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North White Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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North white had a very good principal. He is active and involved with all things which is very nice. The staff is also friendly and helpful. The technology head is very poor. He never gets your laptop fixed on time and is very unhelpful. Teachers are relatively lenient and helpful. Most help you get your work done on time and help you understand it.
North White is very diverse and it would be great to see this continue. Although there are quite a few things that should change. Students are pushed to keep all lockers closed and parking tags. It seems that they would rather worry about that than the academics. That is not the main focus, the school has gotten much better and hopefully will continue to prosper.
I have been in North White High School for four years, since I was in 8th grade, I am currently a senior. For the past four years I have been through good and bad days because I would feel overwhelmed with so much homework all at the same time but I would always try my best and push myself to be a better person. High school has been very interesting specially with your friends by your side but one thing I would change about my high school is the lunch menu, the food is not that great, there is not much diversity when it comes to the meals .
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I've gone to North White for 6 years now and it has been an ok experience. They need to work on their school safety because last year there were at least 4 threats to the school from students attending it. The food, sports, and music/arts could use some help/work to.
The teacher are very helpful, I’ve learn a lot trough my high school years. It’s a very strict school, which is good for the students but at the same time sucks because there is a lot of pressure
I enjoyed the atmosphere because there usually weren't conflicts. The teachers are nice and do their best to motivate you to finish school. This is a school were many immigrants attend and they usually don't know English which is understandable. There aren't many resources for these students which is awful because they are kind of just shunned away or ignored. That is the only complaint I have for this school.
I like that there are a lot of challenging courses. There are a lot of nice people here. The only thing that I want to change is the food at lunch.
I greatly enjoyed going to this school because everyone here is generally friendly all of the time. I do think that school should organize it's self better though.
My experience at North White has been a positive one. It is a very small school so it is easy to get close to teachers and feel like you have a connection. I think North White could work on adding more clubs or activities to get a wider range of students involved.
I enjoyed the smaller classes. The student teacher ratio was small so I had the advantage to get one-on-one teaching. I would like to see North White offer more specialized classes. Overall I have enjoyed every minute being a part of my high school.
We have almost no online courses and very few class choices.
We have almost no extracurricular activities.
A lot of parents and teachers come out to support our sporting events.
Most of our teachers are amazing and try their hardest but not all. Those who don't go above and beyond is because they just teach the lesson and assign the homework.
The Homecoming games are exciting. I would go to this school again because the teachers are mostly great and the curriculum is good.
You have your basic core classes, Math, English, and Science. The workload is manageable you just have to have the work ethic to get it done and get it done right. Moat of the teachers are super friendly and teach right by explaining in a way you understand and allow you to ask as many questions as you like.
Bullying isn't not a problem but it is there. The school nurse is very friendly everyone likes her! We practice random fire drills often and every once in a while there is random contraband sweeps and drug dog sweeps.
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Most of the clubs are competitive and go to other schools to compete and do super well. There's Spanish Club, English Club, Math Club, Science Club, History Club, Drama Club etc..
Most of the teachers are pretty consistent with grading and if they get behind for any reason once you remind them they will get in it in no time! The teachers like to be sociable towards you as to not make you uncomfortable with them so it is easier to ask them questions and talk to them about any problems. Their teaching styles tend to be basic and to the point so you learn faster and it's more effective.
you get in trouble for everything.
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