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This school is absolutely amazing. I've never had teachers so willing to connect and care about not only the academic success of students but also their general well-being, mental health, and personal/social growth. I'm in the honors program and the teachers here have been like the parents I never got to have. They hold so much compassion for students and genuinely want to see them do well. They go out of their way to check-in with students and ensure that they are doing well outside of school too. The staff also takes the time to learn and recognize students' names and their achievements, and they work hard to provide a safe, tight-knit community. The passion for student success, both emotionally and academically, is unlike any other school I've ever been to.
i did only attend three days before the state shut down was set n place. but from that experience things were pretty good. The people and the teachers were really nice. The teachers were very welcoming and so were the students. I met a few people who were actively involved with the school.
Teachers can make or break a school. Thankfully though, for NVHS the teaching staff is very admirable and shows a lot of care for the students. However, on the other hand, the administration has always been a tad maladroit. From a students perspective, the school's administration seems to be constantly making eccentric decisions that mostly cause confusion and bitterness among the students and even some teachers.
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Two of my siblings recently graduated from North Valleys H.S. and both had poor reviews of the school with many stories that she’d a negative light on the environment and academics. They also had very little to say about anything good about the school, even when asked about good points specifically.
Great high school. Some of the best experiences Of my life. I felt very prepared for college after school. The Honor’s/AP Program is very good. I felt very fulfilled in sports.
Overall this school was pretty good to me but in my senior year, I got the sense that things were starting to change. For instance, the staff at the school was quite not above average some teachers really didn't care about our academic success at all. There were a handful of teachers that I wondered how they are still teachers because they were pretty terrible at teaching or even having class management.
Most of the teachers are very welcoming and always open for questions. We have a lot of school spirit and are usually smiling in the hallways.
The students there are super disrespectful. Some teachers don’t really respect students and what our opinions our. They are very discriminating
Honestly there are alot of teachers who genuinely care about you, and they are so understanding of issues that may effect your school work. The only downside is that the students at North Valleys have attitude issues, and it's not the best environment because of that. I also wish the school district got more funding, because the teachers deserve more money then what they currently receive. I personally loved my time in the AP classes, mostly because the students actually cared. The staff are LGBTQ+ friendly, and understand disadvantages some people face. I could tell the school staff cared about us when I was attending.
North Valleys is a great school overall. I would like to see more emphasis put into getting students ready for college and not to just pass tests.
I am a senior at north valleys high school I played football for 4 years, so I've stayed with this school my whole high school year what I really like about this school is that they care a lot about there athletes and try to help them out a lot. As a 4 year student I've realized that I go to a pretty good school though our facilities aren't the best they take really good care for them. they are a great school if you just focus on school and due what's asked for. I honestly wouldn't change anything about it.
I would like the administration to be more fair and just to each student regardless of their race. I want the teachers to care about the education of their students, and students should be respectful to those around them.
I like the teachers at North Valleys HS and how some specific ones teach. When there’s a problem I think there should be better solutions to them.
This school is pretty okay. My experience here led me to believe that the school doesn’t really care about their students. Some teachers are pretty chill, they’d let you openly express yourself, listen to music, they’d listen to you if you need something usually.
I can’t really speak for everyone but this school could be better.
It might just be the kinds of people here that make this school feel worse than it actually is.
You have to go here to know what it’s like, obviously, but it’s mixed between good and bad.
I liked that most of the teachers were super friendly and helpful. Some of the class sizes were a little big.
As I was attending the school had many opportunities to help students succeed.
For starters there were many after school study times for those behind. There were also many clubs to involve yourself in. The school offered special resource rooms and testing locations for those who struggle in class. I was in the special ed program with an IEP and had special accommodations such as extra time on tests and using notes on tests.
I enjoy the extra options available like Paiute language and culture, Rotc , and the diversity of the school environment
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Most of the Teachers and administrators were really kind and helped out when a student needed it. But some were very disrespectful, and targeted kids they did not like
Overall the school is lovely. The staff are nice. The only thing is the hate in the students. For some reason some students don’t like each other which is ok, but they express their hate verbally and physically. The staff try to stop them and break up the fight as soon as possible but they sometimes go fight each other again.
Mr. Wilmoth (12th grade government teacher) is an amazing teacher. He has a great sense of humor, tries to connect with his students through funny slang they use, and gives you real world advice that will help you. I graduated in June of 2019 and a lot of what he taught has stuck with me, helped me with employment, college, politics, etc. If you’re a student with an attitude and don’t like when teachers make you put your phones away, you will hate this class but let me tell you, this guy knows what he's talking about. I always loved discussions in his class. My class had 16 people and discussions were always so interesting. This teacher will definitely teach you new things, you just have to be willing to accept something new. He's the best teacher I've ever had.

As far as the actual school, the physical appearance is depressing, haha. Typical high school vibes. Theres cliques with every race, theres kids that will start trouble at lunch that get annoying. The school is decent.
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