others and yourself, also how they want you to believe in what you can do. Their motivation is to become a family and lift one another up.
What I like about Northeast High School is how they prepare students for the real world, Raider Pride was always the saying and that saying stood out on the east side of Macon Georgia because not only did it teach us epitomizing excellence but we also excelled in college readiness, which helped me get into the situation I'm in now. If it wasn't for their preparation I wouldn't be in college right now, most schools aren't like the Northeast Raiders.
I love Northeast High School. We have a wonderful principle name Mr. Jones. He change the culture at Northeast High school. At Northeast we have classes where the student get hands activities. For example our health class get to come to the football or any other sports game and help if any one of the player get injured. I'm telling you that Northeast is one of the best school in middle Georgia. We Are The Proud of The East side.
My experience at Northeast High School was great. High School is what you make and I made it great. This school has an outstanding principal, he made sure that 97% of his seniors of the class of 2017 applied for college and majority have been accepted. He as well as the staff take time out of their busy schedule to pay attention to the students and help them progress. Northeast has many amazing academic and athletic programs that will fit any student you just have to find your fit. This school has helped me shape the person I want to be with the help of the students and staff with the great experience in my teenage years.
Northeast High School is your average school. Nothing really stands out about it, it's just a place where students learn. My time at Northeast was just work, work and more work. I never really had fun at school, not even at the pep rallies. The only thing that made me happy was the sports. It kept me distracted from the fact that this school is just average.
This was really a Great school to attend , I went to this school 4 years and loved everything about it . I graduated from this school in 2014 . My experiences at this school was scary at first as a freshman not knowing how to get around or where to go as in my senior year telling freshman where to go . I learned a lot from this school all 4 years , the teachers are awesome they work with you on a lot thing. I enjoyed everything about this school and recommend everyone to go to this school.
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Northeast was overall a good experience. I would allow my children to attend. The staff is great and they want to see the students advance. They will do everything they can to help students succeed. They also keep parents informed.
I have been going to Northeast High School for 3 years I am now a junior but next year I will be a senior. Attending Northeast High School is like attending any other high school. The teachers here are extraordinary. They prepare us college everyday, and help us focus on our careers. However there isn't a great deal of diversity, or a lot of club activities, but resources here are helpful, and facility. Safety at Northeast High School is very important. During school hours sometime we'll have fire drill, just in case of a fire emergency we will no how prevent ourselves from getting hurt, or tornado drills, if a tornado happens we will how to manage safety in the school.
Northeast is a great. The teachers are enthusiastic and the kids are eager to learn. There isn't a day that goes by where a child is left behind. Everyone is treated equal, all rules are enforced and everyone follows directions. Northeast has had great improvement over the past 3 years with the new principal. Northeast has went from a failing school to one of the highest passing schools in central Georgia. There is no other place that is better than that of Northeast.
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