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North Warren Central School Reviews

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Kids are widely involved and the club's attract a range of students.
There is a lot of bullying
I think all of the teachers do their best to help the students, but they need to see that there are many different learning styles.
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We have very good teachers, who genuinely care about everyone's education.
The only bad thing about the facilities is that it's always super cold, everywhere.
If you're a male athlete that plays a main sport, such as soccer, basketball, or baseball, attendance rules don't apply to you and it doesn't matter if you're late. This is extremely unfair.
I think our school is a pretty safe place. There are programs in place to prevent bullying, although they only work half the time.
The schools safety is not bad compared to other schools.
I personally find all the classes I'm involved in enjoyable.
The teachers always offer help on their time off.
Our janitoral staff keeps our fields clean and well kept. Our school is beautiful compared to other schools that are local.
We have a world round selection of extracurricular activities at our school.
We have some policies including an OLWEUS bulling program.
North Warrens discipline is effective and used well. Teachers and administration know when to punish a student that was behaving badly and when to let something go because it was unintentional. They are also very effective in deciding what type of punishment to use depending on the severity of the act. Counselors, teachers and administration all get involved.
North Warren resembled a close knit family in some aspects. The teachers were always available during hours they were not teach to assist and even tutor. The extracurricular activities were spectacular, giving us multiple chances to go out into the community and fund-raise, communicate and do community service projects. A few of the most memorable experiences I had with North Warren were the school trips. During my senior year, the Model Organization of American States class fund-raised all year and visited Washington DC. in April. We were able to view the White House, Library of Congress, memorials and more. Aside from the site seeing, we were able to meet with ambassadors of foreign countries and discuss possible methods of improvement among the member states. The teachers and administration all want to see the students succeed and are very active in making sure it happens. If I could do it all over again, yes, I would attend North Warren School.
The policies of health and safety within the school are excellent. Students cannot get away with entering the school under the influence and the hallways are all closely monitored by cameras which are connected to the security guard's computer to watch at all times. Physical bullying is a rarity due to the cameras and teacher supervision at the school. On the rare instances that something of the sort occurs, it is broken up quickly. The school nurse was always available to us for injuries, headaches, illness and beyond and the health teacher was available for students as well. She was someone students felt comfortable talking to about health concerns that they may not be comfortable asking their friends or parents. The students are very safe in North Warren.
My post graduation experience has been an exciting one so far. As a freshman at an Agriculture school, it was a bit of a culture shock to move from a small town in the Adirondacks to Cobleskill where the college alone houses more people than my town overall. I was prepared as well as I could be for college by the school's guidance counselor. He was always available to assist me in applying to colleges, asking questions and advise in my decision making. Although I had a high GPA and was accepted to some schools of a higher caliber, I believe that the counselor advised me right and that I made the right decision attending a SUNY school. The cost is cheaper and the education and opportunities are the same. As far as being prepared for the real world, the preparation could use some help. The teachers were not at all strict so many students were able to skip deadlines and important classes, while in the real world, missing meetings and deadlines is much more serious. Overall I believe North Warren provides it's students with great preparation for careers and college.
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The athletics at North Warren are unfortunately very limited. The teams available are boys soccer, field hockey, tennis, bowling, golf, basketball, and baseball. Many students wish for football, volleyball and more. Although there is a lack of many options, the athletes that participate are well known for their sportsmanship and spirit. As far as competition goes, North Warren is not the best in it's league but despite the level of ability, the athletes are all highly dedicated and some do move on to college level sports and beyond.
North Warren offers a wide variety of extracurriculars and it is very possible for a student to participate in multiple sports, clubs and other opportunities. Due to the small size of the school, the teachers and advisors are likely to work with a students schedule to allow them in a club or extracurricular. As in every club, there are people that only show up to the meetings, and then there are people who avidly participate. The majority of the clubs are avid participants and the roles range from president to fundraising committee to decorating committee and beyond.
The academics are average. There are a few AP courses, two college courses from Hudson Valley Community College, and there are advanced placement classes. We have online courses as well where we can take other advanced classes or classes that are close to what we want to do.
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