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Northampton high school is incredibly diverse, which is unique in comparison to many larger schools located in cities. I find the racial, cultural, and income diversity to be both a learning experience, and an additional level of exposure. However the school does not offer many high-level courses, in fact, I feel that I was not challenged to the fullest potential. The primary focus seems to be behavior, rather than academics, which I frown upon.
Overall pretty good, athletics are great and I felt the student body was maybe a bit cliquey but overall pretty nice. The food was okay definitely not bad for high school standards. To be completely honest the teachers are pretty hit or miss, some were fantastic and made the classes really enjoyable, others you could tell only had their jobs because of the union. Definitely has a good variety of classes wish there were a computer engineering class that focuses on hardware but definitely some great options. Administration was pretty good I didn't encounter them much mostly just interacted with counselors who I thought were all pretty great. Pretty sure this is just a college process symptom but there a ridiculous number of scholarship and college resources and knowing which ones to use is definitely overwhelming. But overall compared to what I've seen at other high schools I definitely thing NHS is a pretty good one.
Overall, I love my school. I have made lasting friends, my teachers are supportive and academically I am challenged every day. This year is my senior year and thinking back on my four years in this school, I will miss everything greatly. In my opinion, the most underrated part of my school are the teachers. They are qualified in their respective subjects and they actually care about each student. Even if a student is having difficulties in another area of their life, I have found that most of the teachers are there as a role model to talk to. The administration does have some issues when they attempt to deal with problems in the school. For example, locking the bathroom doors open to attempt to solve to problem with vaping. In general, my school is pretty awesome.
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The teachers at NHS are pretty good except they aren't paid enough so they don't always put in the work but overall they are good. The administration isn't great right now though because they don't really inform us about anything.
Northampton high school is a fairly accepting place with kind people. Many of the teachers truly care about their students and work very hard. I am lucky that I have been a part of Northampton High School. Their musicals are incredible and the stats on athletics are great. I am lucky that I am a part of a school community that provides its' students with many opportunities.
Northampton High offers a range of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, that are really exceptional. The academic offerings are immense, from a multitude of AP's to exceptional arts courses to history electives. The opportunity to take classes at Smith has definitely been a highlight of my experience. Students are very passionate about what they do. The sports and clubs at NHS are definitely a highlight. The arts programs (video, music, art, etc) are all taught by well-equipped staff who really care about what they do.
Sometimes it feels like the freedom and independence of students is being limited by those in charge. The teachers, like at any school, can be life changing or incredibly dull. Due to lack of funding, the guidance department is way overworked, making preparing for college difficult. I would suggest supplementing their advice with research you do yourself.
Northampton High is a school that provides a comprehensive educational experience. There are plenty of opportunities to take different types of classes such as Advanced Placement and honors classes. There’s also the Global Glimpse program for juniors, and excellent art, theater, and film departments. The classes are generally good but vary in quality depending on rigor and teacher. The classes become more rewarding as your grade increases. The AP teachers, such as Ms. Locke, Ms. Todhunter, Mr. Mahar, and Mr. Selfridge, are outstanding.
I have had many phenomenal teachers throughout my experience at NHS. The environment is collaborative, the students and teachers are supportive (for the most part) and I have made connections that for sure will last a lifetime.
I have spent all four years of high school at NHS. As is often the case, there are some good parts. Some of the teachers are absolutely incredible. They are interested in their students and want them to do well. Other teachers are absolutely horrible. They are narcissistic and don't care if students like the class. The administration is also a mixed bag. Some are kind and helpful, while others impose ridiculous rules and antagonize students.
Northampton High is a great public high school. Teachers are enthusiastic and very knowledgable on their respective subjects. Many students have continued onto top universities in the country after their time at Northampton. The school does, however, have very little diversity and the student body is predominately white and from the upper middle class.
I enjoyed the stagecraft and film courses with Steven Eldridge. I would change the start time to 8am if that was possible because 7:30am is too early for developing brains.
NHS is a good school with a lot of unique opportunities (especially in regards to taking classes at nearby colleges). There is a large selection of classes to choose from, and many different clubs to discover interests. Although there are some things I would change (start time, lunch menu, etc.) the school is overall a pretty good place to spend the high school years.
Diverse and accepting. Northampton is a great town with a diverse population. The highschool is no different.
Teachers are amazing and always trying to go above and beyond for the students who are actually willing to put in effort. The classes offered are extremely diverse in topic. Students are generally friendly. Sports are highly involved in daily life in the high school as well as clubs which is great.
I loved my time at NHS. The teachers all were knowledgeable and wanted us students to succeed. The administration was fairly relaxed, but in a way that they seemed to trust us to not do bad things, which we didn't do. There wasn't a lot of bullying either which was nice, and the arts programs were fantastic
Northampton High School is a great learning environment and has provided me with all the tools I'm going to need to succeed in college.
Amazing school if you take advantage of the opportunities offered to you! Teachers and administration are responsive to student needs, there are a wide variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities.
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The integrated math program isn’t that good, it should be more like a normal math program. The school lunches like almost all of them across the country stink. Everyone is nice and helpful but I can take a long time to get something done. Their sports are very good and along with that afterschool activities class selections are good and the school does offer AP classes along with the test.
The school has been very good with supporting my son with his academic needs with very active and responsive teachers. They are also inclusive with students from diverse backgrounds and abilities.
It was a good experience. The block schedule allowed you to take more classes in a certain subject and worked well for science classes. There were good teachers who were passionate about their work. There was also the opportunity to take classes at Smith College and two other community colleges during your junior and senior year which was a great opportunity. There was a lack of diversity at the school because of the area it is located in. There is a large focus on social justice which raises awareness and get students involved.
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